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Travel Vietnam by train | A complete set of train travel experiences you should put in your pocket right away

Are you feeling bored with the days of sitting in a passenger car, feeling sluggish with long motorbike trips? And now the train is the choice that cannot be more satisfying. This is a travel journey that is both economical, comfortable and promises to bring interesting experiences for visitors. Here, let’s travel with Compass Vietnam Travel to bag the latest travel experience by train. 

Great experience traveling by train 

Train travel experience is one of the handbooks that receive a lot of attention from young people because it is an extremely unique and economical travel experience. If there are many people who like to travel by plane because of the convenience and speed, there are people who like the feeling of crossing beautiful roads on motorbikes for long-term trips. But no matter how life changes, traveling by train is always an unforgettable experience in the journey of youth. 

Travel Vietnam by train | A complete set of train travel experiences you should put in your pocket right away
Traveling by train is very popular with tourists 
This is an unforgettable travel experience of youth

Traveling by train , visitors will be proactive in terms of time because trains rarely run out of tickets except during Tet holidays due to the sudden increase in travel demand. Along the journey of sitting on the train to the tourist destinations, you will be captivated by the beautiful scenery outside the window. When the wheel slowly moves and passes through the lands along the length of the country, visitors will enjoy many spectacular natural scenes from immense grasslands, golden sand dunes, majestic mountain slopes, or majestic mountains. enchanting sea route. 

The beautiful scenery on both sides of the railway will surely make you fall in love

From the train’s window, capture the most impressive moments of the trip and share them with family and friends. It seems that now all the wonderful gifts of nature are clearly visible through the small window that must be the window of the train to become more magical. If you are cherishing a trip to Vietnam, then when you are young, go to new lands by train every once in a while to enjoy the beautiful scenery through the railway. 

The natural scenery outside the small window is really magical
As a travel believer, you must try traveling by train once

Train travel experience: types of seats on trains 

On trains, seats will be divided into hard seats, air-conditioned hard seats, air-conditioned soft seats, and sleepers. Each type of chair will have a different price rating. According to Vietnam Travel’s train travel experience, for long distances, visitors should choose a bed to avoid drowsiness and fatigue. Soft seats and hard seats are suitable for shorter travel distances. 

Hard seat

This is the cheapest seat on the train, so you can save yourself a decent fee. However, this type of chair is made of solid wood, so it is fixed, so if going on a long trip, it will cause fatigue and pain for visitors. 

Choosing a hard seat will help you save a fee for your trip

Soft seat 

Compared with hard seats, soft seats are considered to be popular seats but are quite convenient when choosing to travel by train . Soft seats are often designed with swivel arms to help visitors automatically adjust the back recline of the chair, up to a maximum of 15 degrees. However, when traveling long distances, this type of chair is not really comfortable. 

Train soft seats will help travelers lean back to rest during the journey


Usually, a train car will have 6 beds arranged in 3 floors, each bed will be covered with a thick mattress with blankets and pillows attached. This is considered the most comfortable seat and is especially suitable for long journeys. However, the price of the bed is higher than the previous two types of seats, so you can consider choosing for yourself the most suitable type of chair. 

Beds on trains will bring comfort to travelers on long journeys

Travel experience by train and how to buy tickets?

How to buy train tickets is one of the train travel experiences you need to keep in mind. Visitors should buy tickets directly at the train station or buy tickets at the website  https://dsvn.vn and pay via banking or bank transactions, post offices of Vietnam Post, ticket agents, etc. .. One thing you need to keep in mind when buying train tickets is that you should buy them early to both save costs and ensure your travel plan will be more complete. In addition, if you are traveling with a large number of people, buying tickets early will give you the opportunity to choose a good seat for the whole group, avoiding the case of being separated. 

Travelers should buy tickets early to ensure a smooth trip

Vietnam tourist routes by popular train 

City. Ho Chi Minh City – Nha Trang 

Nha Trang is a famous destination that many domestic and international tourists choose to visit because of its poetic scenery, clear blue sea and various types of modern services and entertainment. Currently, traveling from Saigon to Nha Trang by train is considered a popular tour that attracts many travel believers to experience. 

Tours from Saigon to Nha Trang by train are chosen by many tourists

Traveling from Saigon to Nha Trang by train, visitors can choose from the following shipping lines: SE8, SE6, SE26, TN2, SE2, SE22,… Fares range from 300k – 1,000k depending on the type of seat . Coming to Nha Trang, visitors can visit some outstanding tourist attractions such as: Vinpearl Land , Binh Ba island , Nha Trang beach, … [/b]

Vinpearl Nha Trang is the most attractive entertainment destination here
Don’t forget to visit Nha Trang’s sea with clear blue water see the bottom

Sitting on the train from the city. From Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang, visitors can take their eyes out the window to see the beautiful natural scenery with majestic mountains, vast roads, immense rice fields or the eye-catching blue sea. . A truly amazing experience that you must try. 

