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Traveling to the West for 1 day, where to go is both cheap and beautiful?

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to visit the West River is the choice of many people. However, the weekend is too short, making you wonder where to go for a 1-day trip to the West? So let’s see this article with Vinlove to have more choices for yourself.

Traveling to the West for 1 day, where should I go? Recommend typical destinations

1. Can Tho tourism

Visiting the West has too many choices, and Can Tho is a great stopover you should not miss. Although this place has many attractive destinations, you can completely plan  a full day trip to the West by yourself , if you know how to manage your time. 

Traveling to the West for 1 day, where to go is both cheap and beautiful?
Explore Can Tho floating markets

The most famous destination in Can Tho is probably the floating markets on the river and this interesting experience also attracts the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists. When coming to the floating markets, the first thing you can easily notice is that the boats are full of fruits, food, as well as specialties in Can Tho , making it easy for you to discover the culinary essence of Vietnam. this city. Besides, visitors can also sit on a boat on the river to enjoy the fresh space of the river region, which is also very interesting. Along with that, we were lucky enough to see amateur singers singing on the river, bringing a very lively atmosphere. Some of the most impressive floating markets are Phong Dien, Cai Rang, Ninh Kieu,…

Bustling atmosphere at Cai Rang floating market

Suggested Can Tho 1 day travel itinerary:

  • Morning: Wake up and move from Saigon to Can Tho. Then continue to take the car to Cai Rang floating market area. Here you will be free to shop right on the river, as well as discover delicious dishes, specialties of the floating market.
  • Noon: Rest and continue the journey to visit My Khanh tourist area to participate in recreational game activities.
  • Afternoon: Take the car to Ninh Kieu to experience, explore and prepare to return to Saigon.

2. Dong Thap tourism

Many tourists wonder  where to go for a 1-day trip to the West? So the name Dong Thap is the perfect suggestion for you. Compared to other provinces in the West, Dong Thap is probably favored with more attractions and tourism. However, to have a full day trip to Dong Thap, it is best to visit Sa Dec and Cao Lanh.

For Sa Dec, you can go to the area of Huynh Thuy Le ancient church , to visit the unique architecture, multi-style, bold beauty of many countries such as Vietnam – France – China. Or you can also spend time going to Tan Quy Dong ornamental flower village to see hundreds of flowers blooming, the color is also very impressive. And the most ideal time to go to the flower garden is probably the season before Tet. As for Cao Lanh, famous for eco-tourism areas, resorts, such as Gao Giong tourist area, Xeo Quyt tourist area, Melaleuca bird forest, …

Journey to discover beautiful and romantic Melaleuca forest in Dong Thap

Suggested Dong Thap 1 day tour itinerary:

  • Morning: Visit Sa Dec and stop at Huynh Thuy Le ancient house, then go to Tan Quy Dong ornamental flower village.
  • Noon: Explore Cao Lanh and move to Xeo Quyt or Gao Giong tourist area. Have a lunch break there.
  • Afternoon: Move to melaleuca forest and return home.

3. Cai Mon – Cho Lach Tourism (Ben Tre)

In the  self-sufficient one-day trip to the West , Cai Mon – Cho Lach (Ben Tre province) is probably the most interested destination. This place is famous for its fragrant garden fruits such as: Mango garden, jackfruit garden, durian, mangosteen, breast milk, … So summer is the most ideal time to visit Cai tourist area. Mon – Cho Lach, when the fruits are coming to the ripe season. And this is also the answer to the question of where to go for a  1-day trip to the West?

Visit delicious fruit gardens in Cai Mon – Cho Lach

Suggested itinerary for Cai Mon – Cho Lach 1 day tour:

  • Morning: Visit famous tourist attractions such as Cai Mon Church, memorial stele of scholar Truong Vinh Ky.
  • Noon: Go to the fruit garden to visit and rest, eat.
  • Afternoon: In the early afternoon, you go to Cho Lach pier to experience boating on the river. Then take the car back home.

4. Cai Be Tourism (Tien Giang)

When traveling to the West for 1 day, where should you go to experience the ‘specialty’ of the floating market, do not miss Cai Be? Coming here, you will feel the bustling space of Cai Be people, selling rivers and water, with boats with fragrant fruit. Along with that, it is also very interesting to enjoy Western dishes and specialties right on the river. Or you can also visit the Vinh Sang tourist area nearby, for the opportunity to participate in extremely attractive outdoor games and activities.

Boats full of fruit at Cai Be floating market

Suggested itinerary for Cai Be 1 day tour:

  • Morning: Visit Cai Be floating market and then visit An Binh island.
  • Noon: Find a place to have lunch and in the early afternoon depart to Vinh Sang tourist area.
  • Afternoon: Have fun at the resort and in the evening arrange things to prepare to go home.

5. My Tho – Ben Tre tourism

This is also one of the sightseeing routes with cheap 1-day Western tours that many people choose. By coming here you will discover the beautiful natural landscape, with friendly and hospitable people. Arriving in Ben Tre, if you don’t have too much time, you just need to go to Con Quy and Con Phung areas. It is known that these 2 areas are developed in the form of ecological zones, including both natural and attractive amusement parks, so you will have more memorable experiences. Therefore, this is also the last choice that Vinlove would like to suggest to you on the topic of 1-day western travel, where should the best go?

Entertainment activities at Con Phung eco-tourism area

Suggested My Tho – Ben Tre travel itinerary 1 day:

  • Morning: Depart from Saigon to Vinh Trang pagoda in My Tho.
  • Noon: Go to Con Phung or Con Quy to visit and eat at this resort.
  • Afternoon: Arrange a time and move back.

If you know how to arrange the time, then 1 day can also explore the beauty of the West. So, hopefully, the above suggestions will help you know where to go for a 1-day trip to the West?  And if you know any more stops, please share with Vinlove in this comment section.

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