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New travel style of Vietnamese family: Traveling with children all over the country

Instead of traveling and returning from time to time, these families choose to travel by self-sufficient car, enjoying the trip to the fullest.

Self-sufficient travel is now becoming one of the trends of the past few years. This is considered a new style of travel, despite many difficulties, more and more families are choosing. Without going on a tour or any specific schedule, families who are passionate about travel will wander around the country with their children.

The journey on the car traveling everywhere of the small family

As travel enthusiasts, Ms. Nguyen Ha My (29 years old, living in Dak Lak) and her husband Doan Nguyen Duy Tan (30 years old) and their son Kin (3 years old) went everywhere to enjoy nature together. nature to the fullest extent.

My family has a small, beautiful Vanlife car. With a passion for going out, like to sleep in the dust, the young mother still arranges neatly and is comfortable enough for the days she likes to roam. Every time they go out for a long time, the couple never has a plan, sitting naturally wanting to go somewhere, then decided to go out tonight and then the whole family packed their things in their suitcases and left tomorrow morning.

“It’s never too late to decide where to go, where to go, to eat, to sit in the car. I don’t want to have to try to go to a crowded tourist destination that is famous, sometimes just stop at Roadside places, or an ordinary grassy hill, rest and take a deep breath of the scent of weeds, that’s all!

New travel style of Vietnamese family: Traveling with children all over the country

Sometimes life is too stressful, so let yourself be a little lazy, so that you can realize what we are here for now!”, My sister confided.

Besides, when asked if such a life is lonely, the young mother confided that she enjoyed such a life, roaming everywhere without thinking too much about anything. Meeting many friends that if not for this trip, I would never have met in real life.

“Instead of making a car from time to time to travel and then come back, I choose to live in the car and up to this point it has been almost 2 years. This car has one meaning to me: Leaving the city stuffy, leave boring work, go where you want, a happy journey, a life worth living.

But if you look at it from another perspective, life in the car is not always a fairy tale. To be more precise, it is a real life with many difficulties. This lifestyle of mine, first of all, I have to learn how to make money along the way, such as taking pictures, receiving ads, taking some of the garden’s products with me, and having to learn to adapt to a nomadic life, lacking a little. to prolong the trip.

For me, experience is different from enjoyment. Your life is an experience, so it is imperative to adapt well, the important thing is do you want it or not? Can you stand the sweltering heat of summer and the cold of winter?

Road trip through 1/3 of Vietnam for the first time in life with a baby

Not liking being tied to tours, Tran Hang (who lives in Hanoi) also decided to take the whole family to explore Vietnam by her own car. A 7 day 6 night trip with many emotions, helping the whole family bond together.

With self-sufficient trips like this, each family will have its own lifestyle. However, the most important thing is still to prepare everything so that the trip is successful and good.

According to Ms. Hang’s experience, some indispensable items to prepare for the baby are: Baby car seat; Cart; Clothing and accessories; Toy; Teddy bear to sleep in; Milk, diapers; Snacks of all kinds; Shower gel; Raincoats, hats; Entertainment programs for children.

Fun-filled self-guided tour of a small family

Because going to be self-sufficient, there are the following things parents should know to ensure the safety of the whole family:

– Because of the long journey, the food in the region is not known in advance, and it is not certain that the baby eats a lot and enough fiber, the possibility of the baby being constipated is relatively high. Every day, please mix 1 teaspoon of chia seeds into fresh milk or yogurt, drink it up, wait 2 minutes, then feed it to your baby. Make sure your baby’s digestive system is extremely stable.

Your baby may not need to eat so much. If your baby refuses to eat, don’t force him to eat. Just drink enough water, including filtered water, milk, yogurt, soup…, in general, liquid foods/drinks.

– At the overnight stays, try to wash the baby clean and change into new clothes. This approach partly helps limit the possibility of virus infection from surrounding sources (if any).

– Parents, remember to prepare full vehicle documents, driver’s license, cash and absolutely comply with traffic safety. Take the car for a thorough check before departure.

