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The land of Hue is contemplative

Landscapes, buildings, and people of Hue in summer and autumn appear peaceful and contemplative through the lens of young Bui Van Truong.

Ancient Hue city with the highlight of Phu Cam church is located on the south bank of the Perfume River. The church of Hue Archdiocese, located at 1 Doan Huu Trung Street, Phuoc Vinh Ward, is a favorite check-in point for many tourists. Experiencing historical ups and downs, the church has had more than 10 rebuilds since 1682.

Bui Van Truong (born 1995) is a young Hue who loves photography, took this photo from a 12th-floor cafe when he saw the yellow sky of Hue over the city creating the feeling of “European autumn”. Truong said that he is currently working as a photographer, opening a studio to shoot portraits, wedding photos, outdoor scenes, and especially has a passion for capturing Hue landscapes through different seasons.

Now that Hue has entered the autumn, the landscape is strangely peaceful. Only one can come to Hue to be satisfied and feel the feeling this place brings, in the photo taken by Phu Van Lau on an autumn afternoon in August 2021.

Phu Van Lau, one of the iconic architectural works of Hue, appears on the VND 50,000 bill, located in front of the Ky Dai. Under the Nguyen Dynasty, this work was the place to list the letters or the results of the competitions of the Festival – the Dinh competition.

Hue Railway Station is located at a prime location, No. 2, Bui Thi Xuan Street, about 1 km from the city center. After arriving at Hue station, visitors can easily cross Phu Xuan bridge or Truong Tien bridge to see the Perfume River and visit the Citadel, Bao Vinh old town, or Dong Ba market.

Nguyen Quynh Chi from Hue, wearing a purple ao dai posing in the yellow sun in the Citadel. Visitors to Hue will be impressed with the gentle beauty and soft-spoken ways of Hue’s daughters, who carry in themselves a traditional secret of the ancient woman, Truong shared.

Boats glide on the peaceful Perfume River, near Da Vien Bridge, connecting the Da Vien dune with the south bank of the Perfume River. Also known as Bach Ho road bridge, the bridge has 4 lanes and 2 sidewalks for pedestrians, becoming an ideal place to relax and enjoy the wind for residents and visitors.

According to the school’s perception, every season, Hue is beautiful and contemplative and always has peaceful spaces. For example, Nguyen Truong To street, Vinh Ninh ward is full of yellow scallops on a summer day in May. Hue yellow scallop flower season falls in May-July, the petals fly in the wind and land on the roadway, the sidewalk creates so dreamy flower beds.

Quoc Hoc Hue School is the first high school in Hue built from the reign of King Thanh Thai in 1896. The site is located at 12 Le Loi Street, right in the city center, the school stands out with its brilliant red paint and rows of trees. green trees all year round.

A corner of purple flowers at Dong Khanh School (now Hai Ba Trung High School), located on Le Loi Street. This is the first all-girls high school in Hue. Mr. Albert Sarraaut, Governor-General of Indochina, and King Khai Dinh laid the first stone to build the school in 1917, still keeping the original architectural features. With an area of ​​32,000 m2, in addition to the functional areas, most of the remaining area is the schoolyard with green trees.

Monument to fallen soldiers, also known as Quoc Hoc Beer, is located on Le Loi Street, in front of the gate of Quoc Hoc School, Hue. The stele was inaugurated on September 18, 1920, engraved with the names of the French and Vietnamese soldiers in the Middle States who died in the war to help France against Germany in the first world war. Today, Quoc Hoc beer is the place where many major cultural and art events are regularly held in Hue.

“Hue for thousands of years is still the same, still as gentle and closed as before. Everything in Hue is quiet, with love for Hue, so I often wonder to capture the beauty of Hue, share beautiful works, the interference of people with Hue scenery to everyone,” Truong Bui confided. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Truong Bui

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