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82 trips around Vietnam of 9X boy

 After the trips, Nguyen Khai Trung grew up, lived more optimistically and positively. For him, money can be earned, but youth should not spend time on experiences. 

Nguyen Khai Trung (24 years old, Hanoi ) spent 4 years of his youth making trips all over the country. Currently, he runs an online business and is a travel blogger.

“Conquering the road is conquering yourself.”

At the age of 21, Khai Trung started his journey with a trip to Mai Chau town, Hoa Binh province, and Moc Chau town, Son La province. Up to now, he has conquered 61 provinces and cities of Vietnam, with more than 82 trips large and small, including 2 trips across Vietnam, a journey through the Northwest, Northeast, and Southwest regions…

Alone on a motorbike traveling from plains to hills or remote borders, Trung faced many difficulties when facing the long-distance and harsh climate of the highlands. However, that helps him be more mature and “sturdy” rather than a “boy” of the family.

Trung finds himself bolder after his trips to Khai Trung

His passion for discovery grew, his parents became solid supporters, encouraging him on his travels. Trung shared: “I want to see the idyllic and majestic things of my country with my own eyes. Conquering the roads, I am conquering myself.”

During the trips, Trung allows himself to forget the worries of daily life temporarily. The stable online business helps Trung to have some money saved to make trips.

Khai Trung Khai Trung’s trip to Phu Quy island (Binh Thuan)

“The cost for backpacking trips is about 3-5 million, depending on the length of the day or the short term. If my condition allows, I will start going. Young people go to experience, conquer and overcome their own limits. So that when I get old, I have something to remember,” the center said.

Choosing the right form of transportation, accommodation, hunting promotions, off-season travel are ways to save maximum costs. “A wallet with enough money, a detailed plan, a backpack with enough luggage, and a ready attitude is what I prepare before every trip,” Trung said.

“Youth, don’t delay!”

At the age of 24, Khai Trung Autumn gained an “heirloom” of memories and experiences along the three regions of the North – Central – South. For him, being young and healthy, he had to go to discover new lands and people.

Being invited by local people to eat, play with children in the mountains, watch a mother carry her child to the fields in the blazing sun… from there, understand more about history, culture, and people. What makes him most satisfied in each trip is the new experience and things he learns from the people there.

“They taught me about diligence and hard work. The kids showed me an optimistic lifestyle. They are kind, loving people, and I have always been happy on my trips,” he said.

The trip to the Northwest in 2018 made Trung remember it forever. “There was a storm at that time, and I was shivering when I was on a motorbike. But thanks to traveling a lot, I know more about how to forecast the weather, see the map…” Trung said.

Khai Trung on a trip to the highlands Khai Trung

In the current period, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Trung believes that it is necessary to comply with the 5K regulations of the Ministry of Health, declaring the travel schedule is what should be done when visiting any land. “It is best to limit it. If you want to move, you can travel online instead, read a lot to understand better where you are going, and plan to end the epidemic and then go,” shared Khai Trung.

Chat, learn the culture of the indigenous people. Khai Trung

Being bolder, having a lot of experience in planning, spending wisely, knowing how to balance work, and realizing her passion for travel are the things that Trung has gained from his travels.

“It doesn’t matter where you go, but go your own way. Youth should take trips when possible, not delay!” That’s what he wants to convey to people who love to experience like me. According to Thanh Nien

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