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No need to go far, even in the North there are “lonely” trees that make young people fall in love

Lonely trees standing alone in the middle of the vast sky are the dreamy virtual coordinates loved by many.

Taking pictures with trees standing alone seems to have become a hobby, a hobby of young people. Referring to the “lonely tree” people immediately think of the pine tree in Da Lat or the heart tree of An Giang. However, even in the northern region of Vietnam, there are also tree stumps standing alone in the middle of the vast landscape, becoming the favorite virtual coordinates of young people who are passionate about searching for new skies.

Lonely eagle tree – Phuc Tho, Hanoi

About 30km from the center of Hanoi, a beautiful virtual living corner in Hanoi makes the virtual life enthusiasts stand still. The image of the shadow of an old tree stands out in the middle of the vast field, creating a scene that is both poetic and peaceful.

No need to go far, even in the North there are “lonely” trees that make young people fall in love

The “lonely” eagle tree in the middle of a vast field – Source: Nato.duky

This “lonely” tree is located on the border between Thach That and Phuc Tho districts, Hanoi. It is known that this is an eagle tree that has existed for a long time, up to a hundred years old, that’s why people often call this tree “one hundred years of loneliness”.

Featured with green foliage, this place is a favorite destination of many young people – Source: Nato.duky

Not towering, but still spreading with luxuriant foliage, the special feature that makes this lonely tree attractive is that it only has two leaf seasons. In spring, the green leaves and branches are full of life. Winter comes, the tree also blends with the season of falling leaves, leaving thin branches, subtly something sad.

In the season of changing leaves, the tree is bare with thin branches but still very beautiful – Source: Le Linh

In the late afternoons and sunsets, that lonely tree silhouette stands out against the red sky, creating a wonderful picture of nature. This original eagle also appeared in the MV ” Stop Loving Can Remember ” by singer Duc Phuc, whose cinematic beauty makes young people even more fascinated.

The lonely hundred-year-old eagle tree appeared in the music video of singer Duc Phuc – Source: Internet

Lonely grinding tree – Quan Ba, Ha Giang

Thinking that Ha Giang is only full of mountains, craggy cliffs, dangerous roads and foggy weather, no one expected that this place also owns a “lonely tree” with a special location that is not a place to visit. any have.

Favorite virtual coordinates of backpackers – Source: Immnha

This lonely tree is actually a ginkgo tree, located in Can Ty commune, Quan Ba ​​district, Ha Giang province, but not on National Highway 4C but on the path to Yen Minh town, near Lao Chai kindergarten. . In the midst of the majestic mountains and forests, there is a shadow of trees leaning on the side of the dry and hard rock, a unique highlight that makes anyone who has the opportunity to stop and admire.

A lonely tree lying on a pass – Source: ahhth

A lonely tree in Ha Giang is also known as one of the 15 most beautiful lonely trees in Vietnam. Standing prominently alone in a corner, with a secret beauty, quiet and lonely, but in tune with many other hearts and souls. An inherently unfamiliar tree stump suddenly became a stopover and check-in place for guests who love novelty, making it no longer a lonely place but always alive.

The lonely tree is that, will the people who come to visit be lonely?- Source: Khin

Lonely tree – Ta Xua, Son La

Ta Xua not only attracts tourists with its majestic mountain scenery or floating clouds, but also by the unique beauty of the lonely tree silhouette that reigns high in the Northwest.

Lonely apple tree causes fever in Ta Xua – Source: Changbeingchang

Located on the top of Wind, about 11km from the center of Ta Xua town, you need to go in the direction of Suoi Sap 2 hydroelectric power station, about 1km past Mom Ca Doo, you will see a trail leading to the coordinates of this extremely lonely tree. . This place has now been marked on the Google map application, so visitors can easily move here.

The scenery here is covered with green hills and mountains – Source: Phung Nguyen

Called “lonely tree” because here only this tree stands tall in the sky, as if creating a highlight of Ta Xua land. Despite going through the wind and wind in the great thousands, even though it is a lonely tree, it is always full of life.

There are also couples who invite each other to Ta Xua to take pictures with a lonely tree – Source: lynh Cao

Now people come to Ta Xua not only to hunt for clouds but also to find the place where this tree stands alone in the sky, and perhaps that tree does not seem to be lonely anymore, when people enjoy, traveling long distances to take pictures and soothe each other’s loneliness.

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