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Explore the Vuong Family Mansion – the ancient house of Meo King in Ha Giang

The Vuong family mansion, also known as the Meo King mansion, is an ancient mansion with the age of nearly 100 years. This is one of the most unique tourist destinations in Ha Giang that tourists must visit when conquering the Northwestern land.

Ha Giang – a land that moves young hearts. Ha Giang – the place of unexpected, strange but sweet dates of people from all over the country. Coming to Ha Giang, we can not only see the majestic poetic scenery of the country. What we see is also the beauty in the lifestyle and architecture of the upland people. That beauty will be most apparent when you discover the royal residence – the Meo King.

Ha Giang – the place of unexpected and strange appointments – a land that moves young hearts

A few things about the mansion of King Meo Ha Giang

Besides Hoang Su Phi terraced fields, Dong Van rocky plateau, Lung Cu flagpole, … Meo King mansion is also a tourist attraction that makes Ha Giang attractive.

King Meo’s mansion was a residence belonging to the royal family. And Vuong Chinh Duc is the one who spent money to build this monumental mansion. It is known that Vuong Chinh Duc is the head, or “lord” of the highland ethnic minorities in Ha Giang. His dynasty was quite strong. At times it has taken over the entire North Pole, East and North West.

In 1945, Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party came to power to lead the nation. The Meo King was now old. He sent his son to meet with Uncle Ho and at that time, the people of the royal court unanimously obeyed the instructions of Uncle Ho and the Party. The era of the Meo King was gradually erased as they merged with the country under the leadership of the Party.

The whole edifice is built with an area of 3,000 m 2 and took 9 years to complete construction. The total construction cost amounted to 150 billion VND and the value at that time was 15,000 Dong Duong white silver coins. The mansion of King Meo Vuong Chinh Duc is considered the property of the Vuong family. However, in 1993 they were returned to the administration. And on July 23, 1993 this place was recognized as a national monument.

Explore the house of the King – Meo King family to admire the unique beauty of this architecture.

Does not bring romance, soaring like the beauty of triangular flowers or upland rice fields. Not as thorny and majestic as the Dong Van plateau.  The Palace of King Meo in Ha Giang has an ancient, splendor that is old, it gives a special charm that is hard to describe. And this is the piece that creates the perfect look for the Ha Giang landscape.

The Palace of the King Meo in Ha Giang has an ancient, splendor that is old

Architectural characteristic of King Meo palace outside

When you explore the King’s house – the Meo King , the scene outside the mansion is enough to make you admire forever.

Outside the mansion, the ancient, old style covers the space. The smell of old wood faintly faintly in the nose, makes the natural soul strangely peaceful. All gestures or gestures suddenly also follow that gently, but slow down.

The hundreds of years old sandwood trees are the main feature outside the  royal residence. They are so tall, straight in line, visitors can easily immerse themselves in the strange architecture of the design of ancient people.

The stone gate in front of the mansion was huge, majestic and majestic. It is like a symbol of majesty and power for the Meo King in ancient times. The delicate carved stone lines with solid lines enhance the surface and of the monument.

The palace architecture of the Vuong family inside makes you unable to take your eyes off

The attraction from the outside makes it easier to immerse yourself in the  architectural beauty of the Vuong Dynasty in Ha Giang inside.

The palace architecture of the Vuong family inside makes you unable to take your eyes off

If you have the opportunity to hear explanations about the Vuong mansion from your guides, you will know that this construction is a combination of 3 cultures. These three cultures include French, Chinese and H’Mong cultures.

Chinese culture is reflected through sophisticated but elaborate design lines

The image that most clearly reflects the Chinese design culture is the elaborate carvings. Especially in the pillars, stairs, roofs, beams, … These motifs are sophisticated, sophisticated, elaborate and make visitors unable to take their eyes off.

Especially the stairs are carved with precious stone material, they carry the image of the poppy silhouette. This is a typical flower of China – symbolizing fragrance and infatuation. That is the reason why King Meo Palace, year after year, has thousands of visitors visiting.

The hundreds of years old sandwood trees are the main feature outside the royal residence.

French culture is expressed through the overall decoration of the mansion

The Meo King palace is decorated with 3 palace including the money palace, the middle palace and the harem. 3 palace in total 64 rooms for 100 people (the king and the servant, the soldier).

The panorama of the Meo King residence is surrounded by a high cliff that runs along the boundary of the monument. They create both majesty and show solidity and solidity.

H’Mong architectural culture is boldly expressed through internal objects

The H’Mong culture style is reproduced through the interior of the mansion. Each item is very simple, jars, tables and chairs, … are characterized by highland people.

The special feature also lies in the designs of shelves, shelves, frames, wooden bars attached to hooks to hang food. This is definitely the most familiar, authentic and rustic image of the people in the northernmost region of the country.

The H’Mong culture style is reproduced through the interior of the mansion.

Discovering the royal family – King Meo family is not just a visit to new things. It is also the inquiry, contact and authentic witness of the beauties that the people here create and preserve. Coming here once is a time you get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city to feel the ancient luxury of thousands of years ago. This place is really the place to hold all visitors, even though they leave, but still hesitate to look back.

The ways you can choose to come to Ha Giang to explore the Meo King mansion.

The road to Ha Giang is not easy. Therefore, for many years this place is still an extremely attractive destination for those who love to explore. This is also one of the interesting ways to help you visit this place.

Traveling by motorbike will make you feel more clearly the beauty of each route leading to the Meo King Palace. This also gives you more freedom to move around. After visiting the mansion, you can go to other beautiful spots without following a certain itinerary.

Alternatively, you can also choose to book a tour as your travel method. With this method, you will have a very safe travel time. You also will not have to worry about food, accommodation or travel itinerary because the tour guide will take care of all for you. However, your trip schedule will be less free. But this should have no impact on the quality of your visit to the Meo King residence.

Let help you have the safest and most meaningful trip to King Meo Palace.

picture of the stunningly beautiful Meo King mansion will no longer be just page descriptions. You can feel it in the truest and most complete way by exploring the royal family house – the Meo King. Come here and you will be able to witness with your own eyes the irresistible charm of this national monument.

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