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New check-in locations in Gia Lai are extremely

In addition to the already famous places, try to discover more new check-in places in Gia Lai to get more new angles in this highland mountain town. Here are some attractive names you can add to your upcoming tour schedule. 

Gia Lai with its vast hills and mountains, majestic rapids, and rustic features, is always a great destination for passionate explorers. Besides the famous and familiar places such as Chu Dang Ya, Minh Thanh Pagoda, Phu Cuong Waterfall, etc., there are still beautiful and attractive new destinations here. Discovering new check-in locations in Gia Lai is a great experience that will bring you back to a wonderful natural area, seeing a new and more attractive plateau.

New check-in locations in Gia Lai can’t be missed 

1. Eatul Falls

Gia Lai has countless beautiful waterfalls, but most people usually only remember Phu Cuong waterfall because it has been a famous tourist destination for a long time. But in Gia Lai, there are still many other waterfalls that are equally beautiful and Eatul is one of the typical names. This is a new check-in place in Gia Lai that is sought after by people traveling because of its beautiful and majestic scenery, even though it has only been known by travel followers recently.

Eatul Waterfall is very beautiful and majestic. Photo: Huyen Ty review

Eatul Waterfall is located in Forest Enterprise 75, in Ia Tul commune, H.ia Pa district, 100km from Pleiku center. This waterfall has all 3 floors, the highest floor is 20 meters. Possessing both pristine and majestic scenery, this wonderful waterfall deserves to be in the top of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Central Highlands today. Seen from above, you can admire the magical scenery of the majestic waterfall with white water flowing, each layer of white waterfall combined with rapids and green carpets to create a wonderful wild landscape. 

New check-in locations in Gia Lai are extremely
This waterfall is considered to be the TOP most beautiful in the Central Highlands. Photo: Huyen billion Review

2. An Luy Communal House

An Luy communal house is located in Tay Son ward of An Khe town. This is one of the first communal houses of the Kinh people in Tay Son Thuong Dao in the late 17th century and a place to commemorate the three Tay Son brothers. This communal house was built with the architecture of 2 compartments, 4 roofs, 4 wings with low design. On the communal house are two dragons in the form of Luong Long adoring Japan, the upper part is the place to worship the predecessors, the late sages, and the folk gods. The building has a front hall with three compartments and two wings, the rear with a pavilion and two wings and has all 6 trusses, eight decisions, eight groups and forty pillars. 

An Luy communal house is the first communal house of Kinh people in Tay Son Thuong Dao. Photo: Gia Lai Oi

All wooden constructions are painted in a bright mahogany color or a bright dark pink. The communal house uses tiled roof tiles cast in two dragon paintings and the courtyard as well as the floor of the communal house are paved with Bat Trang tiles. Previously, Dinh An Luy was not known to many people, but now it has become a new check-in place in Gia Lai that is loved by many young people. The ancient space, bold with the breath of time, is the ideal place to take photos with ancient style. 

The ancient, bold architecture of the communal house is loved by many people. Photo: Gia Lai Oi

3. Mai Chau Garden

Besides the beautiful natural landscapes, Gia Lai has more and more tourist attractions molded by the ingenious hands of people and Mai Chau Garden is located at 227 Ngo Quyen, City. Pleiku is such a place. This new check-in place in Gia Lai fascinates visitors by its beautiful scenery like a fairy paradise.

Mai Chau Garden is a virtual living paradise that is loved by many travel enthusiasts. Photo: Mai Chau Garden

If you like the typical flower-filled space like in Da Lat, then this is definitely the right destination for you. Mai Chau Garden’s space is adorned with very beautiful gardens that are meticulously cared for, here there are all kinds of flowers blooming in the season, from mustard flowers, buckwheat flowers, chrysanthemums, chrysanthemums. , chrysanthemum magic… 

The scenery filled with flowers and freshness in the middle of the city makes many people like it. Photo: Mai Chau Garden

4. Gia Lai sunflower field 

If you want to live virtual and enjoy the brilliant scenery of sun flowers, surely the sunflower field on Ly Thuong Kiet street, Pleiku city is the stop you cannot miss. This garden has recently become the perfect check-in point for those who are passionate about virtual living and enjoying the beautiful scenery. With an area of ​​​​about 1000m2, the sunflower garden blooms brightly, making anyone passing through it. unwilling to take his eyes off. Flowers are grown on a long, long space, about the height of an adult’s hip, and bloom very evenly and brilliantly. 

Sunflower garden in Pleiku blooms brilliantly at the beginning of the year. Photo: Nguyen Van Minh

The flower garden is wide and blooming, making the scene seem bright. Photo: Nguyen Van Minh

New check-in places in Gia Lai are still HOT and attracting many tourists to visit and check in. If you are planning to visit Gia Lai mountain town in the near future, do not miss these attractive stops above. 

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