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The flower road design site is in busy days to be completed on schedule scene on Nguyen Hue flower street 2022

The mighty tiger mascots gradually appear on Nguyen Hue flower street 2022, when the flower road design site is in busy days to be completed on schedule.

On the afternoon of January 17, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City went to check the construction of Tet flower street on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street about the completion progress, aesthetics as well as ensuring safety work, regulations on epidemic prevention. 

Constructed from January 13, so far, Nguyen Hue Flower Street for Tet Nham Dan has completed 30% of the requirements, in which the highlight is two tigers that are meticulously attached gravel to the body by workers to make a difference. .

At the inspection, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Duong Anh Duc gave suggestions for the tiger mascots to be perfected and more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the construction progress was also noted by city leaders. 

According to the design, the entire flower street this year has more than 50 tiger mascots on display. Including the 4 largest tigers of the flower road with a height of over 3m, more than 5m long, there is a 3.5-ton tiger designed from gravel, mica, softwood with high difficulty. 

A representative of Saigontourist Group, the implementing unit, said that this year’s flower street encountered many difficulties from the design organization to the construction due to the influence of the epidemic. The source of flowers this year is not as rich as every year due to the slow seeding and harvesting of gardeners. 

However, the organizers still try to ensure with about 80 types of flowers, nearly 97,000 pots and flower baskets of all kinds. .. Overcoming difficulties, those who make efforts to bring the people of the city a beautiful spring vacation destination, which has been a practice for the past 18 years. 

Besides the criteria of safety and savings, Nguyen Hue flower street 2022 also brings the hope of a bright future to the public to enjoy, while sending gratitude to the compatriots across the country who have given their support, great affection for Ho Chi Minh City, especially the sacrifices and hard work of the frontline forces against the COVID-19 epidemic. 

According to the plan, Nguyen Hue flower street will be constructed until 16:00 on January 29 and open at 19:00 on the same day. During the opening ceremony from 16:00 to 22:00, all vehicles on related roads intersecting with Nguyen Hue Street will be stopped. 

The flower road design site is in busy days to be completed on schedule scene on Nguyen Hue flower street 2022

Construction workers at the flower street meticulously put each pebble on the tiger – Photo: NHAT THINH

Currently, Nguyen Hue flower street is still under construction, the workers are busy working to keep up with the schedule – Photo: NHAT THINH

Workers rush to complete decorative miniatures at the flower street – Photo: NHAT THINH

The ‘Lord of the Forest’ at Nguyen Hue Flower Street for the Lunar New Year has been completed 70%

Shaping tiger mascots on Nguyen Hue flower street for the 2022 Lunar New Year is being urgently completed by artisans. It is estimated that nearly 70% of the flower road’s workload has been basically completed.

On January 12, the Van Tong factory (District 12, Ho Chi Minh City) was urgently busy. At each corner of the workshop, workers focus on preparing for Nguyen Hue flower street, which is in the sprint stage.

Artisan Van Tong, the owner of the workshop, said that for the first time, gravel was chosen as the material to represent the mascot for the flower street, in accordance with the “feng shui” characteristics of the tiger. With a confident, cold appearance, full of temperament, ready to confront and not afraid to take on challenges.

“The workshop started construction about 2 months ago, mobilizing about 40 workers to work day and night. A special feature this year is the tiger mascot that recreates the image of “the lord of the jungle” 4.6m high and 10m long with the harmonious combination of tempered glass, mica, and moss, creating the effect of tigers appearing and disappearing” – artist Van Tong added.

In addition to the criteria of safety and thrift, the mark of this year’s flower street is to express gratitude to the compatriots nationwide who have given great support and affection for Ho Chi Minh City, especially the sacrifices. , the struggles of frontline forces fighting the COVID-19 epidemic.

This year, the flower street with the theme “Spring of the homeland – the warmth of love” has a length of more than 600m and is divided into 3 segments: “Back to the deep forest – Fresh green nature”, “Spring of love – Proud of Vietnam”. and “To the great sea – Young water meets”.

The middle of the flower street is the space in Ho Chi Minh City to thank the people of the whole country for their love and affection, the frontline forces in the fight against the epidemic have devoted all their hearts, sacrifices, and stood side by side with the city during this period. the most difficult.

Nguyen Hue Flower Street for the Lunar New Year is open from December 27.

Workers are busy constructing miniatures for Nguyen Hue flower street at Van Tong factory in the morning of January 12

The image of “Twin tigers and tigers” is 3m high, nearly 7m long, made up of delicately cut steel and stainless steel slices –

A water jar is being finished by a worker

Workers are finishing Tiger Gabion

This year’s special feature is the tiger mascot that recreates the image of “the lord of the jungle” 4.6m high, more than 10m long with a harmonious combination of tempered glass, mica and moss, creating a hidden effect. present of tiger

It is expected that in about 8 days, the mascots will be gathered at Nguyen Hue flower street

Van Tong factory has started construction for about 2 months now, mobilizing about 40 workers to work day and night

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