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Amazingly, the rubber forest in Binh Phuoc is the season of changing leaves

The immense rubber forests in Binh Phuoc enter the season of changing leaves, creating a romantic scene like in a love movie.

Around this time, the whole rubber forest in Hon Quan district (Binh Phuoc) turned yellow, beautiful and poetic like the scene in Korean love films.
The yellow rubber leaves, waiting for the gentle breeze to fall, fall.
The fallen leaves form an eye-catching yellow carpet.
Countless yellow leaves mixed in green foliage looked very beautiful.
Coming here on the days bordering Tet, visitors will feel the romantic and poetic beauty of the rubber forest in the changing seasons.
In this season, farmers will stop harvesting rubber latex to nourish the tree to prepare for next year’s resin harvest.
The newly fallen rubber leaf carpet creates a beautiful poetic scene.
At the end of the season, when the rubber leaves finally fall, the entire forest will be left with only spindly branches.
When the leaves fall off, the rubber forest will sprout, sprout and start a new season, forming green foliage.

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