– Prepare a list of hospitals with emergency phone numbers in case you need them.

– Prepare basic tools such as car pump or spare tire. Regularly check the tires after every day of travel.

The trip is more than 2000km long to see the majestic mountains of the East-Northwest region

Mr. Phan Hong Son (Hanoi) and his family made a bold trip. It is a self-sufficient backpacking trip by car through all the Northeast and Northwest provinces. This trip lasts 8 days and 7 nights. Every night his family sleeps in a province. The journey his family has gone through is more than 2000km long.

Mr. Son shared: “The Northwestern – Northeastern backpacking tour has been planned for a long time but has not been able to implement it. And during the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit 2023, my family has just done this tour. The whole family starts from Ba Vi – Hanoi 2, goes 1 arc Ta Xua – Son La -> Dien Bien city -> Sin Ho – Lai Chau -> Ha Giang city -> Me Pia Bao Lac pass, Phia Oac Nguyen peak Binh Cao Bang -> Landmark 1116 – Huu Nghi border gate, Mau Son peak – Lang Son -> Mong Cai city, Van Don city, Ha Long city, Cam Pha city, Uong Bi city, Hai Duong city and ends in Hanoi 1. The trip was successful and really meaningful to my family”.

Because of the long trip, the weather during the travel days is very important. Especially mountain tourism. The spring trip of Mr. Son’s family also encountered many difficulties when the temperature was always very low, from -1 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, it didn’t rain. Therefore, before traveling, people need to carefully study the weather to prepare appropriate clothes.

From homestays, motels to 4-star hotels, often Mr. Son’s family does not book in advance only when they are close to the new place to search. Just Google Map, view information and call to book.

The young father proudly said: “It’s so beautiful. Only going to know the majesty of Vietnam’s mountains and rivers. The children can see the majestic mountains of Vietnam with their own eyes. Not only that, but they also enjoy many dishes. local specialties, explore the culture of many ethnic groups in the northern mountainous region. After this trip, I feel that my child is more mature and independent. There are also destinations where sloths walk. Train them by “baiting” them with ice cream. If they go all the way this way, they will be able to eat ice cream to their heart’s content. So the two of them go out for a walk. Especially through this trip, our family has more harmony and love. each other more”.

Why is the trend of bringing families to travel by car to the throne?

– Feel free to explore the journey: A personal car trip gives your family the initiative in time. If traveling by plane or train, you will have to arrive 1-2 hours early to complete the prescribed procedures. Meanwhile, traveling by private car will help you and your family be proactive about departure time, shortening the waiting time.

– Travel safely, protect yourself from the risk of disease: In the context of the epidemic, traveling to the suburbs by private car will help the whole family limit the risk of disease transmission from public transport. , and at the same time show a sense of community protection and self-protection.

– Let your children experience new things: Going by car, you can stop in a vast green meadow, or let the children stop by a clear stream or play with a flock of sheep with grass. These experiences are only available by car.

What should be done to face difficulties when a family with young children is traveling on their own?

– To make the trip with the children, the sisters should prepare mentally and talk to the children, that the trip will not be accompanied by a father or other adult, the father or mother needs to focus on driving. car, so the children need to cooperate and help their parents.

– The whole family needs to get enough sleep the night before, so that the next morning has a fresh spirit to prepare for the trip.

– A phone with full battery and 3G ready for Google Map, of course, you need to preview the route you will go to prepare in advance. From time to time, it is possible to go the wrong way, especially going to areas far from Hanoi.

– Some necessary “contact” in the place you are going or of those who have gone and “reviewed”. Ideally, families should avoid areas that are too remote because the safety of their children is paramount.

– For the trip to be fun and successful, it is recommended to choose roads with a travel time of less than 3 hours to avoid your baby being too tired, or motion sickness, which will make them afraid to move. If you want to go further, you need to consider a place to stop in the middle of the way to avoid fatigue for children.

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