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5 ancient schools in Vietnam, we thought we were living in a castle in the middle of Europe

Possessing a unique but equally luxurious architecture, these schools look like European ancient castles in the heart of Vietnam.

For today’s young people, the criteria for choosing a university are not limited to reputation and quality of training. A school with modern facilities, clean and beautiful campus and attractive “virtual living” corners also contribute to making the study time more memorable.

If you are passionate about classical architecture, now you do not need to travel abroad to admire. Because, Vietnam also has countless universities built in this elegant and luxurious architecture, as splendid as the castles in magnificent Europe.

VinUni University

Located in the Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area (Hanoi), VinUni University has an area of ​​more than 23 hectares, including many items such as the main building, dormitory, sports complex, technical area … The whole landscape and The facilities are all 5-star standard in the QS Ranking.jаvascript:void(0)

VinUni’s main color is white, designed in a neoclassical style with Gothic characteristics. The school inherits many of the basic features of Renaissance Europe, including many large domes and symmetrical pillars. The Sun symbol on the top of the 108m high emblem tower sends the message “School of the light of knowledge”.

In addition, VinUni also did not forget to add architectural details reminiscent of Vietnam, such as the main hall ceiling with the bronze drum motif, the library inspired by the sunrise scene on the terraced fields of the northern mountainous region.

5 ancient schools in Vietnam, we thought we were living in a castle in the middle of Europe

In addition, the school is also equipped with many other facilities: the largest 1,500-seat hall in the university, the stadium, the basketball court, the tennis court, the Olympic swimming pool, the gym, the yoga room.

VinUni is modern, so the cost of studying here is not cheap at all, fluctuating in the range of 35,000-40,000 USD / year (about 805-920 million VND). With this huge tuition fee, students here are often talented with outstanding qualities to receive a scholarship, or a family with conditions.

Vo Truong Toan University

From a distance, Vo Truong Toan University looks more like an amusement park or resort than a learning facility. This is a private university, located on the front of National Highway 1A in Hau Giang province.

The total area of ​​Vo Truong Toan University is 20 hectares, which can meet the learning needs of over 18,000 students. Built in a unique dome and tower architecture, this school makes students feel like they are learning in the midst of Europe.

The splendid white castles are surrounded by immense forests, creating a sense of isolation and confidentiality. The main colors of white, gray and bordeaux red add to the mystical, fairy-tale but equally magnificent and luxurious look of this school.

Located in a spacious and airy land, this is a very suitable place to watch the sunset and fall. Especially inside the campus of Vo Truong Toan University also integrates the amusement park Kittyd & Minnied Amusement Park, which helps students relax after tiring study hours.

Although possessing facilities that are superior to the general premises, tuition fees at Vo Truong Toan University are quite pleasant. Students only have to pay nearly 5 million VND / period for Business Administration, Accounting, Finance – Banking, 20 million VND / period for Pharmacy and 29 million VND / period for Medicine.

Dalat College of Education

If you have the opportunity to go to Da Lat, you should try once to visit Dalat Pedagogical College – which is recognized as a national monument. The International Architecture Association (UIA) also recognized this school as one of 1,000 typical architectural works of the 20th century.

The school is designed in a unique neoclassical French architecture, with the lecture halls tiled with red ceilings forming a romantic arc. Visitors often compare the arc as a book opening knowledge.

School building materials are imported from Europe: red ceiling tiles to build beautiful colored walls over time; green ardoise tile for roofing. This, combined with the surrounding green pine forest, has created an ancient and mysterious look for the school.

The most prominent feature of the Dalat Pedagogical College is the 54 m high bell tower, which looks like a pen rising high. Standing from above at any point of Da Lat, you can also see this bell tower and the typical curved architecture of the school.

Initially, Dalat Pedagogical College was the training place for French children and a number of wealthy Vietnamese families. After 1975, this place became a center of high quality training throughout the South. Many successful people have studied at this school, such as professor of astrophysics Trinh Xuan Thuan.

Hanoi University of Pharmacy

Hanoi University of Pharmacy is one of the oldest public universities in Vietnam. The forerunner of this place is Indochina Medicines School, established by decree of the French Government in 1902.

Built in the French colonial period, Hanoi University of Pharmacy still retains many typical Indochinese architectural features. Students coming here will be amazed by the towering domes, the ancient pale yellow walls and the painting masterpieces of Victor Tardieu.

The unique architecture and ancient look of the school make many people feel like they are lost in an old castle in France or an ancient church in Europe. Every corner of this school shines a poetic, serene look, creating a “virtual life” corner that is loved by many generations of students.

As one of the leading institutions in the medical field, the entrance score to Hanoi University of Pharmacy is always high. Only really classy and hardworking faces can come to this school to study.

Saigon University

Over 113 years old, Saigon University is also one of the oldest educational institutions in Vietnam. Initially, this school was built for Chinese children residing in Vietnam. Students here have to learn both French and Chinese, can speak many languages ​​fluently after graduation, so they have a very good position in society.

Not only possessing international standard teaching quality, Saigon University is also famous for its ancient architecture, bearing both French and Chinese tones. Like many other schools built during the French colonial period, there are also highly curved arches, elaborately carved, typical yellow painted walls. The hallway in the school is designed spaciously, creating a sense of airy to students.

The benchmark of Saigon University ranges from 15-26 points. Tuition fees also vary between branches, in which the training of teachers does not charge fees, the high-quality information technology industry is 32 million VND / year and the rest is 6 million VND / period. Follow Theo Trí thuc trẻ

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