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Experience Fansipan 2021 travel from A to Z is extremely

Fansipan tourism 2021 has many new updates and attractive experiences. If you are planning to visit this super HOT destination, do not miss Fansipan Travel Experience from A to Z in the article below. This article will help you discover all the SURVIVAL experiences at Fansipan in the safest!

Experience of conquering Mount Fansipan – “roof of Indochina”

What time should I go to Fansipan?

In other tourist destinations, you have to go in the right “tourist season” to experience the “specialty” of the destination. But when you come to Fansipan, you can freely choose a time that suits your free schedule, because Fansipan has “4 season specialties” to treat visitors at any time of the year. 

Spring (February – April solar calendar): Spring is the season when people often go to the mountain to pray for peace for a year. Coming to Fansipan this season, you can not only admire the spiritual complex atop Thieng of the country, but also watch the flowers blooming all over the Northern mountains and forests in the cold weather. 

Experience Fansipan 2021 travel from A to Z is extremely
Visitors come to Fansipan in spring to admire the spiritual complex on the Mount of Thieng of the country

Summer (May – July of solar calendar): Unlike the hot weather across the country, the weather in Fansipan this season is cool (from 6-18 degrees) very pleasing. F ansipan is now a summer flower paradise, with bright red Do Quyen flowers, ancient roses, climbing roses, sunflowers, sunflowers, hydrangeas … full of scent .

Coming to Fansipan in the summer, you will be checked in with the colorful flower hills

Autumn (August – October of solar calendar): Autumn is the ripe rice season in the Northwest. Coming to Fansipan this season, you will admire the golden terraced fields like picturesque natural paintings.

Sitting on Fansipan cable car to admire the romantic rice terraces in autumn

Winter (November – January) : you will admire the 1-0-2 snow on top of Fansipan. This is probably one of the things that make Fansipan always love, especially in winter.

Sitting at the top of Fansipan welcoming snowfall – a magical moment of heaven and earth

Note: In winter in Fansipan, there are heavy rains, slippery roads, a sharp drop in temperature, visitors going to this season should look up the weather 3-4 days in advance to be proactive in preparing furniture and scheduling. suitable tour submission.

In particular, Fansipan Legend also organizes festivals, cultural events throughout the four seasons with a monumental scale, meticulously prepared, attracting a large number of visitors to participate such as: Azalea Flower Festival, Season Festival Ripe rice, Hare event on the cloud, Winter festival, Festival of flowers …

All the above factors create a lively and diverse Fansipan throughout the four seasons of the year, each with its own interesting features for visitors to comfortably experience. Therefore, this place is rated by tourists as : “A certain point must come many times in a lifetime”.

What to prepare for Fansipan?

The weather and terrain features here are very special, thoughtful preparation will help you have the most complete experience when you come here. The “must have” items such as:

  • Warm clothes The climate atop Sapa is always cold whether you come in winter or summer. So warm clothes such as coats, shawls, gloves … are really necessary to keep the body warm. 
  • Medical equipment: fever-reducing medicine, wind oil, bandages, gauze, urgo … 
  • Photographic and communication equipment: Phone, camera … to take check-in pictures to capture the wonderful moment of “touching the roof of Indochina”.
  • Cash: You need to prepare some cash because some purchase and sale services do not accept banking payments. However, do not bring too much cash to minimize the risk of falling or losing during the tour.
  • Snacks (if any): water, cake … For those who conquer Fansipan by cable car, this is not really necessary. If you climb to the top, you should bring it with you because along the way it is very tired and dehydrated.


  • Discreet clothing should be given priority because atop Fansipan are mainly spiritual destinations. 
  • Sports shoes and comfortable clothing are great suggestions because Fansipan travel needs to travel a lot. 
  • Should watch the weather before coming to Fansipan about 2-3 days if you go in the rainy season in Fansipan (Late winter, early Spring).
Should prepare warm clothes, sports shoes when conquering Mount Fansipan.

Move to the top of Fansipan

Fansipan Peak is located at an altitude of 3143m above sea level, in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range ( about 9km southwest of Sapa town). There are 2 ways to conquer Fansipan peak: climbing and taking cable car.

If you choose to climb (trekking), you need to obtain a passport and spend 2 days climbing Fansipan – the journey is hard, dangerous but interesting. This form is suitable for young people who are healthy, have a real passion for mountain climbing. 

Conquering Fansipan by cable car is the most popular choice!

Not only taking visitors on a unique alpine cruise, fully admiring the magnificent Northwest mountains, traveling by cable car is also very safe, suitable for everyone, even the elderly. . In particular, the travel time is shortened to 15 minutes instead of 2 days like climbing.

Fansipan cable car realizes the dream of conquering the Roof of Indochina for thousands of visitors in just 15 minutes

From the center of Sapa town, you need to move to Fansipan Cable Car Station to conquer Fansipan by cable car. 

