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The famous hundred-year-old trees in Vietnam are a “popular” virtual living scene online

The famous hundred-year-old trees in Vietnam are not only meaningful in terms of nature conservation but also virtual coordinates that are loved by young people. 

Famous hundred-year-old trees in Vietnam young people check in often 

1. Thai Binh rice plant

There are many famous hundred-year-old trees in Vietnam , stretching from the South to the North. Among them are ancient plants associated with flower seasons, associated with childhood memories of a generation of Vietnamese. If you have the opportunity to visit Thai Binh every March, take the time to visit two famous hundred-year-old rice trees of the province. 

The famous hundred-year-old trees in Vietnam are a “popular” virtual living scene online
Thai Binh has rice trees that are hundreds of years old. Photo: Ngoc Thien

These are two of the most famous ancient rice trees in the North – the land with the fiery rice flower season every March. Of course, in Thai Binh province, there are also many beautiful rice trees, hundreds of years old. However, rice in Kien Xuong district and Thai Thuy district is the most famous, the most well known. 

Rice is famous in Kien Xuong district and Thai Thuy district. Photo: Ngoc Thien

The first thing to mention is the rice plant in Ngai pagoda, Quang Binh commune, Kien Xuong district. This rice tree is about 200 years old, the stump is so big that it takes 2 people to hug it. The roots of the tree cling to the ground, the trunk rises strongly, spreading the wide foliage to shade space in front of the temple yard.

In March, the rice flowers bloom red. Photo: Ngoc Thien

Every year, when the rice flower season comes, the rice tree in Ngai pagoda is brilliant with the red color of the crimson flowers. From a distance, the tree looks like there are big fire spots, standing out among the green foliage under the golden sunshine of the late spring days. It is because of that beauty that the rice tree of Ngai pagoda becomes the check-in coordinates of rice flower lovers. 

Photographer Ngoc Thien took pictures of his beloved daughter with a hundred-year-old rice tree. Photo: Ngoc Thien

In addition to the rice tree in Ngai pagoda, in Thai Thinh commune, Thai Thuy district, there is another hundred-year-old rice tree. More specifically, this rice plant has a winding body like a dragon on the ground. In order for the trunk to grow well and rise high, people also built two large stone pillars to support the tree firmly. 

If you travel to Thai Binh, remember to check in with this hundred-year-old rice tree. Photo: Ngoc Thien

The hundred-year-old rice tree in Thai Thinh commune is one of the famous hundred-year-old trees in Vietnam . Even local people call the tree “grand rice” and set up a shrine right next to it because the tree has existed for many generations, being a “witness” to many changes in history. Also because of its long age, unique shape and beautiful flowers, every March rice flower season, residents and tourists flock here to check in with the rice plant. 

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2. Ninh Binh persimmon tree

There are many virtual trees in Vietnam hundreds of years old that have appeared in the check-in photos of young people. The most recent is a hundred-year-old persimmon tree in Khe Ha village, Ninh Xuan commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province. This is the hottest persimmon tree in recent times, attracting a large number of young people to visit and take photos. 

Ninh Binh persimmon tree is famous on the internet all the time. Photo: @maiphuong.pyyy_

It is known that this persimmon tree is owned by the family of Ms. Le Thi Xiem, 71 years old. The owner said that the persimmon tree has been planted for a long time, with an age of up to one hundred years. Mrs. Siam said that since her husband’s grandfather had had this persimmon tree. Although the exact age of the tree is not known, the persimmon tree has probably grown and developed over the centuries. 

This persimmon tree is owned by a household in the Hoa Lu district. Photo: @nth23thang5

The persimmon tree of Mrs. Xiem’s ​​house is planted in the front yard, in front of it is a stone fence with a high, solid and superficial wall, imbued with the housing culture of the Northern people. Next to the persimmon tree is the entrance gate, with a simple tiled roof, bringing the rustic beauty of Hoa Lu village. 

The scenery here is as beautiful as Korea. Photo: @nguyenmyylinh

Thanks to its hundred-year-old age and lush growth, the persimmon tree is outstandingly tall, surpassing the fence wall and reaching high into the sky. The wide canopy shaded the whole yard, reaching out to the front porch. Especially in the ripe persimmon season, on the tree are clusters of ripe yellow berries, beautiful and extremely peaceful. 

The persimmon tree produces beautiful ripe fruit. Photo: @mieeeeee_07

On a chance occasion, her grandson’s tourist cousin brought guests dressed in Korean clothes to check in on the front porch. Immediately the photos were “popular” on social networks. Her hundred-year-old persimmon tree has also become famous since then, becoming a beautiful destination in Ninh Binh that many tourists love. 

Many young people come here to check in with the hundred-year-old persimmon tree. Photo: @_phkienypn_

The hundred-year-old persimmon tree with ancient beauty combined with moss-covered walls and simple tiled roofs has created a backdrop of Korean beauty. Coming here, visitors just need to stand right in front of the gate to have a beautiful photo. Currently, near Mrs. Xiem’s ​​house, there are also many places to rent Korean costumes to serve tourists.

3. Da Nang Banyan Tree 

Unlike Thai Binh rice or Ninh Binh persimmon trees, banyan trees in Da Nang do not flower, nor produce sweet fruit. However, this is also a very popular check-in coordinate. It is known that this banyan tree is located on the eastern edge of Son Tra peninsula , belonging to 63 nature reserves, 2 km from Nghe cape and 11 km from Linh Ung pagoda. 

Banyan tree is located on Son Tra peninsula, thousands of years old. Photo: @rainstormfilm

The banyan tree on the Son Tra peninsula has an age of up to thousands of years, worthy of being called “grandfather”. Although located in a rather dangerous mountainous position, it still attracts many tourists to visit and check-in. Looking from afar, you can see the thousand-year-old banyan tree appearing with its superficial, majestic and mysterious beauty. 

Huge roots of Son Tra banyan tree. Photo: @rein.stagramm

Up to the present time, this banyan tree is one of the few ancient trees that are thousands of years old. Legend has it that the place where this banyan tree grew was once a place where the gods descended to play. Because of their love for the banyan tree, they endowed the tree with rare beauty and great vitality that can last for centuries.

Extremely “artificial” virtual live photo in Son Tra banyan tree. Photo: @kelly.traveldreamer

Perhaps, you have to directly cross the mountain and cross the forest to come here to fully feel the beauty of the Son Tra banyan tree. This giant banyan tree is up to 20 meters high, 10 meters in circumference, with about 26 auxiliary roots growing around, forming a strange and bizarre support for the overall banyan tree.

Massive root network of Son Tra banyan tree. Photo: @pulivo

In the early morning or late evening, the scenery around this banyan tree is dim and full of magic, both sacred and enchanting. Of course, if you want to take beautiful check-in photos with the Son Tra banyan tree, it’s best to come in the morning when it’s sunny, the photos will be more beautiful and impressive. 

Going to Da Nang, you remember to check in the Son Tra banyan tree. Photo: @collin_92_

There are many famous hundred-year-old trees in Vietnam that have been checked in regularly by young people, creating fevers in the tourist communities. If you have the opportunity, once you visit the Thai Binh rice tree, Ninh Binh persimmon tree and Son Tra banyan tree to admire the ancient trees that are much older than us. 

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