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Nighttime spiritual tour of Quang Tri citadel

The Quang Tri Provincial Tourism Association, in partnership with the Quang Tri Travel Association, organizes a night tour of the Quang Tri Ancient Citadel. The first attraction is the Quang Tri Ancient Citadel Special National Historic Site. This place is known to the whole world through the event of 81 days and nights of fighting to protect the Quang Tri Citadel in the red summer of 1972. At night in Quang Tri Citadel, visitors will offer incense, pay tribute to the Heroes, drop flower lanterns, and watch thousands of flickering candles on the Thach Han River.

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Ms. Phan Thi Bay was very emotional when she first experienced the night tour at this place: “I think this tour is meaningful because families and relatives all over the country come to Quang Tri, not in Quang Tri can come at any time. If Quang Tri can organize such tours, it will help all relatives. Every time you come are welcome and served. People all over the country have advantages when visiting teammates and relatives.
"In summer, the weather in Quang Tri province is harsh and hot. This is also the peak period when several people and many tourist groups visit historical sites and pay tribute to the Heroes and Martyrs. Quang Tri province opens its doors to visitors and organizes Thanksgiving events at night at 2 Truong Son National Martyrs Cemeteries, Road 9, and Special National Monument Quang Tri Citadel to limit the number of visitors during the day and prevent hot weather. In particular, the night tour of Quang Tri Citadel, dropping flower lanterns on the Thach Han River has attracted plenty of tourists. Mr. Nguyen Duc Tan, Director of the Center for Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion of Quang Tri province said: "With night tourism products, the province hopes to bring visitors new experiences and increase the length of stay of tourists in Quang Tri. We are coordinating with the Provincial Tourism Association, piloting this tour and organizing it on the full moon nights of every month, combined with cultural activities, and activities of releasing lanterns on the Thach Han River. Gradually combine to form a night tourism product in Quang Tri province. This is a relevant program based on the perception and evaluation of visitors from near and far.

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"Currently, Quang Tri province's two exceptional national landmarks, Quang Tri Citadel, Hien Luong - Ben Hai banks, and two National Martyrs Cemeteries, Roads 9 and Truong Son, have been outfitted with lighting and sound systems. The multi-colored LED lighting system creates a shimmering, fanciful blend with music at night. Mr. Nguyen Huy Hung, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Quang Tri province, said that the unit continues to pilot night tourism at the special national relic site Hien Luong - Ben Hai to create a brand of night tourism products, and develop nostalgic tourism with cultural-spiritual tourism in the fire land of Quang Tri.“
Recently, tourists from all over the country have come to Quang Tri Ancient Citadel, Hien Luong - Ben Hai Double Bank, Truong Son National Martyrs Cemetery, and Road 9 National Martyrs Cemetery at night. There are groups of tourists on pilgrimage, visiting the old battlefield. Come back to experience the relic sites of Quang Tri on the occasion of the holiday", Mr. Hung said.

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