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If you don’t know what to eat in Lang Co, these are certain dishes you must try

Not only is Lang Co famous as a great destination, poetic scenery with clear beaches and pure beauty of nature, but Lang Co is also an attractive culinary paradise with typical dishes of the country. this department.

Traveling to Hue, you should not only think about enjoying the dishes that are so typical and familiar of Hue such as Banh filter, Hue tea, or Hade’s rice, take a trip to Lang Co city to enjoy. more delicious dishes of Hue. If you don’t know what to eat in Lang Co, you don’t have to worry too much because when you come here, you will be immediately introduced to the most famous specialties, typically the extremely attractive dishes below. 

If you don’t know what to eat in Lang Co, these are certain dishes you must try

Lang Co has many delicious dishes for visitors to enjoy. Photo: CARD

List of standard specialties only for traveling believers who do not know what to eat in Lang Co 

1. Sausage with scallops with pork belly 

Instead of wondering what to eat in Lang Co , when coming to this coastal country, the first dish you should try right away is fish sauce with bacon. The specialty has been well-known in the country of this land. Lang Co oyster sauce is made from shellfish, also known as scallops, feathered cockles appear a lot in Lang Co and are available all year round, so it has become a very familiar dish. How to make scallop sauce is quite simple, people preliminarily process scallops, then peel off the shells to get meat, wash them thoroughly, add salt, then add galangal and chili peppers, then put them in a pot, tightly covered bottle for 8 to 10 days to eat. .

The oyster sauce in Lang Co is red and eye-catching. Photo: tomimarkets

The longer this sauce is kept, the more delicious it becomes, the taste is very fragrant and can be used as a dipping sauce. Lang Co people often eat the oyster sauce with bacon, melon, star fruit, raw vegetables and this is also a special dish often used to treat guests from far away. The harmonious and delicious taste of the dish makes many people nostalgic. Traveling to Lang Co, you can enjoy this dish in many places, if you want to buy fish sauce as a gift, you can visit Me Co shop at the fork in the road to Lang Co-market, this shop has a history of more than 20 years with delicious fish sauce. language. 

Scallop sauce combined with pork belly is a famous specialty of Lang Co beach. Photo:@duongmifeg.com.vn

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2. Lap An lagoon oysters 

Lang skilled person oyster has a long beach and it is one of the great meals they will introduce if you ask what to eat in Lang . Lang Co oysters are raised from old tires, they grow by themselves, multiply with natural food, so they are not too big, but the meat is very firm and naturally juicy.

Lap An lagoon oysters are naturally raised, so their meat is very firm. Photo: wecheck-in

Lap An lagoon oyster meat is processed into many attractive dishes such as grilled oysters, grilled cheese, sauteed oysters with onions, oyster porridge, oyster salad… Especially, milk oysters in Lap An lagoon are especially popular with tourists. The greasy, aromatic flavor makes it hard for diners to resist. 

There are countless ways to cook oysters to create delicious dishes/ Photo: songmoi.vn

3. Blood cockle and blood cockle salad

If you ask locals what to eat in Lang Co , the answer you will surely get will be blood cockle salad and blood cockle salad. Lang Co blood cockle salad is most delicious when enjoyed from April to July, this is the calm sea season when the cockles are soaked in water to release all the dirt and also become the most attractive. The way to make blood cockle blood soup is very elaborate when one has to split the intestines to get the blood of each cockle and then reduce the combination of ingredients. This blood pudding is fresh but not fishy, ​​so the taste is very special. 

Blood cockle blood soup is a dish with a very special taste. Photo:@tykun44

Blood cockle salad is also an attractive Lang Co specialty. Blood cockles are washed and cooked until cooked, then mixed with ingredients such as ginger, lemongrass, onions, vinegar, sugar, and basil… People will use the dish with sweet and sour dipping sauce or eat it with toasted sesame rice paper like fried mussels. so. The salad is flavorful, greasy, fragrant and extremely attractive, so many people come to Lang Co just for this dish. 

Blood cockle salad is a delicious dish that attracts many people to Lang Co. Photo: daynauan

4. Crab cake soup 

This is a very famous specialty dish in Lang Co and is loved by many people. If you do not know what to eat in Lang Co , this is an attractive suggested dish that you should not ignore. Crab cake soup has a very characteristic sweet taste.

Lang Co crab cake soup made many people sobbing. Photo:@thithi5597

Specially tough dough thanks to the combination of filter and rice flour, intact pieces of crab meat combined with raw pork rolls, shrimp, and pork skin are balled into fragrant and chewy rolls according to each fiber. The broth from crab meat is very sweet, the bar can’t get bored of simmering from the crab for 2 hours and seasoning with typical spices. 

Crab cakes in Lang Co have a very specific taste. Photo:@-nam.le89

5. Grilled prickly snail 

Lang Co has many specialties and seafood is even more abundant. Besides the usual dishes such as shrimp, fish, squid, when traveling here, remember to enjoy grilled snails. The prickly snail here does not have the usual sweet taste of normal snails, but it will have a very characteristic bitter and fatty taste. With snails, people often cook it in many ways such as baking with onion fat, stir-frying with chili peppers and simply steaming and draining to keep the original flavor. 

Don’t forget to eat snails when coming to Lang Co. Photo: Snail shop T2

There are many ways to cook snails. Photo: kimquan

With these extremely attractive suggestions above, the question of what to eat in Lang Co will no longer be difficult for you. Hue travel experience you can refer to is that most of the specialty shops in this small town, all sell these attractive specialty dishes, so it’s easy for you to find and enjoy. Traveling to Lang Co, don’t forget to do a small food tour to fully enjoy the famous specialties here. 

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