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Cycling and camping in the middle of Ma Da forest

DONG NAI – Visitors can experience cycling, SUP rowing, and camping by Tri An lake in Ma Da commune, about 80 km from Ho Chi Minh City.

According to the Ma Da – Tri An cycling journey, visitors depart from Bien Hoa, follow the direction of Van Mieu Tran Bien, and cross the flower road nearly 30 km long. From January to May is the most brilliant bougainvillea season. The road with up and down slopes brings challenges for those who like to conquer.

The journey continues with the roads around Tri An lake. Visitors seem to return to nature when following the bumpy dirt road into the primeval forest. On the bike path, sometimes you will go under the green canopy, tinkling cicadas, birds singing…

At the end of the 60 km journey on the first day, visitors camp by Tri An lake, Ma Da commune.

You can treat yourself to a trip to Tri An lake on a boat after a long day of cycling.

You can watch the sunset, and relax by the lake before enjoying the evening BBQ.

Tri An Lake is an ideal place to paddle SUP because the lake is calm and peaceful. The best time to paddle SUP is at dusk or dawn when the weather is cool and sunny.

The second day starts with breakfast by the lake before your cycle, SUP, trek, or jogging…

After lunch, visitors continue to cycle under the sunny canopy to get out of the forest, ending at the Ba Hao intersection, about 35 km from Tri An lakeside camping site. After picnicking in the forest, visitors will get in a tourist car to return to Ho Chi Minh City.

The road is a total of 95 km for two days, so it is not suitable for children under 14 years old, people with weak handlebars or just learning to ride. Participating in cycling or trekking, especially when going through the forest and camping overnight, you should bring sportswear, sunscreen, long-sleeved clothes, and insect repellent sprays.

Photo: Cao Cao Adventures

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