07.05.2021, 17:50

Ta Lang Village, a new attractive destination of Quảng Nam


Ta Lang Village, a new attractive destination of Quảng Nam
Ta Lang village is a new attractive destination of Quảng Nam Province. Photo ttvhqnam.vn

"We researched on the internet about Ta Lang Village and when we came here, it was like in our imagination. People here still live in ancient houses like upland villages. With traditional features and fresh air, we felt quite familiar and really liked it," said tourist Nguyễn Cong Khanh from Thừa Thien Huế.

Ta Lang is an ideal ecotourism site connected between tourist sites in Tay Giang such as Đỉnh Quế (Quế Mountain top), primeval forest, Azut sky gate, Ra-ai waterfalls, and other community tourism villages along the Hồ Chí Minh Highway.

Earlier, the USAID Green Annamites Project was successful in giving Quảng Nam and Thừa Thien Huế provinces support for sustainable ecotourism development in combination with biodiversity preservation, natural and cultural protection in 2018. The Ta Lang community-based ecotourism village was put into operation and started to serve tourists by the end of 2019.

This model of community ecotourism contributes to properly exploiting Cơ Tu cultural treasures in combination with the development of ecotourism and community-based tourism.

According to Le Hoang Linh, vice chairman of People's Committee of Tay Giang, the district government has invested in building infrastructure, upgrading roads, and the communal house of Ta Lang village to welcome tourists. This is considered a sustainable move to improve people's livelihoods, contributing to local economic development. VNS

Cơm lam (steamed rice in bamboo tube) and grilled chicken in bamboo tube are special dishes of Ta Lang village. Photo quangnamplus.net