  • Option 1- Rent a taxi / motorbike: Sapa town center has many motorbike taxi services, the cost is about 50 – 100k. However, riding the mountain road is quite dangerous.
  • Option 2 – Move by Muong Hoa mountain train : From the center of Sapa town, you walk to MGallery Hotel – Sun Plaza (located right next to the stone church). The first floor of the hotel is a train station for a mountaineering train. You buy tickets here (100,000 VND / ticket) and move on the train to Fansipan cable car station.
Muong Hoa mountain train crosses the poetic Muong Hoa valley, taking visitors on an impressive mountain journey

When you arrive at the cable car station, you will continue your 15-minute journey from Hoang Lien station to Fansipan station (600 steps from the top of Fansipan). Here, there are 2 ways to reach the top of Fansipan:

  • Option 1 – climbing: If you want to experience the feeling of climbing, you can climb 600 stairs by yourself (20 minutes of climbing) to conquer Fansipan. 
  • Option 2 – Fansipan mountain train: Suitable for bad weather days or those who want to be healthy, Fansipan train ticket price is 70,000 VND / ticket / one way up.
In cold weather, you should travel by Mount Fansipan train to ensure the best safety and health.

Information about ticket prices and how to buy tickets for Fansipan cable car

Price list of fansipan cable car tickets

From January 1, 2020, Sun World Fansipan Legend applies the price list of the Fansipan cable car ticket, Muong Hoa mountain train and Fansipan mountain train for Lao Cai province and foreign tourists as follows:


  • Visitors who are in Lao Cai province need to bring documents such as ID card/driver’s license/household registration/birth certificate … to be confirmed as Lao Cai and receive incentives from the resort.
  • Fansipan cable car ticket is a 2-way ticket, you need to keep your ticket carefully to present it in the return afternoon. 
  • Sun World Fansipan Legend regularly has a discount program. You follow the Website or Fanpage to update the latest information on ticket prices.

How to book tickets quickly and economically

There are 2 ways to buy Fansipan cable car tickets: buy tickets online or buy at the ticket counter. In particular, buying tickets online is the form that many people choose the most for its simplicity, saving time and often enjoying preferential discounts on tickets.

Option 1 – Buy tickets online at the TICKET SITE of Sun World Fansipan Legend 

  • Step 1: Access
  • Step 2: Select a date to use the ticket and press CONFIRM
  • Step 3: Select the type of ticket to buy
  • Step 4: Pay according to the instructions. After the payment is successful, you will receive an email informing your successful booking with your ticket number to present on the day of use. 

Option 2 – Buy tickets on arrival in Sapa: You can buy tickets directly at your hotel in Sapa (additional charges are required) or buy tickets at the mountain train / Fansipan cable car station. However, during the holiday season, Tet, you will have to wait a long time. 


  • No change of the date of use is allowed after purchasing the ticket. So, be sure to date the ticket before booking.
  • Tickets are valid for 1 day only
  • Note the operating times of the cable car for the most reasonable schedule: 
Announcement of the latest operating time of the Fansipan cable car

Experiences not to be missed on Fansipan

An impressive mountain-crossing journey with Muong Hoa mountain train – the longest modern mountain-climbing train in Vietnam. This is the first unique experience in the journey to conquer the Roof of Indochina. You will be sitting on a modern 1.7km mountain train, designed in classical European style. 

Inside the Muong Hoa mountain train is designed in classical European style

The train takes you across the poetic Muong Hoa valley, admiring the beautiful flower fields, the sparse village or the winding small river … The Northwest people who are too familiar with the scenery of their homeland are also amazed. of course because of this impressive beauty.

Muong Hoa mountain train pass through beautiful flower fields

Overcoming thousands of times, catching high winds with a journey on the Fansipan cable car: This is a 3-wire cable car that has achieved the Guinness World Record for the difference between the highest departure and arrival stations in the world (1410m). The 15-minute journey on the 6292.5m cable car gives visitors a 1-0-2 experience:

It is to admire the majestic beauty of the Northwestern mountains and forests from impressive heights: green forests, rolling mountains, bright red Do Quyen flowers … 

Fansipan cable car takes visitors on a unique aerial cruise

See the green or golden terraced fields in the ripe rice season, the scattered villages or the winding streams, floating among the white clouds like a fairyland.

Fansipan cable car is designed with 4 transparent glass sides, helping you to fully see the beauty of the Northwest nature.

Visiting the spiritual works on Thieng mountain of the country: Fansipan Legend is a meaningful spiritual destination, attracting Buddhists and tourists all over the world. Here, you have a chance to admire: 

Big Buddha – The largest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam: The 21.5 m high Buddha statue is cast by more than 50 tons of copper with modern technology including 3 floors: The top floor is a bronze Buddha placed on a lotus 8 m high. The second floor is the preaching house and the first floor is where visitors can rest to enjoy tea and vegetarian dishes.

