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The best and worst seats on the plane

One of the best seats is next to the emergency exit, with the advantage of being spacious, quick exit when there is an incident, near… the beautiful flight attendants.

When booking a plane ticket or checking in, what many passengers are most concerned about is the seat position. After more than a decade of traveling the world as a flight attendant, one flight attendant shared on Insider what the best and worst places are.

5 best positions on the plane

The rows of emergency seats

This is where you are most likely to get out when the plane crashes. Besides, the legroom is spacious, suitable for people with tall bodies to sit comfortably. Many people agree and even think that this is the most beautiful position on the plane, because they will be sitting next to or near the most beautiful flight attendants of the flight.

Sitting in the exit seat will have to assist the flight attendant to open the door in an emergency. Therefore, this chair also prioritizes healthy people. The elderly, young children and pregnant women are not usually accommodated in this seat. However, most people don’t count this as a drawback.

The best and worst seats on the plane
The seat next to the exit door is usually the closest to the flight attendant’s seat. Photo: Alamy

Rows with only two seats

Many small aircraft usually have only two seats per row. According to flight attendants, these are good seats as one will be placed by the window, the other in the aisle. Thus, each person’s space will be more comfortable, and no one has to sit in the middle – the least desirable position.

The seats in the front

This position is usually quieter, less bumpy than the back of the plane. Passengers getting on and off the plane are more convenient because the seats are close to the door. When the flight attendants serve food and drinks, the people in the front row will be served first

The seats in the middle

This seat is considered the quietest if the plane is going through turbulence, because it is in the center of gravity. However, the downside is that it is noisier because it is closer to the engine.

The place by the window

This is also the seat most people choose because it has a beautiful view of the clouds, sky and scenery at the take-off and landing places. This is also the position where you can rest your head against the wall to sleep quietly, without being disturbed by people sitting next to you who want to get up to go to the toilet.

4 bad positions on the plane

Seats directly in front or behind the bulkhead on the plane

The seats in front of the bulkhead often don’t recline for comfort. If the seat is in the middle of the plane, it is often preferred for families with young children because the space in front is enough to place a crib. If you don’t want to hear crying during the flight, you can consider this position.

Middle seat

No matter which row you sit in, the middle seat is torture for many people. This is where you have the least amount of space because you’re sandwiched between two people sitting next to you. Sometimes, the person sitting in the middle has to sit with his arms crossed in front of his chest because the armrests are occupied by the people sitting next to him. According to Australian travel expert, Angus Kidman, if it’s a wide-body plane, each row has 9 seats divided into three rows, choose the middle seat in the middle row. That way, at least you won’t be bothered by anyone if he or she wants to get up to get things or use the toilet.

If you must sit in the middle seat, choose a seat in the middle row. That way, you won’t be passed by the person sitting next to you if they want to go out. Photo: The Dan

Seat near the toilet

In addition to the smell, passengers are often bothered because this is where crowds stand in line waiting for their turn to use the restroom. Therefore, this place is noisier than other locations. In addition, people sitting in the aisles of this area will often be accidentally touched by passers-by, affecting their sleep. The only plus point when sitting here is that you don’t need to queue if you want to go to the bathroom.

The last seats of the plane

This is a place that is less popular with people because of the shock, noise, and distance from the center. And this is also usually the seat near the toilet, right in front of the partition.

 (According to Insider )

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