Nha Trang Station

Hanoi – Quang Binh 

Referring to [b]the experience of traveling by train , a tour from Hanoi to Quang Binh is indispensable. This is a new and unique experience suitable for travelers who love to explore and have a long time budget. Taking the train from Hanoi to Quang Binh not only helps you feel all the beauty of many lands in the country, but also helps your travel costs be significantly reduced compared to taking a plane as well as ensuring your safety. Safer than traveling by car. 

Visitors can choose the train as a means of transport when traveling Hanoi – Quang Binh

From Hanoi, there are many trains to Quang Binh such as: SE7, SE5, TN1, SE1, SE3,… with prices ranging from 300k – 700k/way. When traveling by train to Quang Binh , visitors should choose night trips because after asleep, you have set foot in this land. If you go during the day, you will enjoy all the beautiful scenery along the road. 

Let’s admire the scenery on both sides of the road

Journey to Quang Binh, visitors will visit many famous landscapes such as Son Doong cave, Nhat Le beach, Chay river , Dark cave , Bong Lai valley , Phong Nha Ke Bang ,… 

Check-in at Nhat Le beach
Coming to Quang Binh, you must definitely visit Phong Nha Ke Bang

Hanoi – Da Nang

Traveling from Hanoi to Da Nang by train is one of the most popular tours in the country. From the capital, it will take you about 17 hours to travel, because the travel time is quite long, so you should choose a sleeper chair. Train ticket price will range from 355-1,500k/pax. 

The train route from Hanoi to Da Nang goes through impressive roads 

When the train begins to roll on the rails, visitors will slowly feel outside the door frame the image of vast rice fields with high mountains. The best scene is when the train passes through the extremely majestic Hai Van Pass, captivating the souls of travelers. From the train car, you can admire the panoramic view of Da Nang Bay, Son Tra Peninsula and the tall buildings of Da Nang city. Immersed in that scenery, perhaps no one wants to leave. 

Immerse yourself forever in the perfect scenery through the window

Coming to Da Nang is coming to a tourist paradise with famous landmarks such as: My Khe beach , Ba Na Hills , Ngu Hanh Son , Dragon bridge, Cu Lao Cham ,… All of which will lead you to beautiful places. An amazing experience that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Nhat Le Beach possesses clear blue water and fine white sand
Coming to Da Nang, you must definitely go to Ba Na Hills

Hanoi – Sapa

As a famous tourist destination, the choice of means of travel to Sapa is always of interest to many tourists. In addition to the traditional means of car, today traveling to Hanoi – Sapa by train is considered a hot trend in the travel community. To take the train, go to Hanoi station and buy tickets for the Hanoi – Lao Cai route. 

Sapa is always an attractive tourist destination in the Northern region

Note that this journey will only take you to the station of Lao Cai city, so to go to Sapa, you need to move a bit more by means of transport such as bus, car, a motorbike taxi. Usually, there is a bus route from Lao Cai station to Sapa every 15-20 minutes with a price of 30-50k. 

If you can go to Sapa by train once, what could be better?

During the train journey from Hanoi to Sapa , the magnificent nature appears by the small beautiful door frame in an enchanting way. Those are the immense green mountain slopes stretching as if awakening the eyes, the clouds floating like in the fairy realm. At this time, the clouds, the sky and the mountains seem to blend into one to create a beautiful picture of nature. Stopping in Sapa, tourists continue their journey to discover interesting things in Cat Cat village , Ham Rong mountain , Muong Hoa valley … I can go and experience. 

Cat Cat village is beautiful “heartbreaking” in each photo
Hunting clouds at Sapa heaven gate 

Train travel experience and notes to remember 


In order to be convenient for the process of moving and carrying things, according to Vietnam Travel’s train travel experience, you should pack your luggage neatly. On long trains, travelers should put personal items in a separate bag for convenient use during the journey. When boarding, please pack your luggage neatly and do not open it unless it is necessary. 

You should pack your luggage so that it’s easy to move


When traveling by train, you should choose soft, comfortable clothes so that you can sit comfortably without creasing your clothes. If you go to the northern provinces in winter, you should bring a jacket to prevent the cold. 

Choose comfortable and comfortable clothes

Some other notes 

– Here are some travel experiences by train that you should save immediately to use when the opportunity arises. 

– Should prepare a roll of toilet paper because the ship is not equipped with this item. 

– Prepare all kinds of identification documents: identity card, driver’s license, passport, … 

– When the station stops at fixed points, you should pay attention to get up and down reasonably to avoid the train going away because there are train stations that only stop for about 3 minutes. 

– Do not bring a lot of cash, it is best to bring an ATM in your wallet and always remember to keep your wallet with you. 

Remember the train travel experiences to have a complete trip (Photo: hanndapper)

Above are the latest train travel experiences that Vietnam Travel wants to share with you. Today, despite faster and more modern means of transport, many travelers still consider the train a great travel experience. A relaxing train ride with dreamy destinations will surely imprint in the hearts of tourists unforgettable youthful memories. 

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