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“Order explosion” continuously asked her 87-year-old grandmother to be a photo model for online sales

After his parents finished sewing, Hoang Quan let his grandmother try on them, instructing her to create a lovely style for a photo shoot. Thanks to that, customers closed orders continuously, so his family “sold out” in the first sale.

Nguyen Hoang Quan, 20 years old is currently a student at Van Hien University, Ho Chi Minh City. The boy from Can Duoc, Long An has parents who have both worked as seamstresses for 20 years. In recent years, Quan has noticed that the number of customers coming to sew clothes is sparse. In order to have more income to take care of Quan and his two children to study, his parents had to sell more groceries.

“Seeing that the shop was empty, I had an idea to develop an online channel to sell home clothes made by my parents’ hands. I aimed at female customers in middle age”, Quan shared the idea that arose back in the day. last year.

“Order explosion” continuously asked her 87-year-old grandmother to be a photo model for online sales
Hoang Quan (2nd from the left) took a picture with his family (Photo: provided by the character).

However, at first, Quan’s parents did not agree because they did not have much capital, fearing that their products could not be sold… After a period of persuasion, in early February, Quan’s parents approved of their son’s plan. .

Originally a skilled tailor, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Lam (45 years old, Quan’s father) rode his motorbike to Ho Chi Minh City to find a good source of fabric. At home, he and his wife worked hard to cut the fabric and sew it into 3 sizes for customers to choose from.

At the end of the week, Quan was absent from school, so he went home to help his parents take pictures and record videos to sell products. A special thing is that the student also “attracted” to add his grandmother as a photo model to advertise the product. 87 years old, but Grandma Quan is still healthy, lucid and enjoys working with her grandchildren.

“Normally, I often invite my grandmother to shoot short videos to share many fun and funny stories in life and post them on social networks, so she is very confident and agrees to cooperate,” Quan said.

Grandma Quan posed as a photo model, making many customers excited (Photo: Character provided).

After putting on new clothes, Grandma Quan posed for her grandson to take pictures. Her movements of leaning against her hips, leaning over or releasing her heart were guided by Quan, so the pictures were very cute. The video recording the preparation process for the whole family to start a business together was shared by the guy on his personal Facebook, attracting tens of thousands of likes and comments to order.

“I was really surprised because after posting the video, Quan’s family sold nearly 100 sets of clothes before the opening day. Because they didn’t think they would sell so quickly, my parents didn’t prepare the goods in time.” Quan said.

As for the grandmother, because she only heard that the goods were selling well, she did not see any customers coming to her house to buy, so she called Quan to inquire. After being explained by her grandson that customers only need to order online, their parents will send products to customers by post. She was excited and anxious to ask me when I would come back to take pictures to launch new products. 

Quan shared that his parents were not used to answering messages, so when they met difficult questions from customers, they often called “for help” to their son. Sometimes called right when Quan was studying in class. In addition to instructing how to consult customers, the guy also instructs his parents to use cheerful status symbols when texting with guests to create closeness. 

Another model that Grandma Quan tried on (Photo: Character provided).

At the same time, the two parents are still working hard to come up with new clothes. Quan’s family intends that, if the number of visitors increases in a few months, they will expand the family sewing shop into a small workshop and hire more workers in the village.

Mr. Lam, Ba Quan confided: “My husband and I’s tailoring business has not been favorable for the past few years because customers prefer to buy ready-made goods at the market. Thanks to our son’s bold thinking, the family economy has an opportunity. development. The whole family works, it’s also meaningful to start a business together.”

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