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The food of the Ede people heard the name was strange, the taste was even more surprising

Forest leaf hot pot, yellow ant sour soup, bitter tomato soup … are all the dishes of the E De people, making diners far away be curious because of the uniqueness that comes from the way the name is called to the taste.

Like other ethnic groups on the S-shaped strip of land, the Ede people also have a unique culinary feature with attractive traditional dishes. Ede cuisine has its very own cultural color, which is a delicate blend of locally available foods, herbs, and spices of the people. Traveling to Gia Lai or the Central Highlands provinces, you will have the opportunity to enjoy unique and attractive Ede dishes

The food of the Ede people heard the name was strange, the taste was even more surprising
Ede people’s cuisine is very unique and distinctive. Photo: poliva

Discover the Ede dishes that make local diners love

1. Bitter tomato soup 

Bitter tomato soup is one of the most famous Ede dishes . The main ingredient of the dish is bitter eggplant, a wild eggplant that has a larger fruit than a cannon fruit, its body has many sharp spines and a distinctive white-green color. Bitter Cauliflower grows quite a lot in the Ede people’s uplands, so they take advantage of it to process it into a dish that bitter tomato soup is a typical example. 

Bitter tomato soup is one of the typical dishes of the Ede people. Photo: Dien May Xanh
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The ingredients of bitter tomato soup include bitter tomato, dried herring head, dried fish with some spices and wild vegetables. When processing, the fish will be crushed and crushed, then add onions, garlic to smell, then add water to the pot and wait for a boil. Next, they will add the vegetables in bitter tomatoes and taste the spices. Finally, to make the soup thick, the Ede people will add water to the rice.

The ingredients to cook this dish are quite simple. Photo: Bazantravel

Bitter tomato soup is often served with white rice, the bitter, spicy and slightly pungent flavor of tomato makes the dish more delicious. Especially for Ede people, this is also a healthy food. In addition to the soup, bitter tomatoes are also processed by the E De people into other dishes such as stir-fried bitter tomatoes, braised bitter tomatoes, bitter tomatoes … 

2. Forest leaf hotpot 

This is listed as a specialty in Ede dishes because of the unique combination of ingredients and flavors of the dish. In the past, it was this dish that saved the lives of people in the most difficult years when crops failed and starved. Nowadays, the forest leaf hot pot is only cooked on special occasions to treat customers because the source of raw materials has also been scarce.

Forest leaf hotpot is a dish against hunger of the Ede people in the past. Photo: Polive

The vegetables and leaves used for this dish are very diverse, mainly picked from the deep forest, then brought back washed and cooked with wild boar, chili, combined with many other spices. When tasting, you will clearly see the bitter, acrid, bitter taste of the forest leaves, the aroma, the sweetness of the meat and the strong taste of the spices which is very impressive. 

In addition to hot pot, people also use forest leaves to eat salad. Photo:

3. Beef up 

In essence, this Ede food is the dish of stir-fried beef with bamboo shoots. The difference is that people do not use a normal cow’s lumen, but use the intestine that is located close to the large intestine of the cow called up, which still contains green young manure, so if anyone is not familiar, you will see difficult to eat but it will be very addicting. 

Uphill is the intact intestine of the cow. Photo: vclip

To make a beef pickle dish, the E De people will use bamboo shoots that are grilled over the charcoal fire before they can be washed and sliced. Next, bring stir-fry with beef, add spices such as tubers, chili to create a pungent taste. The dish is the sum of the sweetness from the bamboo shoots, the slightly bitter taste of the bamboo shoot and the pungent taste of the thorns creating a particularly attractive flavor. 

Stir-fried grilled bamboo shoots are the Ede people’s favorite dish. Photo:

4. Crickets fried rice with salt 

Salt-fried rice cricket is also a favorite dish of the Ede people. The crickets caught by hand at the beginning of the rice harvest are cleaned, their feet removed, and roasted until they are golden in color and fragrant. Next, people will bring crickets with salt, green onions, ginger, and chives pounded into a thick mixture. With the dish can be used to dipping or as a side dish with hot rice is also very delicious. The salty, fatty taste brings rice very well. 

Salt-fried rice cricket is a very popular dish of Ede rice. Photo: taynguyenonline

5. Yellow ants sour soup 

The yellow ant and sour soup is also a very attractive Ede dish . The most special ingredient of the dish is weaver ants, combined with shrimp, crab, fish, flower “djam tang”, cilantro, compresses, spices … Golden ants are the ingredients that help create a characteristic sour taste for the dish. eat. The way to cook sour soup is also very simple, just put on the stove a large pot of water and then boil and drop ingredients such as crab, fish, shrimp, and crushed tubers to cook for a few minutes. Next, add flowers “djam tang” and the cleaned weaver ants are finished. The distinctive sour taste from weaver ants makes the dish very special and is often used on hot days.

Sour soup with yellow ants, a famous specialty of the Ede people. Photo: Danviet

6. Stir-fried noodles 

We often only know tapioca roots, or tapioca roots, but few people know that the leaves can also be eaten. This is the famous Ede food. The type of noodles that the Ede people use is my noodles, not high-yield noodles, the leaves for cooking are red and thin leaves are usually picked from early in the morning. Wheat leaves can be stir-fried without added spices or combined with male papaya flowers and dried fish to create a variety of flavors. 

The ingredients for cooking noodles are quite simple. Photo:

The noodles are even salted to eat like a Kinh sauerkraut. Photo:

Traveling to Gia Lai, you can visit specialty restaurants or if you have the opportunity to go to the local villages and villages to enjoy the attractive Ede dishes above. Certainly, the Ede food tour will be a worthwhile experience that will make your trip more memorable.

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