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Lap at 3 high-rise cafes with beautiful views to enjoy Hanoi’s autumn

Autumn is one of the things that makes many people fall in love with the land of Hanoi. Sitting in the fresh air with a little coffee is nothing better.

Autumn is a beautiful time, always conquering so many people with its gentleness and charm. This season, when people go out on the street, they always feel more comfortable than ever, and sipping a cup of coffee, and chatting with friends must be the best thing. Here are some high-end cafes with beautiful views to help you fully enjoy Hanoi’s autumn.

Serene Cafe

One of the coffee shops you cannot miss when coming to the capital. The shop is located on the top floor of the old French villa, creating a unique Hanoi feature, and the combination of white and brown tones makes it even more ancient. Not only that, the tables and chairs, and interior decorations are also arranged in the style of the 70s.

Lap at 3 high-rise cafes with beautiful views to enjoy Hanoi’s autumn

Photo: @hienn_hienn, @heroineunju.

In addition, the shop has a view overlooking the ancient Long Bien bridge, from here you can see a corner of the Red River, watching each convoy moving on the bridge. Especially, the afternoon weather here is cool, suitable for chatting with friends or reading a book.

Address: Long Bien Station Complex, Tran Nhat Duat Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Price: 40,000-70,000 VND.

Opening time: 8am-23pm.

Coffee House

If you want to find a space that is close and bold “Hanoi” then the Cafe will be an ideal destination. When you come here, you feel like going back to your childhood. The shop has many establishments, but the best way to enjoy autumn is at Ton That Tung.

Photo: @cuxa_caphe.

Located in an old dormitory, there are both indoor and outdoor spaces for you to choose from. Coming to Cu Xa, you will have a feeling of lightness, relaxation and along with that, the drinks here are also highly appreciated. Under the cool autumn sky, sipping a cup of coffee in a small attic is a wonderful thing.

Address: Ton That Tung, Dong Da, Hanoi.

Price: 30,000-55,000 VND.

Opening time: 9am-22:30pm.

House in the alley

As the name suggests, House in the alley is located in a rather deep alley with a simple and pretty facade. The shop has tables and chairs arranged in front of the door, with dark brown windows. The space inside the house will be a bit dark, the tables and chairs are quite low, so if you come to study and work, it will not be comfortable. But in return, the shop is very quiet, with good music and excellent drinks, the most famous ones are Bac Xiu and Egg Coffee. A pretty good point is that the cafe’s coffee menu is divided by day, with different strengths and weaknesses, suitable for the user’s psychology.

Photo: @maiilee12, @bcohw.tctd.

Photo: @haroro_1210.

Address: Nguyen Khuyen, Ha Dong, Hanoi.

Price: 30,000-50,000 VND.

Opening time: 7am-23pm.

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