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Hue Kite Festival 2022: Dragon kites, butterfly kites, flute kites fly

In the activities of Hue Kite Festival 2022, kite-makers “started their work”, instructing young children to make a paper kite by themselves and then showing how to fly a kite.

A dragon kite on display at Hue’s kite festival 2022 – Photo: NHAT LINH

On the morning of April 16, at Tu Tuong Park (Hue City), the organizing committee of Hue Festival 2022 held the opening ceremony of the Hue kite festival “Vietnamese wings”.

This is an activity within the framework of the summer festival, towards Hue Festival Week 2022 “Cultural heritage with integration and development”.

More than 80 kites of all shapes, colors and materials are displayed at the park by famous kite-makers from Nam Dinh, Hue, and HCMC kite clubs.

Visitors coming to see, especially the children, showed great interest in the dragon kite more than 10m long, the flute kite made from bamboo tubes, etc.

Also at the kite festival, children in Hue city were guided by artisans to make paper kites by themselves.

Artists guide the children to make their own kites – Photo: NHAT LINH

The artists have pre-printed pictures of cartoon characters such as superheroes, princesses, Mickey Mouse… for the little ones to choose and color by themselves. After that, each of you was instructed to use a wooden stick and glue to glue the kite.

Finally, the artists will guide the children to tie the string and how to fly the kite so that the kite can fly high without spinning.

Baby Nguyen Ngoc Han (7 years old) said that she was very excited to be able to make and fly kites by herself at the park.

“This is my first time flying a kite,” said Han excitedly.

A little girl excitedly flies a kite made by her own hands – Photo: NHAT LINH

Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu (34 years old, living in Hue city) said that she was very happy to see her child experience kite making and run and jump with the kite she made herself.

“Two years of the epidemic, so I only stayed at home to be friends with my phone and tablet. Now life is back to normal, seeing my son put his phone down and smile like that, I’m very happy.” Ms. Dieu said.

Hue Kite Festival 2022 will take place from now until the end of April 23. In addition to the activities of displaying and teaching kite-making to young children, kite artists will perform kite flying in the area of ​​Phu Van Lau and Ngo Mon square from 14:00 to 17:00 every day.

Some pictures at Hue Kite Festival 2022 recorded by Tuoi Tre Online :

Mom and daughter take pictures of a kite made by me – Photo: NHAT LINH

Young people take pictures with a flute kite made from a large bamboo tube. According to Nam Dinh kite-makers, when flying into the sky, the kite will make a sound like a flute in the sky – Photo: NHAT LINH

Many children expressed their excitement when they went to the park to fly a kite – a seemingly simple thing but very rare in the past 2 years of the epidemic – Photo: NHAT LINH

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