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Discovering the pass that reached the top of “the most beautiful coastal roads in the world”, what seemed strange turned out to be in a very familiar place!

Hai Van Pass is a place of harmony between heaven and earth, with rivers and streams, deep blue sky, flowers, and trees, juxtaposed with colors, once included in the list of the most beautiful coastal palaces in the world.

Hai Van Pass, also known as May Pass (the top of the pass is often covered with clouds), and Ai Van Pass (formerly on the top of the pass with a gate) has been included in the top 10 beautiful coastal routes. according to the analysis of Pentagon Motor Group (PMG) in the famous travel magazine Travel Leisure. Describing Hai Van Pass, Travel + Leisure wrote: “Hai Van Pass, which means “pass in the sea of ​​clouds”, was once commented by Jeremy Clarkson – MC of the reality TV show Top Gear (UK) as “one of the “one of the best” the most beautiful coastal roads in the world”.

With a length of 20km with 2,686 photos/km, Hai Van Pass is ranked 4th in the list of 10 enchanting roads for drivers who love taking photos the most in the world. When only that, this place was also filmed in the famous movie Top Gear – where Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May raced motorbikes through Vietnam. This pass is located on the top of a high mountain, covered with white clouds all year round. At the foot of the pass is the immense sea stretching to the horizon.

Hai Van Pass is located between Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang city. Hai Van is about 20km from Da Nang city and about 80km from Hue city. The winding pass, running along Hai Van mountain, lies across the majestic Bach Ma mountain range and belongs to a part of the Truong Son range.

An experience that you cannot miss when coming to Hai Van Pass is hunting clouds and watching the sunrise. Coming here, visitors will admire the majestic natural scenery and enjoy the panoramic view of Da Nang city. To admire the poetic beauty of the pass, visitors should choose the time frame at 5 am to watch the beautiful sunrise and watch the sunset at 5 pm to capture the most wonderful moments here. The ideal place to hunt clouds and catch the sunrise at Hai Van pass is the Hai Van terrace. This place is one of the most beautiful sightseeing coordinates on the top of the pass.

From here, you can see the whole vibrant city of Da Nang and look straight out to the sea. Hai Van terrace has quite flat terrain, very suitable for overnight camping. In particular, this is the spot to hunt clouds and catch the most beautiful sunrise in Hai Van pass.

Besides the fun of hunting clouds at the top of the pass, visitors can also choose to visit the Hai Van Quan relic to better understand the historical imprints left on this pass. Hai Van Quan is an important gate guarding the North-South road since the Le Dynasty. In the Nguyen Dynasty, in 1826, King Minh Mang built Hai Van Quan into one of the complexes of works to defend the Hue Imperial City as well as supervise activities at the Da Nang estuary. This relic is located at an altitude of 496m above sea level and is located on the top of Hai Van pass, in the Bach Ma mountain range. This work was built to serve as a defensive military fortress for the Hue citadel. Hai Van Pass up to this point is still one of the most majestic passes in Vietnam.

A place that “backpackers” often check-in when coming to Hai Van Pass is the “Lonely” Pine Tree in Da Nang. In the middle of the pass known as “the first majestic landscape”, one can see a large pine tree with wide foliage standing in the middle of a winding landscape, one side is majestic mountains and forests, luxuriant trees, one side is the sea. the whole blue sky. The lonely pine tree is located about 2km from the top of the pass. Usually, when it comes to pine trees, people often think of an immense pine forest, but it is because of the “loneliness” in the vast sea and sky that makes the lonely pine tree a unique virtual check-in place. . 

Discovering the pass that reached the top of “the most beautiful coastal roads in the world”, what seemed strange turned out to be in a very familiar place!

Hai Van Pass leaves a deep impression through its winding and dangerous roads, unique check-in angles and magnificent natural scenery with mountains, forests and sea. Conquering this winding and winding pass is a difficult challenge for many travel enthusiasts.

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