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The places to watch the sunset in Hue are surprisingly beautiful 

Hue is already very beautiful and poetic because of the ancient temples and mausoleums, and that poetic beauty becomes even more attractive under the romantic sunset. So where to go to Hue to watch the most beautiful sunset?

Enjoying the sunset and finding a peaceful time during your travel in Hue is an experience you definitely should not miss. The beauty of Hue sunset has long always made the hearts of passionate people sob and miss with so many soothing emotions. The following places to watch the sunset in Hue will be great suggestions for those who have, are and will send their love to her ancient land to find their own private corners of heaven, peace and romance with emotions. feel full. 

The places to watch the sunset in Hue are surprisingly beautiful 

Sunset in Hue always makes moving hearts sob. Photo: @meditors.vn

Discover beautiful places to watch the sunset in Hue 

Lake Khe Ngang

The landscape at Khe Ngang Lake has long captivated travelers with its pristine, charming nature and green patches of immense green vegetation. Sunset at Khe Ngang Lake is like a crystallization of the most magnificent and magical beauty with dark and light patches of water waves, clouds, and stretches of grass. The sunset at Khe Ngang Lake is quiet but still fresh and full of life, that’s why tourists often come here to enjoy quiet and peaceful moments after a long day. 

Khe Ngang Lake has a very beautiful sunset. Photo: @tuannguyen.25

Check-in with the sunset at Khe Ngang lake is a favorite of many young people. Photo: @nhunhuwn_

Chuon Lagoon- Tam Giang Lagoon 

Referring to the beautiful sunset spots in Hue, surely Dam Chuon, also known as Tam Giang Lagoon, is an indispensable name. This is the largest lagoon ecosystem in Southeast Asia and also a place that makes people fall in love with the magical sunset scene. When the afternoon light fades out, the scene of the lagoon here becomes very magical, the afternoon shadow shimmers on the large lagoon surface, changing color gradually with the rhythm of time and the image of boats and fishermen floating brings an array of beautiful scenery. emotional color peaceful and strange use. 

Lagoon – Tam Giang Lagoon is a famous place to watch the beautiful sunset of Hue. Photo:@checkinhue

Beautiful sunset in Dam Chuon. Photo:@osakecat_

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Lap An lagoon 

Lap An lagoon is famous as a place to watch the classic sunset and sunrise of Hue. The spacious space of the lagoon at sunset with the sun reflecting and red purple stripes on the sky, the afternoon light shining on the calm water makes the scenery here like wearing a mysterious look. Unusually, the beauty is both contemplative and thoughtful, adding a bit of sadness typical of Hue that will make you not want to leave. 

The sunset in Lap An lagoon is also beautiful. Photo: @meohoang.tthn

The scenery is so beautiful with romantic afternoon light. Photo: @thanhnguyet_

Vong Canh Hill 

As one of the most beautiful places to see the scenery in the ancient capital, it is not difficult to understand that Vong Canh Hill is also the place to watch the sunset in Hue that makes many people fall in love. Vong Canh Hill used to be a place chosen by the kings of the Nguyen Dynasty for sightseeing, according to the flow of time, until now this is always a favorite check-in place for tourists near and far. The scenery from this hill at sunset always makes people fall in love with the spaciousness of the vast nature, the temples and tombs immersed in the gentle afternoon light and the clear sound of the trees. Watching the sunset from Vong Canh hill to enjoy beautiful nature will be what makes you entangled. 

Sunset view from high hill. Photo:@trieuvanphotographer_

Afternoon light creates a feeling of peace and relief. Photo: @thanh_huyen999_

Lang Co Bay 

Not only is a beautiful bay with white sand beaches, a clear blue sea at the foot of the pass, but Lang Co is also a great place to watch the sunset in Hue in the eyes of romantic souls. At sunset, Lang Co will sink into a quiet appearance with waves overflowing the sandy shore with the strong transformation of heaven and earth from yellow, orange, crimson and gradually sinking into the night. The mystery, shimmer and magic of the sunset here is what will make you fall in love and feel really relieved. 

Sunset in Lang Co always makes people sobbing. Photo: @wecheckinvn

Romantic and peaceful setting. Photo:@h_enpilovtran

Check-in at the sunset spots in Hue to feel time as slow down, romantic, vaguely looking at the very romantic and poetic beauty will be a great experience for your trip. Come to Hue, don’t forget to spend some beautiful moments with the sunset. 

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