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Experience fun – relaxation at Thanh Tan Hue hot spring 2021

Are you looking for a famous place in Hue that can combine tourism and relaxation and health care? Thanh Tan Hot Spring Resort will be a very wonderful suggestion. Take a look at Thanh Tan Hue’s 2021 hot spring travel experiences that Vinlove shares below to prepare for an exciting trip.

Introduction to Thanh Tan hot spring

The site is Thanh Tan mineral spring tourist site in Thua Thien Hue province and was discovered in 1928 by French scientists. This hot mineral spring is also a famous Hue tourist destination with mineral springs located thousands of meters deep underground. The water flow only appears on the top of the hill with a temperature of about 60 degrees C, including many nutrients good for human health such as calcium sulphate and silicium …

Hot spring is located in Thua Thien Hue province. Photo: @daaduyen

Next to the towering natural mountains in the hot spring area are the adjacent gentle hills, cleverly arranged by the hand of the creator. Blending with the green of mountains, trees, and open-air hot springs, visitors will feel relaxed and comfortable right from the first minute of arrival.

After a period of careful research, since 1983, Thanh Tan hot spring was quickly allowed to be exploited as bottled drinking water by the Ministry of Health for the purpose of providing nutrients and restoring human health. However, by the end of 2000, Thanh Tan mineral spring tourist resort became more popular and known by many people. The whole area is invested, developed and built on an area of ​​50 hectares.

The whole area is invested on an area of ​​50 hectares. Photo: albawellnessvalley

Along with Mo Hue Waterfall or Suoi Voi tourist area, Thanh Tan hot spring has become an ideal place for relaxation – entertainment, especially on the cold changing season. Indeed, traveling and checking in at the mineral springs, visitors will feel satisfied because there is a full range of attentive services from accommodation rooms, restaurants, spa and massage. Of course, an adventure game area is indispensable … with many more items being completed.

The ideal place to stay – play for a short vacation. Photo: nlct.ins

Guide to Thanh Tan hot spring

Location: Phong Son commune, Phong Dien district, Thua Thien – Hue province.

If departing from Da Nang, the total distance to go to the mineral stream is 140km. If you choose to go from Hue, you only take 30km according to the following route: First, departing from the center of Hue city, visitors travel by road to National Highway 1A about 20km to the North, when reaching An Lo Bridge, the cross road Then choose to turn left and then continue for 12km. At this point, you continue to go straight ahead until you meet Alba Thanh Tan Hue Mineral Resort and you have arrived.

Experience fun – relaxation at Thanh Tan Hue hot spring 2021
If you choose to go from Hue, you only take 30km. Photo: @ cotuyetpham

According to Hue tourism experience and exploring Thanh Tan’s hot spring, you need to note the following points when traveling.

– On the way there are 2 traffic police guard stations at the beginning and end of the bypass section of NH1. And even when there is no guard station, you need to drive carefully.

– Alba Thanh Tan Hue mineral spring has a regulation that does not allow food to be brought into the resort’s premises, so remember to note this.

In addition, before coming here you also need to bring swimwear, because although there is a rental service – selling swimwear, there are not many options, the design is also somewhat monotonous and sketchy.

On the way there are 2 traffic police guard stations. Photo: dieuhuyen13121994

Attractive experience at Thanh Tan hot spring calendar

Bathe in the stream and enjoy the beautiful scenery

Hue is a land endowed with a multitude of beautiful landscapes by nature, from Ngu mountain, poetic Huong river, Hen islet, Da Vien islet to Lap An lagoon, Thuan An beach, A Luoi highlands, … and mineral springs. Thanh Tan hot is also an invaluable gift that the Creator has favors dedicated to the ancient capital with a very good water source for the body, located thousands of meters deep underground and only appears on the top of the hill at a temperature of more than 60 The degree, which is then tapered down through the streams, is especially good for bathers.

Thanh Tan mineral spring is located at the foot of the mountain. Photo xedulichhue

Accordingly, the completely natural hot mineral will help you provide nutrients and energy, thereby supporting both physical and mental health, promoting rejuvenation of the body. Thanh Tan hot spring is especially suitable for people in the Central, who are very good at being in the sun and wind, but are not used to the cold weather on cold autumn and winter days.

Immerse yourself in the fresh nature, feel the scent of forest trees. Photo: tadivui

Upon arriving at the mineral spring, visitors can also admire the beautiful natural scenery with a picturesque road with a winding road by the winding stream embracing the fruit tree and oil tree planting area. A large area of ​​land in the middle of green trees is a place to soak in hot mineral water.

