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Foreign tourists are surprised because the cost of traveling in Vietnam is extremely “affordable”.

Not only is it increasingly popular with tourists for its beautiful landscapes and delicious food, but Vietnam is still one of the cheapest countries in the world for a vacation.

Recently, a foreign tourist named Uptin shared about Vietnam tourism. In addition to being a tourist, he is also a YouTuber and a TikToker that is followed by many people, so when his Vietnam travel video was posted, it gained a large amount of interaction and many opinions said that this was true. travel in the S-shaped country.

In the video that caused a stir on social networks, the tourist started by exchanging the denomination of money into Vietnam dong to enjoy eating and shopping in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The guy always asked the question “Why Vietnam is so CHEAP?” (Why are the prices in Vietnam so cheap?) throughout my travel because I was very impressed with this.

Foreign tourists are surprised because the cost of traveling in Vietnam is extremely “affordable”.

During a male tourist’s trip, with only 40,000 VND, you can get a delicious meal of bun cha. YouTubers also discovered more street food of Vietnamese people who love starchy dishes such as vermicelli, pho, vermicelli, noodle soup, .. and a lot of vegetables. Therefore, Uptin believes that the country has many rice fields stretching from the North to the South, plus countless productive vegetable growing places, so Vietnam can have many special dishes made from rice and fresh green vegetables, so good for health.

The taste of street food also makes visitors “remember for a lifetime” so that when returning home, they will still remember the unforgettable memories of this experience. So there is no question that street food is a unique culture that tourists from all over the world love to explore.

He also enjoys sharing the joy of buying clothes on the street when only 50,000 VND can buy a pair of pants or a shirt to “dress up”.

In addition, the guy also shared that with only 22 to 25 dollars (from 550,000 to 620,000 VND) tourists can find themselves a very good hotel to rest. Even if you want to experience 4 – 5 star luxury hotels, it only costs about 80 to 100 dollars (nearly 2,000,000 to 2,500,000 VND) to be able to enjoy the comfort. roofs in “genuine” hotels.

During Uptin’s trip, he listed three reasons why he so wanted to visit Vietnam: affordable prices, the country’s diverse culture and cuisine. So after tourism has gradually recovered, the guy did not hesitate to plan to visit and make an interesting journey in Vietnam.

The journey to discover Vietnam brings Uptin unique interesting things that are considered as an interesting experience that is hard to get anywhere. These foreign visitors experience things that seem so familiar and ordinary in our country for the first time, yet they find many interesting and exciting experiences in a unique way. Through the videos posted on his channel, it is enough to feel how impressed Uptin guy is with Vietnam. All kinds of dishes from popular to strange experiences are also tried and shared by him.

However, even tourists and netizens commenting below agree that, despite being a cheap destination, the facilities and services in the S-shaped country are excellent. then the amount that the visitor has to spend. This place has grown tremendously and has affirmed its “tourist brand” with international friends. So when it comes to Vietnam today, our country is considered an attractive destination that must be visited once in a word, not an affordable destination in the world anymore.

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