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In the eyes of foreign tourists, these are things that can only be found on the streets of Vietnam

A foreign tourist has listed a series of things that are very familiar to Vietnamese people but make her feel extremely strange.

The country of Vietnam is not only famous for its beautiful scenery but also “famous near and far” because of its interesting street culture that makes visitors cannot help but be surprised.

Recently, a foreign female journalist cum TikToker had a trip to Vietnam and while visiting, she posted a video about interesting things that you can only find in the streets of Vietnam. And not only impressing her through tourist destinations, but the little things in Vietnamese life also surprise international tourists many times. The video has received many views and “dropped hearts” because of so many cute things through the eyes of a tourist.

There are motorbikes everywhere

During my trip, the first thing that impressed Seara (the name of the female TikToker) was that Vietnamese people used motorbikes as their main means of transport. The traffic in the big cities that she has visited is always busy and the streets are full of motorbikes, so this girl is very surprised by the sight of Vietnamese people riding motorbikes on the street.

In the eyes of foreign tourists, these are things that can only be found on the streets of Vietnam

Fresh fruit cart with cute sellers

In a rather hot country like Vietnam, fruit is an indispensable specialty everywhere. However, the delicate girl Seara also noticed that the fruit sellers on the street were also extremely warm and cute when standing next to her cool fruit cart.

Shoe polisher on the street

Today, we still often see shoe shiners on the streets. These shoe polishers surprised Seara with their “professionalism” when helping her clean her shoes like new.

Carrying sidewalk food with small chairs

Street food is always the best part of Vietnamese cuisine with a variety of dishes and flavors. But the rustic thing that Seara was impressed with was the food stalls on the sidewalk serving diners with small, cute stools.

Women wearing traditional conical hats on the street

The conical hat is a traditional accessory of Vietnam, used by people almost regularly in the past. However, with today’s busy life, many people forget the conical hat. Somewhere in the street, the business women still consider the conical hat as their inseparable object to cover the hot sun.

(Artwork, source: baoquangninh)

Many great cafes on the street

Vietnam is two of the major coffee-producing countries in the world, so it is not surprising that this is a popular drink, especially coffee with condensed milk. When it comes to sightseeing, Seara is also delighted to find so many delicious cafes easily on the street. She also revealed that this is the most special reason why she loves Vietnam.

There are also some other interesting things that Seara finds on the streets of Vietnam, such as images of a guy trimming his dog’s hair or giant bonsai trees placed on the sidewalk. These things happen in the daily life of Vietnamese people, but it is these small things, but in the eyes of a foreign tourist, they are beautiful images that make her constantly praise “I love Vietnam” (rough translation: I love Vietnam).

And not only videos about the street, but she has also posted many other videos about many unique experiences in her travel journey in the country of picture S.

Image source: Seara Travels

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