Great Buddha statue lying at an altitude of more than 3000m on top of Fansipan

Child road Arhat: 800m long, has 18 statues of Arhat bronze. These statues are 2.5m high and weigh about 500-600kg. In addition, visitors can also admire the stalks of the hundred-year-old Quyen beans blooming bright red on both sides of the road.

Arhat pathway with statues of sacred Arhat

And many other spiritual destinations such as: the majestic statue of Quan Am Bodhisattva in the midst of the Northwest, Bich Van Thien Tu, Bao An Thien Tu, Thanh Van Dac Lo, Bao Thap … All create a world of sound. pure, holy, creating a feeling of serenity, serenity, like entering the Buddha of compassion.

Spiritual complex with unique Buddhist architecture on the top of Mount Fansipan

Admire the tallest flagpole in Indochina – the sacred symbol of the Fatherland: The 25m high flagpole is placed at the highest position on the top of Fansipan, built firmly from Thanh Hoa green stone, Tu Thiet wood. Witnessing the image of the Homeland’s flag fluttering proudly on the highest flagpole in Indochina, you will see deep national pride and pride.

The Vietnamese Fatherland Flag was fluttering on top of the “roof of Indochina”

Touching the milestone marked “Roof of Indochina”: is also an unforgettable experience in everyone’s life. This is also a very attractive “check in virtual live” spot for every visitor that cannot be missed during his Fansipan trip.

Do not forget to record the check-in photos at the sacred peak of Fansipan

Join the festival event imbued with the cultural identity of the Northwest: These are the markets of the H’mong people selling mountain specialties, the melodious sound of the village clams mixed with the graceful dance the figure of the girl in the highlands and many other interesting festive events : Azalea flower festival, stall dance festival, Hoobs on the clouds, sunflower festival, Winter festival …

“Dance on the clouds” – the typical cultural beauty of the Northwest is shown on the sacred peak of Fansipan

Suggestions for eating on Fansipan 

Traveling to Fansipan, you should not miss the experience at the famous restaurant system with dishes rich in ethnic flavors of the Northwestern mountains such as: village, Ban Pig, Ban Chicken, Kitchen buffalo meat, Lam rice, sturgeon hot pot, salmon … Especially 2 outstanding restaurants with unique architecture, diverse and attractive dishes:

  • Van Sam restaurant is located at Sapa station
  • Do Quyen restaurant, at Fansipan station. 
Enjoying a delicious meal at European-style restaurants is a must-see when coming to Fansipan

 In addition, you can enjoy street food, sold in markets on the top of the mountain, at affordable prices but still especially delicious as grilled skewers, five-color sticky rice …

Barbecue at Fansipan is both delicious and cheap.

Hotels on Fansipan – At Fansipan at night 

Currently, Fansipan Legend tourist resort has no service for overnight tourists on the top of the mountain. However, you can stay at the fully equipped hotels, good service, affordable price in Sapa near the foothills of Fansipan such as Sapa Eden Boutique Hotel, Panorama Sapa Hotel, Cat Cat View, Bamboo Sapa … 

Sapa town at night is cold, peaceful, fresh, poetic, with many beautiful scenes for you to experience.

Tour schedule on Fansipan for the day (reference)

Normally, people will spend about half a day traveling to Fansipan (8:30 – 12:30). Below, Sun World will suggest the most selected schedule.

8:30 am: Arrive at MGallery – Sun plaza hotel in Sapa town center (opposite the stone church). The first floor of the hotel is Sapa station, you buy tickets for Muong Hoa mountain train, Fansipan mountain train and Fansipan cable car ticket here. Then board the train to move to Hoang Lien station – the departure station of Fansipan cable car.

MGallery Hotel is located in the center of Sapa town, opposite the stone church

8h45 – 9:00: Move to Hoang Lien station, present your ticket and board the cable car cabin. After 15 minutes, the cable car takes you to Fansipan station. 

9:00 – 9.20: At Fansipan station, you have 2 options to get to the top of Fansipan: climbing 600 stone steps or taking Fansipan mountain train. If you take the Fansipan mountain train, you move to Do Quyen station to start the journey to the top of the mountain.

9h20 – 11h30: Freedom to visit Fansipan peak, flagpole, spiritual works in Fansipan: pagodas, Amitabha Buddha statue, Quan Am statue, Heaven Gate …

Fansipan flagpole, sacred peak is a virtual living spot that attracts tourists
Spiritual cultural complex atop Fansipan

11:30 – 12h15: Gather at Do Quyen restaurant, located on the 1st floor of Fansipan station area and have lunch here.

12h15 – 12:30: go to Fansipan cable car cabin to return, end the tour. 

Coming to Sapa without Fansipan travel – conquering the Roof of Indochina, the trip is not complete. Currently, Sun World Fansipan legend has a lot of incentive programs on ticket prices, new festival programs. Save the Fansipan travel experience and join your friends to explore this fascinating destination right away!. Follow fansipanlegend

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