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No need to go to Da Lat, hunting clouds in Mang Den is also beautiful as a fairy scene in real life

Hunting clouds in Mang Den is an experience that backpackers often whisper to each other and must try once when traveling in Kon Tum mountain country. The feeling of roaming on beautiful roads and being immersed in the floating sea of ​​clouds of majestic mountains is definitely an experience that makes you feel excited that is hard to describe in words.

Referring to hunting clouds, believers will immediately think of Dalat flower city or Sapa cloud city. However, hunting clouds in Mang Den is also an experience that is very popular with backpackers. If you want to enjoy the feeling of being “lost” in the rolling sea of ​​clouds in the early morning sunshine of the majestic plateau, inhale the pure air in the early morning with a truly peaceful space, without the hustle and bustle. Then come to Mang Den once. 

Mang Den is a very famous tourist destination of Kon Tum. Photo: Thu Uyen

Hunting clouds in beautiful bamboo shoots: an attractive experience for foot-crazy backpackers 

Mang Den is a famous tourist destination located 50km northeast of Kon Tum city ​​center. This place is located at an altitude of 1200m above sea level, so it has a very cool climate, the nature in the village with an annual temperature ranging from 16 to 22 degrees Celsius, so it is also likened to Da Lat 2 of the Central Highlands.

No need to go to Da Lat, hunting clouds in Mang Den is also beautiful as a fairy scene in real life
Located at an altitude of 1200m above sea level, the weather in Mang Den is very cool. Photo: Wandering Kon Tum

It is also because it owns many attractive destinations, and is located at an ideal height with many hills and mountains that easily gather clouds and morning fog, so Mang Den has also become a favorite choice for hunting clouds. At Mang Den, you can hunt rattan in many different areas, the most prominent of which are Ngoc Le peak, Mary’s pine hill and area 37 households.

The scene of Mang Den floating in the sea of ​​clouds is breathtakingly beautiful. Photo: Mang Den Tourism

Hunting Clouds in Mang Den, you will admire the wonderful scenery of the white clouds at dawn, watch the white clouds floating over the mountains creating a beautifully natural picture. Although the sea of ​​clouds in Mang Den is not as majestic as in Sapa or Da Lat, it still has a very unique beauty that is both poetic and gentle, making you feel like you are lost in a paradise garden full of clouds. flying white. 

It beautiful dreamy fantasy scene. Photo: FB/ Mang Den tourism many young couples also take advantage of the beautiful floating clouds to record memories. Photo:RomWedding
Very chill check-in. Photo:@an.hyy
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Useful experience of hunting Mang Den rattan you should know 

The backpackers when hunting clouds in Mang Den often joke with each other that whether your rattan hunt is successful or not depends on “fate”. Fate here is the experience of choosing a time and place to hunt clouds because not all times you can successfully hunt clouds in Mang Den . 

The road to Mang Den is full of romantic mist. Photo: Wandering Kon Tum

The most ideal time to hunt clouds is in the dry season from December to the end of April next year, this time the weather in Kon Tum is dry, with almost no rain, convenient for you to check-in Mang Den and hunt for clouds. The most cloudy time is around the end of the year, at this time it’s winter, it’s foggy and the morning clouds are thicker. You should get up early to hunt from about 4:15 am to 5:45 am, this is the time in Mang Den with the most clouds and the most perfect beauty. 

The ideal time to hunt clouds is 4-5am, Photo: FB/ Mang Den Travel

Because the places to hunt clouds are hilly areas, you should prepare carefully before the trip, especially for those who want to camp overnight. Please prepare appropriate clothes, wear light shoes, be easy to move and climb, prepare a full tent, camp and necessary items such as food, flashlight, insect repellent … 

Mang Den has many ideal places to hunt for clouds. Photo:@Thuuyen

An experience that you should not miss when hunting clouds in Mang Den is that you should not go alone, even with places like the area of ​​​​the pine hill of the Virgin Mary. With other locations such as Ngoc Le peak or the area of ​​37 households, you should have a guide, familiar with the terrain to avoid getting lost because the road is relatively complicated. 

The sun is still very beautiful. Photo: Dung Tran

After hunting clouds in Mang Den, do not forget to check in the extremely hot tourist attractions of this town such as Pa Sy waterfall, Toong Dam lake, Toong Zori, Lo Ba, Dak Ke, Toong Po, … each place. has a very unique look. 

Mang Den is as beautiful as a muse in the hunting season. Photo: FB/ Hunting Black Bamboo Shoots

In the Central Highlands, there is only poetic Da Lat, a beautiful cloud hunting paradise, but also a beautiful Mang Den like a fairy with wild but still very charming features. Hunting clouds in Mang Den will be a great experience that will bring you back to true nature, where you can reach out your hand to reach “paradise”. Come to Mang Den, don’t forget to get up early to hunt for clouds. 

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