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Four dishes reminding the name is immediately thinking of Hue

Beef vermicelli, filter cake, Sweet Soup, and mussel rice are dishes that when mentioned the name, diners immediately remember the ancient capital.

Hue cuisine has hundreds of delicious dishes, but when it comes to the most famous dishes, which are known by many people even though they have never been to Hue, it will be named such as: beef noodle soup, filter cake, Sweet Soup and mussel rice.

Beef rice noodles

The dish appears in all provinces of Vietnam, but even so, this is still a dish that anyone who comes to Hue still wants to try with the thought of enjoying the original taste. The highlight of the bowl of beef noodle soup in the ancient capital is the soft piece of blood. Biting a small piece, the blood seems to melt in the mouth and leaves a sweet sound. The broth of Hue beef noodle soup is quite special with the indispensable rich flavor of fish sauce. It is thanks to the fish sauce that the broth is fragrant, not fishy.

Bread flour

According to Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tran, the “genuine Hue” girl, Hue has banh chung (no leaves wrapped) and filter cakes wrapped (wrapped in dong leaves, bananas…). Both of these have vegetarian and savory buns. Vegetarian cake with green bean paste, pureed or sometimes added rustic beauty. When enjoying, guests eat with soy sauce (soy sauce). Salty cakes contain shrimp and braised pork, served with rolls, fish sauce. Fish sauce is also divided into two types: fish sauce and shrimp paste, sprinkled with a little green chili.

Four dishes reminding the name is immediately thinking of Hue
On the photo is a cake with both vegetarian and savory dishes of Hue people, served with cha, chili… The price of each cake is from 3,000-5,000 VND for savory cakes, and 1,000-2,000 VND for vegetarian cakes. Photo: Ngoc Tran

Mussel rice

It would be a mistake to come to Hue and skip the mussel rice , with cold rice grains left overnight mixed with fried mussels and eaten with mussel broth. Vendors, when ordered by diners, will take out a medium-sized clean bowl, stir in cold rice, and then shovel fried mussels on the surface. After that, they in turn arrange other things to eat such as rice paper, pork skin, pounded peanuts, roasted sesame, fat and finally a spoonful of fish sauce. Next is a layer of vegetables including banana flowers, bamboo shoots, pineapple, star fruit and herbs, fried chili.

Depending on the restaurant or the request of the eater, they will pour hot mussel water over the bowl of mussel rice or keep it in a separate bowl. The eater will mix the bowl of mussel rice that has been filled with water to enjoy or just eat and add a spoonful of mussel juice, which has the color of rice water but is sweet.

In addition to rice, visitors can also enjoy mussel vermicelli. Price from 10,000 VND a bowl. Photo: Ngoc Tran

Sweet Soup

“Come to Hue, you must try royal Sweet Soup” is a saying many tourists remember. Hue royal Sweet Soup is prepared with 36 different dishes, each with a special flavor, cooked from carefully selected ingredients. Some of the famous Sweet Soup dishes that diners can try are corn Sweet Soup, longan lotus seeds, purple potatoes…

According to Ngoc Tran’s “territory”, the dish that guests must try is roasted pork powdered Sweet Soup. The filling of the filter powder is chopped roast pork, with lean fat. The piece of meat must be hot, the meat must not be lumpy to eat well. One of the best places to sell this dish is Aunt Ton Dich on Le Loi Street. The Sweet Soup in the shop is cooked to be eaten hot and right away. After eating it all, it is cooked in a small pot, not pre-cooked. Each pot is sold out for only a short time. Customers have to wait in long lines to buy.

Sweet Soup dishes in Hue usually cost 10,000 -15,000 VND. According to Tran, the smaller and simpler the restaurants in Hue, the cheaper and more delicious they are. Photo: Ngoc Tran

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