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100m2 large terrace vegetable garden in Binh Duong: Beautiful, can’t bear to eat, impressive harvest results

In order to have a vegetable garden that makes others admire it as it is, the owner must spend a lot of time and effort.

Finding nature with indoor green spaces or rooftop gardens is a popular trend. But each person has a different way of gardening, giving people different emotions.

And the feeling people when looking at Tran Thi Tuoi’s rooftop vegetable garden (born in 1986, living in Binh Duong) is that they can’t eat because it’s so beautiful. This garden is arranged neatly and scientifically by her, the vegetables are as colorful as a flower garden. 

The owner and a corner of the terrace garden

The garden seen from above

Contacting the owner of the garden, she said that her terrace has a total area of ​​​​about 100m2, which has been used to grow vegetables for 3 years. In addition to 160 smart plant pots, Tuoi’s garden also has many more hanging pots and normal standing pots. 

At first, the biggest difficulty that Tuoi encountered was transporting the soil to the terrace. Currently, she spends about 2-3 hours a day taking care of and watering the plants, and more often on weekends or holidays. 

“My garden mainly grows normal vegetables such as vegetables, lettuce, squash gourds, cantaloupe, tomatoes, shallots, herbs, etc. In addition, I also grow some plants. eat fruits in pots such as grapes, guava, lemon, apple, …” – the owner of the garden revealed. 

The garden is always in a lush state

In particular, despite being in hot weather all year round, this terrace garden has many cold climate plants such as cabbage and cauliflower. With these plants, Tuoi also has a more careful way of care: “I choose good and heat-resistant seeds. The time to plant is in the cool time, around October, the tree will grow well .

During 3 years of growing vegetables on the terrace, Tuoi can’t remember how much she invested in the garden, but she also confirmed that growing vegetables by herself is sometimes more expensive than going to the market to buy them. In return, the garden gives Tuoi many other benefits: 

“The first is to get clean and healthy vegetables. Since having a vegetable garden, our extended family doesn’t have to buy vegetables anymore. Next, I have had interesting experiences from working in the soil, planting seeds and then looking at the trees growing up day by day. On the day of harvest, the feeling is always very happy and happy. And also thanks to the garden, family members are more connected .  ”

With Tuoi herself, she finds herself happier and more in love with life since growing vegetables: “Garden is a place where I feel relaxed, after stressful working hours. And of course, now I’m more interested in growing vegetables than shopping .  “

From the time of planting, Tuoi has been extremely organized

The results of Tuoi’s fruit and vegetable harvests

She also cleverly arranges vegetables into beautiful flower baskets

Some more pictures of the terrace garden

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