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PV GAS-er and a journey of 2,400km by bicycle

A couple of middle-aged best friends in Ho Chi Minh City have invited each other to cycle 2,400km, from Ca Mau to Quang Ninh. Facing challenges in weather and health, but both had completed the road for 20 days with many unforgettable memories.

The journey of cycling through Vietnam with close friends which was posted on social networks by Mr. Hoang Kien Cuong (43 years old, residing in Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City) received much encouragement and congratulations from many people.

Starting point of the journey, km 3260 Ca Mau

After the pandemic, be determined to do what we like!

Participating in the swimming - cycling - running group, Mr. Cuong and Mr. Do Lam Son (43 years old, residing in Thu Duc City) and some friends planned to cycle through Vietnam. By appointment, some of them were F0 (positive for Covid-19), so only two men and one member took a pickup truck, carrying bicycles from Ho Chi Minh City to Ca Mau. To ensure the safety of the trip, the team rented a pickup truck to transport as well as provide food, drink, and carry luggage. It was started from Ca Mau to Ca Na, one person was discovered to be F0, and the journey through Vietnam was only taken part in with 2 members left.

Mr. Cuong confided: through the Covid-19 epidemic period, seeing many people standing between the lines of life and death, he and a group of friends who were passionate about sports decided to do what they liked. With the available health foundation due to playing 3 sports such as swimming, cycling, jogging regularly, the group did not take too long to decide to get moving. The journey started from Ca Mau cape. “In one day, we cycled from 3 am to about 12-13 pm then we took a break. The rest of the time, we dealt with our work or met local like-minded brethren. In the following days, due to the wind being against us, we cycled for about 160 - 180 km and then we took a rest. In Quy Nhon, we both stayed for 3 days to go swimming, do cycling, and do jogging with local friends," said Son.

Mr. Cuong also confided that before Tet holiday he asked PV GAS leadership to allow him to take a long leave after the Tet holiday to cycle through Vietnam. The "Boss" agreed, some in his family supported him, some dissuaded him, but he was still determined to do what he desired. “From Ca Mau to Quy Nhon against the wind, the sun was burning; there were days when we came to the stop, we looked at the bike in the sun and shivered. However, the next day, we still woke up at 3 o'clock, ate a packet of noodles, and continued on the road," Mr. Cuong recalled.

Great experience of a lifetime

Exactly 20 days, backward from km 3260 Ca Mau - the southernmost point of the country to the 0km milestone in Trang Vi (Quang Ninh), then back to Ho Chi Minh City, the total cost for the whole trip was about VND150 million. The couple of close friends commented that this was a moderate cost because the two of them prioritized safety and health for the whole journey.

Arriving at the 0km milestone in Trang Vi, Quang Ninh

Mr. Cuong said that he has traveled from the South to the North by car many times, but this was the first time he had traveled by bicycle, seeing with his own eyes how the scenery on the roadside had changed, the character of the people in each locality... He still remembered the feeling of sitting and drinking coffee in Trang An, because there were no restaurants, and the two men set up a table and chairs to drink coffee while enjoying the view. He shared: “Wherever I go, I post photos on Facebook. My friends commented telling me to go quickly, come back soon, they were tired of liking photos, then laughing. Everyone encouraged us to try to complete the journey.”

The most difficult part of the journey was probably the last day in Quang Ninh. It was pouring rain, the temperature was low, and both wore thin raincoats and rode in the rain. “The most important thing when cycling through Vietnam is your physical strength and will. I advise those who are cycling every day but like to go through Vietnam, let’s go right away, depending on your health so that a few dozen kilometers a day, then will come anyway. Now I go back to work and make up for the rest of the day, even though I'm busier, I'm still very happy," said Mr. Cuong eagerly. For Mr. Son, cycling through Vietnam was the wonderful experience of his lifetime. On many roads, there were friends who share the same passion for cycling together to encourage, offer food, and coffee. During 2,400 km, both bikes had to change their guts a couple of times because of the broken tires, but the most interesting thing was having a companion, so they both felt more motivated.

“We thought that the completion of the road through Vietnam would be very emotional, but when it was finished, we only felt cold because it rained all day that day. This will not be the last challenge. We have decided to do so and continue with our fitness training plans in the near future", that's what the couple shared about tomorrow together.

Source: Youth Newspaper

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