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Discover the churches in Hue with beautiful architecture and shimmering virtual life

As beautiful architectural works of the Ancient Capital, the churches in Hue not only help adorn the landscape of the city but also become an attractive destination for tourists who love architectural works. beautiful architecture or religious people. 

Hue not only has beautiful architectural works of temples and mausoleums, but the ancient capital also has beautiful Catholic churches and a long history and unique architecture. The most famous churches in Hue are the Redemptorist Church and Phu Cam Church. These unique architectural works are not only a place for religious activities of Hue people but also become a famous check-in point attracting tourists from near and far because of their beautiful architecture and open space. 

Discover the churches in Hue with beautiful architecture and shimmering virtual life
In Hue, there are two famous churches with the most beautiful architecture in the country. Photo:@venven.ng_

Discover the churches in Hue possessing the most outstanding architecture 

1. Phu Cam Church 

This church in Hue , also known by its full name, is Phu Cam Cathedral located in Phuoc Vinh ward of Hue city , on Phuoc Qua hill. Phu Cam Church was built in 1682, under the Nguyen Lords, at first, the church was just a chapel built from bamboo by priest Langlois.

Phu Cam Church is famous for its unique architecture. Photo: bestprice.vn

Through the changes of the times, in 1898, Bishop Eugene Marie Allys rebuilt the Phu Cam church according to classical Western architecture, in 1902, the church was completed. In 1963, Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc ordered the construction of a new church with a plan by architect Ngo Viet Thu. However, the construction was continuously delayed because of political events, it was not until the year 200 that Phu Cam church was officially completed after 37 years. 

It took 37 years for the new church to be completed. Photo:@coconut2895
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Phu Cam Church was built with modern structure and technology, but the architectural lines have the appearance of Western churches with decorative motifs of religious styles and crucifixes. The highlight of the church is the façade with 2 bell towers facing the sky like an open bible but also like a dragon head with its mouth open.

The façade stands out with the cross and 02 bell towers facing the sky. Photo:@rubic.k_13

The church is built from raw stone with a harmonious balance that makes the facade very soft and artistic. Inside the church in Hue, Phu Cam is a parabolic arch supporting the heart. The two sides of the windows are fitted with stained glass to keep the interior space filled with light.

Built from rough stone, but thanks to the absolute proportions, the surface of the church are very beautiful. Photo:@rochesterninh

The sanctuary area was built with a circular background with 3 steps representing Heaven, Earth, and Human. Ban Thanh is made from monolithic stone by the artisans of the famous Non-Nuoc stone village in Da Nang. In the middle is a crucifix and a statue of the crucifix made of pine wood. 

The church inside Phu Cam church. Photo:@itscthinh

Referring to the famous church in Hue , Phu Cam is certainly the most prominent name, this is also one of the very famous religious architectural masterpieces in Vietnam today. 

Many tourists come to check-in because they are impressed with the church’s architecture. Photo:@dung.tran26011986

2. Redemptorist Church

This church is located on Nguyen Hue Street, also known as the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, which is not inferior to Phu Cam Church in terms of both its size and its unique architectural features.

The Redemptorist Church has the typical architecture of a Roman Catholic church. Photo:@lenana_

The predecessor of this church in Hue was a small chapel created in 1933. After that, the church was started to build according to the project of architect Nguyen My Loc. In 1962, the church officially opened. Fort. The location of this church is very special when it is located right behind the summer palace of An Dinh, on the bank of the An Cuu river. 

The location of the church is also very special. Photo:@chipha_736

The church has a unique architecture, which is a combination of East-West architectural lines. The floor plan of the church is in the shape of a cross, in accordance with the standards of classical European churches, but overall, the outlines and Asian architecture are still very clear with the terracotta or tiled roof. octagonal bell tower.

Facade of the Redemptorist Church. Photo:@linguy_

The church has high and wide arches with Gothic columns and walls, the windows are designed quite thick, creating a wide-open space, filled with light. The color combination of the glass system creates a very unique feature. People did not build a closed wall, but replaced it with a glass wall, creating a brilliant but still majestic appearance in the sanctuary area. 

The dome of the church is very high and wide. Photo: Chudu
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With its unique architecture, the Redemptorist Church has become one of the most beautiful churches in Hue and a favorite destination for many tourists, the space here inspires virtual living for many followers who move by impressive lines typical of Roman Catholic churches. 

The church is a favorite check-in point for young people. Photo:@luong.lanphuong
This is also the place to mark the big day of many young couples. Photo:@quangtu5291

Hue always has the quiet, nostalgic features of temples, mausoleums, and pagodas, but in a certain corner of this country, the churches in Hue bring their own unique features, creating a religious domain. Quiet but unique road fascinates visitors to visit. If you have the opportunity to come to the dreamy land of Hue, as someone who has had a hand in Hue travel experience, don’t forget to visit the famous churches here!

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