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The castle is “inlaid with gold”, inside the entire expensive interior of the giants in Hung Yen

A prominent castle in a rural area of ​​Hung Yen is rumored by many to have a construction price of up to hundreds of billions of VND.

In fact, Hung Yen’s “gilded” castle is rumored to cost hundreds of billions of dong

The castle is “inlaid with gold”, inside the entire expensive interior of the giants in Hung Yen
Running along the dyke road from Hanoi to City. Hung Yen, passing the territory of Khoai Chau district, was overwhelmed when witnessing the magnificent and magnificent golden castle. This is the castle just completed by Mr. Do Trong Sau (Trung Chau village, Dong Ket commune, Khoai Chau, Hung Yen).
European-style castle architecture with Romantic dome combined with white gold paint makes the castle look massive in the middle of a vast land of thousands of square meters.
Boss Sau said the castle was designed in a French style, including 3 floors and 1 basement to be completed in 2020.
Mr. Sau shared: “The family focuses on building and completing in about 2 years. Sometimes there are up to 70 workers working at the same time to ensure the set progress”.
“With the desire to build a castle for 3 generations of families to live, after many years of hard work, until 2018, I started the construction. People go to work during the day, go to school only at night to return to the group. gathered in this castle, “said Mr. Sau.
The first floor is arranged by Mr. Sau as a large living room, a place for tables and chairs and a corner for the kitchen and dining area of ​​the whole family of nearly 10 people.
The castle has a classic staircase design and has an additional elevator system.
All the details in the house are in white and yellow, the pillars are fake stones.
In the castle there are 6 bedrooms.
The top floor is a highlight with the round roof design – a familiar style of European-style castles.
The entire 3rd floor is made by the owner of the castle as a shrine room and space for family activities.
Mr. Sau also affirmed that the investment cost is not over 100 billion as rumored. “Many people look outside and think I’m in gold, but it’s not, it’s just plain paint”.
“The building is also used for living, so I design and build according to my own preferences, materials are also mostly produced by the family,” said Mr. Sau.
The magnificence of the castle looks high above.

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