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‘Pao’s house’ buckwheat flower season

HA GIANG – A 75-year-old house with typical Hmong architecture, the scene of the movie “The Story of Pao”, attracts tourists when coming to Ha Giang in the buckwheat season.

Lung Cam cultural and tourism village, in Sung La commune, located in the valley of Dong Van rock plateau, is home to about 70 households, mainly Mong, Lo Lo and Hoa ethnic groups. The village is known to many tourists when there is a house that was chosen as the backdrop of the plastic film The Story of Pao by director Ngo Quang Hai – won the 2005 Golden Kite Award.

Last weekend, Ha Giang inaugurated the “Triangle Buckwheat Festival” and “Pao’s house” is an attractive destination. The entrance to the village is a small road about 300 m long, in November, buckwheat flowers and mustard flowers bloom.

“Pao’s house” was built in 1947, at the end of the road, is a walled house, bearing the architectural features of the Mong people in the rocky plateau, closed in four directions, in the middle is a courtyard. The yard in front of the house is also paved with stones, around which are planted plums, apricots, peaches… the typical flowers of the rocky plateau.

The main gate of the house is built of wood, the roof tile layer is an attraction for many visitors. According to the guides, the H’mong people do not use hinges and latches made of iron, but entirely made of wood. They think that the door is like a human heart, if made of iron and steel, it is hard objects like knives and swords, not showing the kindness and hospitality of the host. At the entrance, visitors can rent costumes to take pictures for 30,000 VND a set.

The two-storey house, made mainly of earth, wooden columns, stone steps and pillars, tiled roof. The owner of this property is Mr. Mua Sua Pao, who used to hold the position of Platoon Commander of the Meo King’s Army before the August Revolution in 1945. He was trusted by the Meo King to be assigned the highest position in the army accompanied by his health. Stronger with martial arts than people.

On the wall of the earthen house hang many pictures of Pao and other scenes from the movie filmed here.

The main house is the place to receive guests, to worship ancestors and eat and drink of the family. Currently, the house is the place where the descendants of Mr. Mua Sua Pao live.

The typical kitchen of the northern mountainous ethnic people in “Pao’s house”.

The veranda put many baskets of canola flowers and buckwheat triangles for visitors to take pictures. Because there are still people living here, visitors must ask the landlord’s permission before entering to visit, and should not arbitrarily touch the furniture.

The surrounding stone fence about 1.5 m high is the highlight of the H’mong house architecture. The stones have the same size, are arranged manually, without cement, sand but very solid, creating a wild feature for the house.

The house is built in four directions, clustered in the middle with a courtyard, a two-storey main room that divides many living rooms and rooms. The extra space is divided into small rooms for storage, kitchen, and stables for livestock and poultry.

The space around “Pao’s house” at the end of the year blooms with buckwheat flowers and mustard flowers, attracting many visitors. A few dozen meters from the house are stalls selling highland products, fruits, spices, souvenirs and dishes from buckwheat…

Lung Cam Cultural and Tourism Village does not charge admission tickets, guests only need to pay the additional cost of the ticket if entering the ‘Pao’s house’ for 10,000 VND per person and an additional fee of 10,000 to 30,000 VND if taking photos at other places. gardens.

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