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8 famous Western New Year specialties everyone wants to buy as New Year gifts

Tra Cuon Tra Vinh banh Tet, An Giang spring rolls, Lai Vung Dong Thap spring rolls, five-color flower rolls, … are the famous Western New Year specialties that are popular in the New Year.

The end of the year is when the family takes care of Tet shopping, besides the traditional delicacies, the specialties from regions across the country, especially Western products, are loved by housewives. prefer. Indispensable in the list of exotic delicacies in the Mekong Delta provinces are the types of jam cake, spring rolls, sausages, sausages and dried shrimp. Join LuhanhVietNam to explore these attractive dishes.

Top 8 delicious Western New Year specialties

1. Tra Vinh Tra Cuon Banh Mi

If Tet holiday in the North is indispensable for banh chung, the last days of the old year – the beginning of the new year in the southwestern region must have banh banh tet. Although the shape and package way is not much different from other types of banh Tet in the South, depending on different regions and provinces, there will be a unique and unique way of processing crust and filling. The most famous and sought-after Tet gift among Western specialties is probably Tra Cuon Tra Vinh.

8 famous Western New Year specialties everyone wants to buy as New Year gifts
Tra Cuon Banh Tet. Photo:

To make the right Tra Cuon Banh Banh Banh Banh bash requires the cook to be careful and meticulous in each step. The first is to choose a genuine Tra Vinh wax sticky rice and then bring it in 6-7 times. After that, let it drain, bring it together with vegetable juice or other old vegetable juices to create natural blue, red, purple, yellow colors and typical aroma. Finally, a cake filling is cooked from lean pork mixed with fatty meat. In the filling, there are also delicious green beans and the yolks of salted duck eggs. All create the unique and unforgettable flavor of the delicious western specialty cake .

After completing slices of purple, delicious and beautiful banh Tet will be brought out and worshiped for the ancestors. Then, in the old year-end meal at the beginning of the new year, the cake is served up and served with stewed meat or fried for a convenient breakfast the next day.

2. Ben Tre puff banana jam

Since ancient times, Western people have a tradition of making many jam cakes on Tet occasion to worship their grandparents, use them indoors and treat guests from afar. And in the tourist land of Ben Tre , the puffy banana jam is one of the most popular dishes. The banana jam pieces have a crunchy outer layer of rice paper, hiding the sweet aroma of banana inside, together with the spicy aroma of old ginger, the fatty flavor of peanuts creating an attractive dish of Southern cuisine.

3. Western coconut jam

Referring to coconut, everyone thinks of Ben Tre – the land of many famous eco-tourism areas such as Con Phung, Lan Vuong tourist area , Ha Thao, … However, not only in the land of coconut, there are many coconuts and special Western New Year products are named coconut jam, but this dish is present in many other southern provinces such as Tra Vinh, Can Tho, An Giang, Tien Giang, …

Specialties in coconut language. Photo: mutdua.ben_tre_11

People often say that if Tet comes without jam, it is no longer a complete Tet. And although each region and province has different types of jam, the most popular is definitely coconut jam. Because coconut jam is easy to find ingredients and easy to prepare. Almost anyone can do it. Just a little meticulousness and skillfulness will be made to make a jam that has a delicious taste, sweetness and eye-catching colors, appealing to many diners. Coconut jam is also very easy to preserve, so more and more Western tourists choose to buy it as Tet gifts or holidays, …

Can Tho Cam Leaf Banh Mi. Photo: Wild.daisy278

In addition to bowls, puffed bananas and coconut jam, there are many other delicious dishes of Western cuisine that  are sold a lot on Tet such as Can Tho, Huynh Cacao, Go Cong cherry jam, custard-apple candy, … All of them are delicious and delicious dishes that make many tourists fall in love.

4. Nem Lai Vung – Dong Thap

Nem Lai Vung is also one of the Western New Year specialties that many people love. If the Binh Dinh rice- roll land has a piece of Cho Huyen spring roll that is infused with a bowl of Bau Da wine, Hanoi has the famous Phung spring roll, few people in the West do not know Lai Vung. It is the kind of sour spring rolls originating from Lai Vung district, Dong Thap province.

Nem has a bright red color. Photo: Angibando.

