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Can Tho giants spend billions to build an “ecological area” of more than 10,000 square meters next to the mansion for people to enjoy Tet completely free of charge

Invested and renewed continuously, the Ong Lang neighborhood is always an attractive place for people in the West.

Ong Lang Street was completed and put into operation in early 2022. It quickly became a tourist attraction for local and neighboring provinces. Ong Lang Street is located in Tan Hoa hamlet, Giai Xuan commune, Phong Dien district, Can Tho city, built by Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lang, a native of Can Tho who now lives in Ho Chi Minh City.

In particular, this resort is completely free to open and a lot of folk games take place at the beginning of the new year with the desire to bring a happy New Year to the homeland and visitors.

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Can Tho giants spend billions to build an “ecological area” of more than 10,000 square meters next to the mansion for people to enjoy Tet completely free of charge

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lang is the owner of Ong Lang Street.

Can Tho giants come up with ideas to decorate the ecological area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters

Ong Lang Street ecological area has an area of ​​​​about 30,000m2, has been decorated and put into service for visitors over 10,000m2. It has a field of pinwheels, a clean vegetable garden, a street decorated with lanterns, colorful umbrellas, a lotus pond, a water lily pond and especially a brilliant ten o’clock flower path.

Tet is filled with the ecological area of ​​Ong Lang Street.

When asked about the decoration idea of ​​this eco-zone, Mr. Lang said: “The whole idea is mine, if you find something good and beautiful, you design and do it. You design this neighborhood without any design. any drawings, completely with the naked eye, going back and forth to admire”.

Most of the investment and decoration works are made from environmentally friendly materials such as thatch, bamboo, leaves, etc. Right from the entrance, the welcome gate is made up of bamboo stalks, roofed with cool thatch leaves. eye. Along the road are thousands of conical hats that both create shade for visitors and are a beautiful highlight.

Ong Lang Quarter is open to the public for free.

On the side of the road, two rows of colorful flowers winding along the canal bank, dotted with a graceful coconut bridge spanning the canal. In the distance, welcoming visitors is a cool green vegetable garden, a blooming lotus pond, three-leaf canoes swaying around the giant hooves, simulating the fishing activities of farmers…

Ornamental plants are cared for all year round.

Spending billions of VND on the ecological area hope you have a happy Tet

It is known that this year, the atmosphere here is decorated later than usual, from the New Year, Mr. Lang began to prepare and decorate. Such a large ecological area to be completed in time for Tet needs a lot of manpower, he said: “This year, there are only about 10 people working. Because there is also a framework available from last year, the work is also less. It’s better than that, so it doesn’t need too many people. And there are about 5 people in the whole year to take care of ornamental plants… The whole area last year invested a few billion, this year it’s reduced by more than half.”

When asked about the purpose of opening such a completely free amusement park, he said: “This is partly because of passion, secondly it is also part of my imprint because in the past I worked in the fields, was born and I grew up here. I also want to make it for special people living nearby to go for a walk, exercise, go for a walk, plus relatives from far away. motivation for me to do more”.

Near Tet many people come here to check-in.

Mr. Lang said that he was very happy to receive compliments from everyone. But besides that, there are many rumors around: “There is no other purpose than wanting to contribute to the locality, to the homeland. I do it with my heart, if I find it useful for society, I will do it.” .

On the occasion of Tet, Mr. Lang’s eco-zone also has many activities on the second day such as folk games: boat racing, lion dance, cock fighting, bag dance… with very special prizes.

Mr. Lang’s mansion in his hometown has been completed.

In addition, Mr. Lang also owns a newly completed 3000 m2 mansion. Up to now, he has built his own business and returned to his hometown to build bridges, build roads… to help people. Mr. Lang has contributed more than 2 billion VND to build a 5km long road to the village, wanting to contribute something for the local development.

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