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Free spring travel in Hue monuments

During the three days of Tan Suu New Year 2021, Hue Monuments Conservation Center has opened ticket-free doors to residents and visitors visiting Hue monuments.

Spring tourism people do not forget to wear masks – Photo: HOANG AN

Immersing in the bustling spring atmosphere but still ensuring safety against epidemics, visitors are required to wear masks before visiting the historic area of ​​Hue imperial capital.

People wearing bright dresses take pictures and record the beautiful moments in the Citadel. Ms. Hoang Thi Oanh (Da Nang) returned to her husband’s hometown (Hue) for Tet, and for the first time in the Citadel, excitedly said: “Today the weather is nice and knowing the information about the relics in Hue discharging the gate, the couple decided I intend to go sightseeing, travel to spring, take pictures, give my children more experiences. My baby loves seeing the special treasures and antiques here “.

Many groups of friends also invest in “dressing” in ao dai, hiring a photographer to get impressive springtime photos at the beginning of the new year.

Except when taking pictures, visitors take off masks to save pictures here, most of the time, everywhere, everyone wears masks to ensure safety. 

Wearing a group ao dai, posing to save memorable moments – Photo: HOANG AN

Children follow their spring travel family – Photo: HOANG AN

Ao Dai is the costume many women choose to play in spring. – Photo: HOANG AN

A corner of Hue Citadel relic viewed from above – Photo: HOANG AN

Crowds of tourists visit Hue Citadel in the afternoon of the 3rd day of Tet – Photo: HOANG AN

The tourist sites in Hue discharge the gate for 3 days of Tet – Photo: HOANG AN

The path to the Hue imperial relic is full of flowers. People go out wearing full masks – Photo: HOANG AN

Women pose in flaps under bright yellow sunlight – Photo: HOANG AN

Young people hire a private photographer to save New Year’s images – Photo: HOANG AN

Visitors are reminded to wear masks before entering the Citadel – Photo: HOANG AN

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