Near the foot of the mountain, there is a natural, picturesque stream. Photo: dulich Eagle

When you arrive in Hue, after checking in the famous Dai Noi – Kinh Thanh, visiting Thien Mu pagoda and entering Dong Ba market to try all the delicious rice of God, then follow Highway 1 to Alba Thanh Tan Resort to choose for I have one of the best outdoor hot baths for me. Because in addition to being waving in the warm stream, soaking in pure hot mineral water winding around the hill with temperatures from 35-42 degrees C, in a diversified lake system including a double lake, family lake, lake Swimming to create waves for children, … so that your body can rest and nurture in the slightly dimly flowing water, you will also be immersed in the charming romantic scenery of the vast mountains and forests. .

Charming poetic scene. Photo: tadivui

Moreover, the space is cool, dreamy, quiet and luxurious garden restaurants are also suitable for relaxation, dating …

With all the above conditions, Thanh Tan hot spring deserves the title of a famous tourist destination for Hue health recovery in particular and the Central region in general.

Camping and picnic

Besides Son Tho lake , the Thanh Tan mineral spring tourist area is also a reasonable destination for those who like to camp and organize group games. Because the stream campus has a spacious playground for campfires or entertainment at night.

Some interesting entertainment activities. Photo: dulichfun

More especially, after many hours of soaking here, hungry and hungry, you and your companions will be treated to many typical delicacies at the stream, the most delicious dish is the fragrant fried tilapia plate raised with natural mineral water. At a lovely thatched tent beside a fragrant lotus lake.

The late night, the quieter and more romantic the space here will be the ideal scene for exchange music or chatting together. And then overnight, visitors will wake up in the middle of the ocean, fully feel the moments of living in the fresh and cool nature. It can be said that the picnic at Thanh Tan mineral spring is a meaningful vacation – short-term fun that Hue gives you.

Enjoy the orchid garden

Coming to Thanh Tan mineral spring, in addition to mineral bathing and camping activities, do not miss the opportunity to take a walk and leisurely watch the beautiful forest orchids here.

Thanh Tan orchid garden is known as a meticulous collection place of many exotic orchid varieties and beautiful forest orchids. And under the watering from the mineral water of the artisans, the orchid canopy here is wider with larger petals than elsewhere. When you feel tired of your legs, sit down and enjoy hot tea cups made from special flowers only grown in Thanh Tan.

Relax at mineral springs. Photo: dulich24

Resort in Thanh Tan

Overnight resort in Thanh Tan hot spring campus is also equipped with luxurious and clean rooms with a total of 67 rooms. Most of them have a view towards the courtyard or lotus pond, giving visitors an unexpectedly elegant feeling.

Mineral water is located thousands of meters deep underground. Photo: tdivui

What is better than after stressful working days, you can indulge in the fresh hot mineral water, eat fragrant rice meals from Hue specialties, then go back to the room to rest, enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation. .

Thanh Tan mineral spring motel. Photo: dulichfun

Balancing game on cable

If you come to check-in at the abandoned park in Hue , you can experience the magical feeling in the wild but bold scenery through each “shoot” of cool and quality photos, then come to Thanh Tan mineral spring resort You will be participating in a lot of modern adventure games. The first is Zipline – the most characteristic swing game of the resort. Players will be hung on a cable slide down from the top of the mountain. The cable car system is 560m long in the middle 45m above the ground. If you are not afraid of heights and love adventure, do not miss it.

Balancing game on the cable. Photo: dulich24

Price list of games, other services

Thanh Tan hot spring resort is designed as a large park filled with green and extremely beautiful and fresh with a diversified and rich game system.

Spa entrance. Photo: xedulichhue

In addition to balancing on the cable, there are karaoke, badminton, volleyball, a golf cart system that carries guests to visit the tourist site, experience programs – explore local culture by bike, visit the garden. Hibiscus flower growing, farm, organic vegetable garden, … with specific price list as follows:

– Game: Zipline 80,000VND / person and Highwire – explore 120,000VND / person.

– Highwire – Adventure 210,000VND / person.

– Children Combo: VND 160,000 / person (including FIT bath tickets – Highwire children – Discover + trade village ticket – VND 25,000 / person + food voucher – VND 30,000 / person).

– Combo Zipline 180,000 VND / person (including soaking tickets – Fitness Zipline and food coupons – 30,000 VND / person).

– Combo Highwire 310,000VND / person (including bathing ticket in Thanh Tan Highwire – Adventure – and food voucher worth 50,000VND / person).

– Bathing ticket price: 100,000 VND / person, 50,000 VND / person.

– The price of hotel rooms in the tourist area is from: 500,000 VND / person

With the Thanh Tan Hue hot spring travel experiences updated to 2021 above, hopefully you have found yourself an ideal destination for the weekend or the upcoming holiday season. Wish you have the most fun and perfect trip.

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