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The stone mansion of the owner who loves French architecture

DA NANG – The project is located in Hoa Son commune, Hoa Vang district, with an area of ​​more than 600 m2, designed inspired by French architecture with stone walls, arched doors…

The house is located on an area of ​​​​nearly 17,000 m2 located about 10 km from the center of Da Nang city, completed in 2019, becoming a place to hide from the bustling atmosphere of the city for homeowners.

The house is inspired by French architecture, which is also the passion of the owner. Details such as arched doors, stone walls, wooden ceilings, chandeliers… reminiscent of ancient castles.

Inside, the living room is the most important highlight. Here, the owners display French-style decorations such as lanterns and ceramics that they have collected over the years.

The living room is also impressed by the high and wide space thanks to the atrium design.

One of the special features of the building is the material. The walls are all built of stone from Hoa Son mountain, walled from 40 to 50 cm thick. The floor of the house is cast with Thanh Hoa gold stone.

Natural materials help insulate the building from the outside, bringing a cool atmosphere.

They also create a rustic, nostalgic space.

Another special thing is that the bedrooms are arranged with sliding doors opening to the East, where there is a flowing stream. The base of the main house is 1.5 m higher than the natural ground, both providing ventilation and helping homeowners enjoy the surrounding scenery.

The toilet is open, in harmony with nature, surrounded by trees.

To increase the coolness of the house, homeowners and architects plant more vines in the western corridors. This area is also used as an outdoor dining area.

There is also a Koi pond on the site. In the middle of the lake is a thatched roof with a bearing iron frame, bamboo and coconut leaves, and a bamboo bridge over it.

Lighting is also taken care of. Different types of equipment spread from outside to inside and from top to bottom to create a glitter effect, especially at night. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Quang Dam

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