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“Pizza noodles” – the unique patented dish of a family of 3 generations of noodle making in the West, earning tens of millions per day, helping to raise children to study in the US

According to the evaluation of each ingredient, “Pizza Noodle Soup” would not be so special if it was not made from Uncle Sau Hoai’s own noodle.

The following dish has not necessarily proven all the creativity in Western cuisine, but it is definitely one of the “single” formations because it has made many visitors impressed and … disturbed. bracelets.

By the way, the story is not as simple as the introduction of a strange food …

“Pizza noodles” – the unique patented dish of a family of 3 generations of noodle making in the West, earning tens of millions per day, helping to raise children to study in the US

Uncle Huynh Huu Hoai (Uncle Sau, 55 years old) – owner of Sau Hoai noodle oven introduced his family’s product.


Searching for a decades-old traditional noodle craft village, we chose the Sau Hoai noodle oven as a stop and here is Uncle Huynh Huu Hoai (uncle Sau, 55 years old) – the owner of the oven provides a lot of price information. treatment.

Currently, Sau Hoai noodle oven is the only place that Can Tho city patented the famous Western famous “noodle soup” in the West. Instead of making bread crust with flour like the official pizza way, this place uses rice noodles as the base, that’s why the name “Pizza noodles” was also born.

Uncle Huynh Huu Hoai (Uncle Sau, 55 years old) – owner of Sau Hoai noodle oven.

Noodles will be fried in each ball after being baked. According to Mr. Sau, if you want a pizza with a crisp base, you must fry it in a pan covered with hot oil and just turn yellow, you have to take it out to avoid the crust being burned.

The bread crust will remind a lot of crispy fried noodles or Chinese fried noodles, but all are not when the topping of “noodle soup” is completely different from the above dishes. After the crust is cooked, the oven workers will put a layer of fried egg on top, then the meat, raw vegetables, pounded peanuts, onion, finally depending on the taste of each person that when eating, people will give. over soy sauce or chili sauce. Each serving of cake is both fragrant, fatty, and crispy when combined with the meat, fried eggs think it’s easy to taste, but when you add a little cilantro, everything blends in and fits your mouth very well.

Chewy noodles are fried in an oil pan until they turn golden, and will be picked out and placed on top of scallions.

Pizza with a topping of meat, fried eggs, peanuts, scallions, and cilantro.

“Pizza noodles” inherently has no complicated history, it was devised by Mr. Huynh Ngoc Diep – son of Uncle Sau Hoai and tested at the oven about 3 years ago. Mr. Diep is also known as a pupil of Ms. Phan Ton Tinh Hai – a famous artist in the culinary world, who made millions of people admire his work “Phuong Hoang Vu” in 2012.

“Before Diep brought Pizza with noodles, the average revenue per day was about 3-4 million, but now the turnover for a whole day can be up to 7-8 million, sometimes up to a dozen”, Uncle Sau disclosure.

Famous noodle soup pizza.

Like many professionals in the region, the Sau Hoai noodle oven inherently exists only on the basis of traditional noodle making, but thanks to the spirit of demand and infinite creativity, the oven has developed dramatically. While Westerners still restrict “Westernization” of traditional cuisine, perhaps Uncle Sau thinks that combining is still the best way to stick and develop a profession that has supported the family for more than 40 years.

Uncle Sau Hoai’s family has four members, 3 of which stick to the oven, the eldest being Mr. Huynh Ngoc Diep – the person who came up with the idea of ​​”Pizza of Noodles” is currently studying tourism in the US. According to the evaluation of each ingredient, “Pizza Noodle Soup” would not be so special if it was not made from Uncle Sau Hoai’s own noodle.

“Noodles Pizza” is now vacuumed and packaged.


If you talk about the special noodle in the oven of Uncle Sau, first of all, it must be reminded that the current Vietnamese noodle is created based on the original from the original Chinese soft noodles that were brought to My Tho. 17th century And if in the North there was pho Hanoi bearing Vietnamese cultural identity, the noodle soup was no different, it was also considered a typical single dish of Western people.

Cake coating is considered to be the most technical step.

In the past, the flour ingredient was the brightest thing when people compared the difference between Chinese and Westerners. Chinese noodles are made from rice flour and Vietnamese people will make chewy noodles from filter flour, but as time goes by with regional cuisine, the ingredients are no longer important. The name deduced from the raw materials of making noodles to call such as: chewy, soft, and fresh, … Where Uncle Sau released the oven was chewy, the fiber was made from filter powder.

Noodles will be dried after being ripe.

The yarn cutting stage has the “entry” of modern machines, so the finished noodle is both beautiful and beautiful.

“The thread of the noodles, the most important thing is the process of making dough and coated with cake. To make dough, each family has its own recipe for stirring, but the thread of the noodles must be milky white. The grain of rice must be kneaded. In order to get the starch, to coat it, it is necessary to keep your hands free to make bubbles, then bring them to dry and finally cut the noodles into fibers “, said Uncle Sau.

On the fire are 3 aluminum ovens with a mouth with a diameter of more than a hundred centimeters covered with mosquito net, underneath the fabric is water. Before applying the cake to make noodles, people will let the water boil, the steam rises above the mosquito net and cook the pre-coated dough on the cloth. Soup until this layer of dough is ripe, then people use a pestle, then let the pestle lean along the surface of the cake, pick it up and dry it in the theater. All these steps take place from morning to evening. Just like that, Uncle Sau’s oven produced about 350kg of noodles per day.

After cutting yarn, it will be dried and packed and vacuumed.

“On an average day, the oven sells about 350kg of noodles, the price is 40,000VND / kg, dry noodles 40 to 50,000 VND / kg (vacuumed), pizza noodles 50,000 VND / kg. There are rice noodles of all colors from the orange color of Gac, purple pea flower, the color of pineapple leaves, the color of beetroot, and dragon fruit … Since trying this color and that, I see customers are quite satisfied. As gifts go away, he also helps in vacuuming for customers, it also helps to make our products more valuable “, said Mr. Sau.

Thanks to the combination of tourism, “innovating” the noodle oven in many ways, allowing visitors to come and experience firsthand the traditional profession of the family that Uncle Sau Hoai can keep the job and can help a lot. Students in the area can work in an ideal garden tourism environment.

Uncle Sau’s son is currently an international student majoring in Tourism in the US. Thinking back, it would be very easy to see that if at some point, Uncle Sau’s family wanted to develop this traditional noodle oven, it would no longer lie in the era, but in the vision and creativity. For example, the “Pizza noodles” at this oven now has a packaged, vacuum-sealed product, the brand information on the heirloom noodle oven above is available! According to Uncle Sau, Mr. Diep is the person who has the greatest impact on the family’s tourism property. Specifically, in 2013, developed by the momentum based on the model outlined by Mr. Diep, Uncle Sau invested more in the homestay segment, the ecological garden, combined with the experience of making noodles, enjoying on the spot “Pizza noodles. “divine, attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Uncle Sau Hoai’s noodle oven gives guests a direct experience in making noodles. Follow Phap luật & Bạn đọc

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