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Where should you go when traveling to Hue in March? Discover the best season in the ancient capital with HOT destinations

The land of Hue has always made people nostalgic for many generations by its gentle beauty, ancient and mossy features of a golden age. Traveling to Hue in March, do not forget to explore the magnificent temples and mausoleums or attractive tourist destinations with wonderful natural beauty. 

In March, the ancient capital is still in the cool spring days, the weather is favorable, so traveling to Hue at this time will be an ideal choice. But where to go to Hue in March to see the full beauty of this place. Hue has countless beautiful places, from the salty sea, green fields, poetic rivers to ancient mausoleums, pagodas ringing bells. Wherever you go in Hue, you will feel the shape of an ancient capital that is both ecstatic and charming. 

Hue in March is beautiful and extremely poetic. Photo:@02.thag2_

Where should you go when traveling to Hue in March? These are HOT places that should not be missed 

Ancient architectural works 

Referring to Hue, the first image people often think of is the ancient but equally magnificent tombs and temples. And these wonderful architectural works will be the first suggestion for you if you do not know where to go to Hue in March. 

The first ancient architecture in Hue you should visit is the Citadel. Located next to the romantic Perfume River, the Citadel is a complex of relics bearing the unique imprint of the Nguyen Dynasty’s culture, this work includes many items such as the Imperial Citadel, the Forbidden City… The magnificence and magnificence With its majestic temples and unique decorative motifs, visitors will surely fascinate and especially this is also a very ideal virtual living place. 

Where should you go when traveling to Hue in March? Discover the best season in the ancient capital with HOT destinations

The Citadel is a very prominent architectural work in Hue. Photo:@hanoitakeaway_

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Khai Dinh Tomb is also a very typical architectural work in Hue feudalism, this work is located in Chau Thuy mountain, Huong Thuy district. Khai Dinh Tomb bears the architectural imprints of many other cultures such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Roman Gothic… Quiet space, carved lines or sophisticated reliefs bring wonderful scenery. , making us feel like we are lost in the dynasties hundreds of years ago. 

Khai Dinh Tomb is loved by many followers because of its beautiful architecture. Photo:@p.lananhh_

Thien Mu Pagoda is also a beautiful destination for those who are wondering where to go to Hue in March. Thien Mu Pagoda is a cultural and architectural symbol of Hue, located in Ha Khe, Hue city. On the campus of Thien Mu pagoda, the most impressive is Phuoc Duyen tower, this tower has 7 floors, each floor worships a Buddha, especially the sunset at this temple is very beautiful and poetic. In addition to the above works, you can also visit Trang Tien Bridge or Quoc Hoc Hue School which are also very unique works. 

Thien Mu Pagoda is one of the symbols of Hue. Photo:@katratha_

Thien An Hill 

Thien An Hill is also an attractive destination for those who do not know where to go to Hue in March . This hill is likened to the Da Lat of Hue with its dreamy charm. This hill has a vast pine forest, the winding roads are very beautiful and romantic, the cool, unspoiled air is a bit magical, which stimulates the footsteps of travelers.

Thien An Hill, poetic and picturesque. Photo:@__yo.nguyen

Going to Thien An hill, you can also combine a visit to the Benedictine Monastery, a Catholic monastery with very unique Asian architecture with an old and quiet appearance. Also on the way to check-in Thien An hill, you should visit Thuy Tien park, a hot check-in point with a mossy and ghostly appearance that is very attractive.

Thuy Tien Abandoned Park with a ghostly appearance. Photo:@kino.doan_

Lang Co 

Lang Co in March is wonderfully beautiful with blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine. This place is famous for its beautiful natural scenery with mountains, rivers, sea and picturesque lagoons that make people fall in love.

Lang Co has a charming beauty with mountains, sea, rivers and lagoons. Photo:@zinnie.nguyen_

This place is 60km from Hue city center, right at the foot of Hai Van mountain, when you come here, you should not miss the super HOT check-in places such as Canh Duong beach, fishing in Lap An lagoon and exploring. Bach Ma mountain or watch the sunset in Tam Giang lagoon. In addition, Lang Co is also known as an attractive culinary paradise with oyster sauce, seafood, crab cake soup or famous oyster dish. 

Lang Co has many beautiful beaches. Photo:@thaoquyetlinh_

Le Ba Dang Museum 

If you love virtual life and are wondering where to go to Hue in March , Le Ba Dang Museum will surely be the name that makes you feel satisfied. This museum is also known as Lebadang Memory Space, located in Kim Son village, Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy district. This is a very unique contemporary art museum.

Le Ba Dang is a private museum of contemporary art. Photo: @kyuubei.nguyen_

The museum has a space of up to 16,000 meters with items including the main exhibition building, underground exhibition space, cafe & bistro space, and souvenir stalls. Coming to Lebadang Memory Space, you can admire the unique art space, discover about painter Le Ba Dang and feel more clearly the sophistication of his creations. You can also indulge in virtual living. between the art space and especially, do not forget to enjoy the delicious cuisine here. 

The museum has many beautiful check-in corners. Photo:@cochidorii_

Hon Chen Palace 

This place is known as a Cham heritage in the heart of Hue city, the work is located at Ngoc Ho village, Huong Tra town. Visitors coming here will be extremely impressed with the unique architecture of this palace, the art of decoration here is very attractive and has the characteristics of the late 19th century.

Hon Chen Palace has a very unique architecture. Photo: @agirlwhotravels_

Visitors can explore up to 10 different large and small architectural works arranged in the middle of Ngoc Tran mountain, most of which are hidden under the green trees and facing the Perfume River. 

The electricity faces the banks of the Perfume River. Photo:@misoa_

An Hien Garden House 

 The ancient capital is famous for its beautiful garden houses, so if you are wondering where to go to Hue in March , the suggestion for you is An Hien garden house located at 58 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen, village Xuan Hoa, Huong Long Commune, the north bank of the Perfume River. This is the most beautiful garden house among hundreds of existing garden houses in Hue.

An Hien is the most beautiful garden house in Hue. Photo:@silkpathgrandhue_

It is known that the first owner of this house was the 18th princess of King Duc Duc, then experienced many times change of owners, now the garden house is owned by a private company. The garden house has an area of ​​4,608 m2 and has very typical Hue features, a house with 3 rooms and 2 wings, a lake, a garden, a small path, a brick wall with a fresh and cool green look, very attractive. 

The space inside has the characteristics of old garden houses. Photo:@hoangtrph_

The ancient capital has many beautiful places for you to visit and explore, so instead of having a headache thinking about where to go to Hue in March , you often schedule a visit right away to come to this land. Hue, in addition to the unique architecture of the citadel, also has a rustic beauty that is very poetic with its own charms that only when you arrive can you fully feel it. 

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