14.04.2021, 02:39

Explore K50 waterfall in Gia Lai, a summer destination not everyone knows

Another summer is coming, nothing is more ideal than enjoying a cool waterfall with all the senses. LG XBOOM Go and travel blogger Kop Dinh have made a trip to explore the K50 waterfall in Gia Lai, a precious tourist gem that not everyone knows.
Explore K50 waterfall in Gia Lai, a summer destination not everyone knows

Kop Dinh is told that on the great plateau, the K50 waterfall appears like a perfect picture of nature: The charming water is hidden in the forest, the huge rocks are as arranged at the foot of the waterfall, on Tropical green background of the forests of the Central Highlands. How could the legs hold still to such depiction of a scene from mythology? Kop Dinh thinks he must come here once to record these beautiful images.

K50 waterfall is located in K’bang district (Gia Lai), bordering Binh Dinh province. Kop Dinh chooses the direction of departure from Quy Nhon, to the forest ranger station of Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve (about 150km) and ride a motorbike into the waterfall (about 15km) to save energy. The road has been covered with concrete for about 2 years, so it is quite easy to move, especially behind the car, the rangers are so familiar with this road. The waterfall is about 50m high, divided into 2 large and small water clusters. 

The backside is En cave, you can walk inside to see down the waterfall’s flow. Sometimes on the road leading to the K50 waterfall, you will feel tired, faltering, but let the music from the LG XBOOM Go PL5 energize you. With a compact design, the XBOOM Go PL5 will take no space or add a burden to you. And the result from that fatigue will be the magical and majestic beauty of the K50 waterfall. How tired,

Streams of water are constantly flowing, water splashes everywhere, blowing white foam, and then immersing in the gentle stream below. But don’t worry, the music won’t be interrupted by the LG XBOOM Go PL5 speaker with IPX5 water resistance. The soft music from XBOOM Go PL5 is like flowing water, soft and soft to describe. Meridian quality sound delivers an experience unmatched by other products. Sound Boost mode helps the sound spread over a large space, feeling extremely comfortable.

K50 waterfall still retains the pristine beauty with rich flora, tiny insects squeezing on the foliage, birds singing, cicadas chirping in the golden sunlight passing through the leaves.

Until the K50, you have to camp overnight to see how close to nature is. It’s dark by the fire, watching the stars, feeling the cold dew and listening to your favorite music with LG XBOOM Go PL5. The LED lights on the speakers blink in tune, making the space more romantic. Camping by the waterfall, catching fish and clam yourself singing familiar songs is really interesting. The LG XBOOM Go PL5 speaker can follow you all day long with up to 18 hours of battery life and can be recharged with a convenient power bank.

You can view the full tour of Kop Dinh Travel and LG XBOOM Go on the personal page of Kop Dinh Travel. In addition to the K50 waterfall trip, LG XBOOM Go also discovers Phu Yen with Kop Dinh Travel, giving viewers new perspectives of Phu Yen in the early summer days.