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Check-in points on the Hue

THUA THIEN – HUE  | Runner participates in Marathon Hue 2022 running through famous monuments such as Ngo Mon, Truong Tien bridge, Quoc Hoc school…

Ngo Mon Gate, Ngu Phung floor

One of the highlights of the VnExpress Marathon Imperial Hue is that the runner participating in the 5km distance will run through the 23rd of August in front of the Ngo Mon Gate, Ngu Phung floor. The Ngo Mon Gate with Ngu Phung floor above is considered a symbol of Hue.

In 1805, King Gia Long started the construction of the Hue Citadel according to the architecture of Vauban citadel with a zigzag type of citadel, above which there are many fortresses. Initially, Hue Citadel was covered with earth with a circumference of about 10 km, later it was built with brick walls to reinforce and have the complete appearance as it is today under King Minh Mang. In 1832, King Minh Mang announced the completion of the construction of the Hue Citadel.

According to Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi book, the Ngu Phung floor is located above Ngo Mon Gate located on the south side of the Imperial Citadel, in front of Thai Hoa Palace. Under the reign of King Gia Long, this place was Nam Khue station, above it was Can Nguyen palace with two gates Ta Doan and Huu Doan. In 1833, King Minh Mang changed to 5 gates; In the middle is Ngo Mon Gate, two doors on both sides are called Giap Mon left, Giap Mon right, two left and right doors are left, and the top is Ngu Phung floor.

Phu Van Lau project, Nghinh Luong Dinh

Located on Le Duan Street on the banks of the Perfume River, Phu Van Lau and Nghenh Luong Dinh are two works selected to be printed on the VND 50,000 banknote.

Nghinh Luong Dinh is a work located on the vertical axis from Hue Monument to Phu Van Lau, built under the 5th King Tu Duc (1852) and used as a resting place for the king before going down the river to go up. dragon boat or as a place to cool off. In the 15th year of Thanh Thai (1903), the work was carefully restored, in the third year of Khai Dinh (1918) it was embellished again so that the king could regularly come to rest.

Phu Van Lau is located in front of the Imperial Citadel of Hue built-in 1819 under King Gia Long. This is where in the past the Nguyen dynasty listed important edicts of the king and the court, and the results of exams held by the court. This is also the place where the battles between elephants and tigers took place to entertain the king.

Truong Tien Bridge

Truong Tien Bridge is the first bridge to cross the romantic Perfume River, located close to Hue Citadel, started construction in 1897 under King Thanh Thai. This is also one of the first bridges built in Indochina in the late 19th and early 20th centuries according to new Western techniques and materials with steel structures.

Experiencing historical ups and downs, even now and in the future in the ancient capital of Hue, there have been and will be many works crossing the Perfume River, but Truong Tien Bridge is still an irreplaceable symbol.

Hien Nhon Gate, Doan Thi Diem Street

Located on a 10 km running track, the Hien Nhon gate located on Doan Thi Diem street is also an interesting check-in point that runners should not miss. Hien Nhon Gate is one of the doors with unique architecture with ancient features, one of the doors to the Hue Citadel.

Doan Thi Diem Street with a system of trees covered, especially rows of salt trees, is also a strange check-in point.

Hue Quoc Hoc High School

Located on Le Loi Street by the Perfume River, Quoc Hoc High School will also be a check-in place for runners participating in the 42 km and 21 km distances.

Quoc Hoc High School was built under the reign of King Thanh Thai in 1896, this is the French-Vietnamese school of the whole Indochina and the first high school in Hue. This school is where President Ho Chi Minh, General Vo Nguyen Giap used to study.

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