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The suburbs of Saigon dream in the eyes of Dong Thap boys

HO CHI MINH CITY – National University HCMC urban area in Thu Duc city has a green and airy landscape, attracting many young people to come and take pictures.

The National University urban area is about 20 km east of Ho Chi Minh City center, with an area of ​​643 hectares, located in Thu Duc City and a part of Di An City, Binh Duong Province. The area is home to many universities and student dormitories. The roads in the urban area are planted with many trees to shade the shade, especially the rows of Taiwanese eagles with wide canopy and beautiful shapes.

Earlier this year, Xuan Thanh, born in 1999, from Dong Thap province, along with two of his friends, took a youth photoshoot at this place. Thanh said, from a young age, he was taken by relatives to visit Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City and was impressed with the green roads leading to the university, the peaceful and very poetic scenery of a city suburb. , so I wanted to take a set of photos to record the beauty of this place.

The set of photos was taken by Thanh in early 2021 and took 3 days of post-production to get the desired image. In the photo is the William Shakespeare road leading from the Student Cultural House to the official residence, the National University guest house, one of the roads with winding slopes passing through the most beautiful rock lake area in the urban area.

Universities all have bus stops for students, the station is elegantly designed, in harmony with the green landscape, when there is no car, you can also choose this scene to take photos.

The Ho Chi Minh City Student Cultural House is one of the highlights of the urban area. The building impresses from the outside with its hexagonal design and a system of nearly 3,000 white light concrete bars surrounding it.

It has a cinema, auditorium, large conference room, club, library, traditional area, large living area, space for sports and entertainment. The outdoor stand often organizes cultural programs that attract a large number of students and is also a familiar check-in point for young people.

On the roads leading to the university, visitors can easily see small forests with many acacia trees. In February, acacia flowers bloom, passersby often send a gentle fragrance from the flowers.

Xuan Thanh shared that the urban area of ​​Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City is changing a lot. Many roads and spacious buildings were widened, causing him to lose his way. But the memories with Thanh are still intact, this place still retains the poetic beauty of the trees, the road, the green lake, the corner of the railing at the university, the stone bench… making him always have special feelings. separate. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Xuan Thanh

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