At first glance from the outside, you will see that the banana leaf piece encapsulates the spring rolls inside with magenta color. In the spring rolls, there is also a slice of garlic and spicy pepper. This Southern delicacy is often used as an appetizer with silk rolls, spring rolls in parties. Not only that, on days when they are tired of fish meat, Westerners also use spring rolls as a dish with rice or noodles in a simple family meal. Nem Lai Vung is also a very suitable dish to eat and play, as a bait because it has a sweet and sour taste and is extremely delicious.

Nem is wrapped in banana leaves. Photo: Hacooking1468

Lai Vung spring rolls have a fairly elaborate process. Moreover, each family in Dong Thap also has its own secret. However, the popular way to do this is still to choose the fresh lean pork meat, filter all the tendons, fat, then slice it thinly into the bowl. After adding sugar and salt just enough, grind or puree. Once finished, add the pork skin (skin), mix well, do not forget to sprinkle a few peppercorns and thinly sliced ​​garlic. The last step is to pack spring rolls into the intestinal clump leaves or young leaves. The outermost layer is the banana leaf. This Western New Year specialty is very popular with many visitors because it has a sweet and sour taste that catches the mouth, stimulates the taste buds. If you have the opportunity to travel to the West on the occasion of Tet, remember to buy to eat and treat guests at the beginning of the year.

Nem Lai Vung has a sophisticated way of processing. Photo: brijan1301

5. Gravity roll

Along with the familiar silk rolls, beef rolls or sausages at the Tet banquet table, Westerners also create many other beautiful and delicious rolls, but the five-color flower rolls are a typical example. Called five-color flower rolls because they have many layers to form colorful dishes.

Five colors are usually egg yolks coated with minced meat with carrots. The next layer is the pate and the outermost layer is the omelet. All make a unique spring roll dish, contributing to the attractive specialties of the river. In addition to the five-color rolls, there is another dish with the same way of making boneless chicken with pate. Both of these dishes can be used to display a Tet tray, making customers feel delicious and impressive at the same time.

Nam Thuy Flower Cake, the dish that beautifies the Western Tet tray. Photo:

6. Sausage

Sausage is not only a Western New Year specialty that is loved but also a very popular dish in the South. On the day of Tet, people find and buy delicious sausage to make a tray of rice to worship their ancestors, to celebrate the new year more neatly, to eat and treat guests in the most special days of a year. Southern people in general and the West in particular often choose ingredients including pork, pork fat, fresh shrimp, chicken, five flavors, cinnamon wine mixed with salt, pepper, sugar … to make this delicious dish.

The renowned delicious sausage dish has its own recipe. Photo: Quaquengon

Sausages in the southwestern provinces have many types: from fresh sausage, dried sausage to lean sausage. In addition to pork sausage, there are also shrimp sausages, fish sausages … or beef sausages such as rolling an Giang meringue . Other localities such as Can Giuoc (Long An), An Giang are very famous for their famous and delicious sausage with their own recipes. Sausage that can be boiled, fried or grilled is very delicious. Among them, the most popular is frying with water. Since it doesn’t use oil, the dish will be both delicious and healthy.

7. Ca Mau dried shrimp

Those who have traveled to Ca Mau even once, are impressed with the system of canals here. That is why this land is very abundant with fish and shrimp. From the available raw materials, the people here have made the specialties of dried fish, high quality dried shrimp with delicious taste, while still maintaining the natural sweetness of seafood, especially shrimp. Ca Mau dried shrimp is one of the Western Tet specialties chosen to buy a lot. This delicious dish has many different prices depending on the type, ranging from 500k to more than 2 million and extremely attracts customers on the Tet market.

Dried Shrimp Ca Mau Photo Khundinn

8. Long An watermelon

On the Western New Year, people often display a banquet tray including banh Tet, a bowl of stewed meat, a plate of dried shrimp, and especially the sweet nursery pieces. According to the elders, in the past, people often chose to buy round watermelon for Tet. Others are taken out to eat gradually in the early meals of the year. Watermelon can be eaten as a dessert or simply eaten with meat and eggs.

Long An watermelon. Photo: Anhxanhhoaquasach

Long An is the province that grows many of the most famous watermelon varieties in the South. This type of fruit specialty is popular with many people during the Tet holiday because of its red flesh, small or seedless seeds, eaten sweet and juicy, extremely suitable for the sunny days of the year.

These 8 Western New Year specialties above are suitable suggestions when you are wondering what to buy as a Tet gift for your family or friends when you have a trip to the West in the last days of the year. Wish you have a fun and interesting trip, and don’t forget to share unforgettable moments with Vinlove too!

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