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Review of Huu Lien Commune Community Eco-Village – in Lang Son Tour

The community eco-tourism village of Huu Lien commune (Huu Lung district) is located in the southwest of Lang Son province. Huu Lien is surrounded by limestone mountains, in the middle are lowland forests and valleys of fields.

Huu Lien commune is located in the rocky mountainous area of ​​Huu Lung district, with a total area of ​​more than 6,000 hectares, a population of more than 3,000 people including 5 ethnic groups Kinh, Tay, Nung, Dao, and Mong. In the area, there is Huu Lien special-use forest, with an area of ​​8,293 hectares located in the area of ​​3 districts: Huu Lung, Chi Lang, and Van Quan. This forest has an extremely diverse and rich ecosystem with craggy limestone mountains creating a unique landscape of caves, underground streams, and seasonally flooded lakes. Blending with the majestic natural landscape is the unique cultural identity of the ethnic groups: Dao, Tay, Nung, Kinh…

Where is Huu Lien community eco-tourism village?

Where is Huu Lien community eco-tourism village? This tourist site is located in the Huu Lien commune of Huu Lung district in the southwest of Lang Son province. In which, Huu Lien community eco-village is surrounded by limestone mountains in the middle, fields valleys, and lowland forests. When you come here, you feel really comfortable by the fresh and pleasant air here.

Review of Huu Lien Commune Community Eco-Village – in Lang Son Tour
The landscape of Huu Lien eco-tourism village

More information about Huu Lien commune This is a commune in the rocky mountainous area of ​​Huu Lung district with a total area of ​​more than 6,000 hectares, a population of about 3000 people. Currently, there are 5 ethnic groups living here: Nung, Dao, Mong, Tay and Kinh. Especially in the area, there is a special-use forest of Huu Lien with an area of ​​8,293 hectares located in the areas of Van Quan, Chi Lang and Huu Lung districts. This forest is considered to have an extremely diverse and rich ecosystem with many craggy limestone mountains creating a diverse and unique natural landscape.

How to move to Huu Lien eco-tourism village

From the center of Hanoi city to this tourist destination is about 120km. Instructions on how to move visitors will move along National Highway 1A then turn left on DT 243 in the territory of Dong Tan, Huu Lung, Lang Son, then continue to go about 20km more to reach the community eco-tourism village. Dong Huu Lien Lang Son . If you do not know the way, you can look up information on google maps. 

How to move to Huu Lien village (Huu Lung district)

What’s attractive about Huu Lien community ecological village?

So what does the community ecological village of Huu Lien Lang Son have to attract tourists? When visiting this tourist destination, you will clearly feel the diversity of habitats with caves, majestic waterfalls, special-use forests. This is really an attractive ecotourism destination that brings many values ​​of culture, festivals, and historical sites. When you come here, you will see prominently the spacious houses on stilts as if lying in the middle of the mountains, creating a charming painting that makes many tourists feel passionate. Resting and experiencing the simple life of the people here also helps visitors have more interesting emotions. 

Admire the beautiful scenery at Huu Lien community ecological village

Explore Dong Lam steppe

Dong Lam steppe is a place not to be missed when coming here. You can enjoy taking pictures of camping for lunch with the immense space of this steppe. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire a beautiful natural scenery, wild and rustic with horses and cows grazing naturally, an extremely peaceful and wonderful feeling not found everywhere.  

Explore Dong Lam steppe

Or visitors can go to Nong Used Lake to experience kayaking activities and admire the pristine green nature here. Going to the stream next to the Dao village, this is a very beautiful area suitable for children to have fun. In addition, inside the special-use forest, there is an extremely beautiful Khe Dau waterfall, known as the perfect love cup, attracting many tourists to visit.

When coming to Huu Lien eco-tourism village, visitors should not miss visiting the cave here. In which, there is a cave at the end of Dong Lam in the cave, there are many stalactites that are considered beautiful and wild you can visit.        

The scenery is as beautiful as a painting

Learn about the cultural identity of ethnic groups

One of the unique and distinctive features of Lang Son in general and Huu Lien community eco-tourism village in particular is the extremely unique ethnic culture. When you come here, you will experience making pumpkin cakes with the people or experience models of rowing basket boats, harvesting rice, and cooking wine made by traditional manual methods. Or join the special festival of spring festivals with a series of folk games imbued with the cultural identity of Lang. At the same time, when you come here, you can better understand the life of the Tay, Nung, Mong Da ethnic minorities and many other interesting things that are welcoming visitors.

Camp and learn about the lives of the ethnic people here

What to note when coming to Huu Lien community eco-tourism village?

Here are some notes you need to know when coming to Huu Lien eco-tourism village :

– Firstly, visitors can choose the form of homestay. Currently, the form of homestay is chosen by many tourists and the homestay is increasingly improving the quality of service to welcome guests.

– Second, what to eat when you come here? There are many delicious dishes people can enjoy such as grilled spring rolls, roasted duck, egg rolls, smoked pork, black banh chung, banh bao chao.

– Third, when you come here to visit, you should prepare sports shoes for easy movement. Do not bring a lot of things and with young children in the mountains, instead of giving money, give them food. 

Thus, everyone has known some more information about Huu Lien Lang Son community eco-tourism village . Surely this experience tour will help visitors have more new experiences and know more interesting things after the trip.

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