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8 types of Tet cakes in the West

In addition to the familiar two types of Tet cakes with banana and green bean paste, visitors to the West also enjoy 6 other types of Tet cakes.

8 types of Tet cakes in the West
Banh Tet is a traditional gift that reminds us of our roots every spring. Having the opportunity to pack cakes with family members, boil and wait for them to cook, you will feel the warmth of the reunion day. If you come to the West for a spring trip during Tet, you can try 8 different types of Tet cakes, in which popular ones are green bean paste and banana filling. Photo: Quynh Tran
Western pancakes are made meticulously and meticulously from the stage of choosing ingredients: glutinous rice, beans, various fillings, banana leaves, strabismus… Those who like to eat sweet Tet cakes choose ripe Siamese bananas, split them in half, and marinate a little more. sugar to make banana Tet cake . Glutinous rice is selected with a delicious taste, soaked, drained, then sauteed with coconut milk for aroma and fat, red beans for the cake have a fleshy taste and pandan leaves for a beautiful green color. When cooked, the cake is soft, the filling is crimson pink, and the sweet taste of cooked bananas is bold. Photo: Instagram kamza9x
Banh tet with ash water is also a type of sweet cake, the size is usually smaller than the usual Tet cakes. The filling of the cake consists of only peeled green beans, cooked and pureed, with a little salt and sugar added. The sticky rice after soaking and draining is mixed with ash water. The cooked cake has sticky seeds inside, blooms evenly, the outer shell is flexible and soft, slightly chewy, and the filling is medium sweet and has the aroma of green beans. Photo: MinxShop Anh Tuyet
Moringa tet cake is a novelty cake that visitors can enjoy when coming to Con Son, Binh Thuy district, Can Tho city. The cake has a beautiful green color thanks to the moringa leaves, and the filling is only green beans or ripe bananas, with no meat added. The cake is best eaten while it is still hot, guests will clearly feel the fleshy taste of green beans, the fat of coconut milk permeates the sticky rice, and the aroma of moringa leaves, suitable for vegetarians or need nutritional supplements. Photo: Be Bay Cake – Con Son specialty cake
“Luxury” ginseng tet cake is available in Can Tho, Hau Giang. The same way as traditional Tet cakes, however, the filling with green beans, chicken, salted eggs and especially red ginseng is weighed and adjusted for nutrition. The outer layer of the cake impresses with the purple color of the butterfly pea flower. Ginseng Tet cake is often bought to give to relatives and friends as a wish for good health in the new year. Photo: Be Bay Cake – Con Son specialty cake
Tet cakes with green bean fat is a very popular type of savory cake in the West, loved by many people. The filling has green beans wrapped around fatty meat, seasoned bacon, cut into a rectangular shape with the length of a cake bar. Meat before wrapping can be dried in the sun so that when cooked it will be clearer and more beautiful. The cooked green bean fat steak is heavy in the hand, the bean paste is firm, the aroma of banana leaves is light, the seasoning is rich in the filling, the fat is soft and won’t be eaten. Photo: Lisa
Also a version of savory Tet cakesTet cakes is quite famous in Can Tho. The dish changes the appearance and enhances the flavor of traditional Tet cakes. The baker soaks the sticky rice with water to give it a dark purple color, and the filling in addition to green beans and fatty meat also has a fatty and salty salted egg yolk. In addition to purple leaves, many people also soak glutinous rice with pandan leaves and gac fruit to give it a bright color to their liking. Photo: Instagram hun.gmax
Tra Cuon Tet cake is sold by the people of Cau Ngang district (Tra Vinh) all year round, not only during Tet, but when spring comes, this cake is more and more popular. The cake here is made from glutinous rice, green beans, fatty meat, and salted eggs. The bakers mix sticky rice with vegetable colors such as botanic leaves, pandan leaves, Camellia leaves and Gac fruit to add fresh color and flavor to the cake. Visitors to Tra Vinh can buy Tet cakes at Hai Ly establishment in Kim Hoa commune, Cau Ngang district. Photo: Instagram quiduong4
Instead of enjoying cooked Tet cake, Westerners also have a strange version of fried Tet cakes , which often appear after Tet. Cooked cake, cut into slices, fried in a pan filled with oil, the outside is golden crispy and the inside is soft. Hotdish with pickles, dried shrimp, can be dipped with sweet and spicy chili sauce if you like. Photo: Instagram mr.lam81

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