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The Lunar New Year destinations in Gia Lai are both beautiful and hot to check-in

Gia Lai is a great place for you to enjoy the Lunar New Year holiday with the experience of life between mountains and forests and mesmerizing highland winds. 

Tet tourism is a trend that many people love, instead of places full of smoke and dust in the city, places with a fresh climate with lots of green trees, cool weather like Gia Lai are hot destinations for travel information. Check-in at super hot Lunar New Year destinations in Gia Lai  such as Minh Thanh Pagoda, Bien Ho, Chu Dang Ya volcano … you will be surprised with the romantic scenery of Dalat style and wild, majestic Gia Lai style, all of which have created a seductive allure with moved souls. 

Gia Lai is an emerging destination in the new Tet check-in map of tourists. Photo: @miaoo.

Celebrate the new year in the thousands with hot New Year destinations in Gia Lai 

Traveling to Gia Lai on Lunar New Year, you will not have to worry about lack of accommodation when there are so many super beautiful check-in points, enough for you to feel fascinated and attached. 

1. Ho To Nung

The “clear eyes” of the mountain town have never disappointed believers by its magnificent beauty. This is the Lunar New Year destination in Gia Lai that is most loved by many people because of the pure natural scenery.

To Nung lake is as beautiful as a muse with lyrical scenery. Photo: @xiuxiuiu

The emerald green lake stretched immensely like the sea, on the shore were pine forests and romantic paths. You will feel like you are lost in the middle of Da Lat when you check-in at this destination. 

The path between the pine forest is full of romance. Photo: @pqnhu

In particular, in Bien Ho, the reconstruction of the Bodhisattva Guan Yin statue promises to make this place one of the unique spiritual destinations. 

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2. Sea of ​​Tea Lake 

Not far from To Nung Lake is Bien Ho Tea where vast hills of tea were planted in the French era with irrigation lakes, creating a charming landscape. Coming to the Lake of Tea, you can walk among the greenery of trees, breathe the pure fresh air to re-energize after days sunk in the smoke of the city. Especially, this place has the ancient Buu Minh pagoda and the romantic hundreds of years old pine which is a great destination for those who love virtual life. 

The stretches of green tea hills make travelers’ souls awake. Photo: @puldayneee

Beautiful pine-tree street like Korea in the Lake of Tea Photo: @ Tamtam.283

3. Minh Thanh Pagoda 

You don’t have to go to Japan to go to China to have beautiful check-in photos, but at Minh Thanh Gia Lai Pagoda you can also own magical photos. Minh Thanh Pagoda is located in Pleiku city, only about 2km from the center, this is one of the most beautiful temples in the Central Highlands with its architecture influenced by Chinese and Japanese culture. Minh Thanh Pagoda is also the hottest Lunar New Year destination in Gia Lai because Vietnamese people often have a tradition of going to pagodas at the beginning of the year.

Minh Thanh Pagoda is a combination of typical architecture of the whole Vietnamese-Chinese-Japanese pagoda. Photo: @ dieuhan.n

Besides visiting, you can enjoy a virtual life with all kinds of unique check-in corners. If you travel and still want to have a beautiful photo of the temple at the beginning of the year, this will definitely be the place where you must stop. 

This is a familiar destination for tourists and indigenous people every Tet. Photo: @ _yuminh0n_

4. Chu Dang Ya 

Talking about the most beautiful Lunar New Year destinations in Gia Lai , surely you can hardly ignore Chu Dang Ya, a long-famous volcano on the tourist map of this plateau. Chu Dang Ya is located 30km from the center of Pleiku, in Ploi lagri village, Chu Dang Ya commune, Chu Pah district, this place is the remains of a volcano.

Chu Dang Ya is both wild and liberal with an enchanting beauty. Photo: @ Mymie96

Although located far from the center, the road to Chu Dang Ya is very easy to go, on the way to the volcano, you can also admire the beauty and poetic scenery of the surrounding villages or visit Tan Son Dam, the dam. Very beautiful man-made located right on the way to Chu Dang Ya.

The road to Chu Dang Ya is very beautiful. Photo: @ buoc.quynh

Check-in volcanoes with green views of the vast fields, late bloomers are a great experience for visitors. If you want to have the best Gia Lai check-in photo, this is the perfect destination with a beautiful view, no dead corners. 

The Lunar New Year destinations in Gia Lai are both beautiful and hot to check-in
The sunset of Chu Dang Ya is enchanting tourists. Photo: @tonlychi

5. Kon Ka King National Park 

If you want to be immersed in the wild space of mountains and explore the wild life of endemic animals of Gia Lai mountains, Kon Ka King National Park is the most suitable destination. It has been recognized as an ASEAN heritage garden by its diverse ecosystem. This is a tourist destination in Gia Lai Lunar New Year that many people love because of its new and charming scenery. 

Kon Ka King is a green space like a tropical forest. Photo: @__phatnguyen__

Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Gia Lai you will enjoy countless interesting things. Photo: @Anhtobeoxinh

In addition to the super hot Lunar New Year destinations in Gia Lai , the mountain town still has countless interesting things waiting to sell and explore, such as the unique culture of indigenous peoples, rich local cuisine with pho two bowls, crab vermicelli, one sunny beef, grilled pork, grilled chicken rice, forest leaf salad, canola wine. This Tet, if you want to “escape” in a place without dust in the city, Gia Lai is a worthy destination for you to refer. 

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