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Western tourism is on the throne with a series of full-service services, foreign guests are interested in visiting

This summer, Western tourism has never been so bustling with the arrival of a series of domestic and foreign tourists to visit this charming river.

Take a walk around social networks this summer, in addition to the beaches in the Central region, this year, we can easily meet travel enthusiasts excited to check in at tourist destinations in Vietnam. Western provinces. For a long time, this land of rivers not only has brilliant nature, and delicious food but also has many interesting coordinates for travel enthusiasts.

Western tourism has changed dramatically

A few years ago, most people came to the West just to be self-sufficient or to tour many provinces at a time because there were few places to explore or visit. People only need to go to one or two most characteristic places of each province and then move quickly to another province, so the trip to the river region is a bit rushed and really has not discovered all the beautiful scenery as well as the beautiful scenery. cultural characteristics of each region.

Photo: Hoai Thuong

But from the end of last year to the beginning of this year, the new image of Western tourism has surprised tourists because of so many new and changed things. Many places were originally just a place with unspoiled landscapes, or tourism services are not known to many people, today these provinces have begun to attract tourists with many unique types of tourism that few places can find. have been.

Western tourism is on the throne with a series of full-service services, foreign guests are interested in visiting

Photo: huydinhhhh, ailinh

Meanwhile, travel companies all open more tours to the river region or there are even companies that only focus on tours to the West. Many young people were also excited to participate in many new experiences in the provinces in this region. Simple, rustic eco-tourism areas, garden landscapes are places chosen by many young people to visit in their journey to discover the Southwest region.

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In the evening, the pedestrian area or the night market, as well as many restaurants and eateries, also start to open later to serve the needs of visitors. These places, whether in the afternoon or late at night, are crowded with domestic and foreign tourists who enjoy visiting.

Many new types of tourism are very attractive

Now, the provinces all have their own characteristics to attract tourists, so visitors can choose to visit each province individually, which is interesting enough or can go to the same place in 2 days and 1 night. .

Many attractions and tourist attractions have been decorated and renovated with new landscapes to serve visitors and tourists this summer (Photo: Henry Duong)

Known as an emerging tourist destination in the West, Ha Tien (Kien Giang) was discovered by the reality show “2 days 1 night” and brought to many viewers a new view of the city. this peaceful sea. Presented in front of tourists with countless poetic natural beauties are pristine beaches, historical sites, ancient and sacred temples and shrines. Many tourists also start to learn and then gradually find this “mysterious” land.

Image: maaxn09, iva._.rasa

In the evening, around the downtown area of ​​Can Tho city, the Ninh Kieu wharf is crowded with tourists. Just a few years ago, many boats served tourists for dinner and river cruises that weren’t too crowded. However, this time, this type of dinner is crowded with fully booked guests, on the boat, many tourists enjoy dining, enjoying the bustling landscape of Can Tho city at night.

Photo: Ngan Tran, Nguyen Ngoc Minh, Thao Nguyen, Nguyen Trung

Then in the morning, trips to visit Cai Rang floating market (Can Tho) are even busier because everyone wants to experience the feeling of sitting on a boat and watching the life on the river of the small traders here. . And it is not natural that this place is voted TOP 3 most beautiful floating markets and is one of the 10 most beautiful canals in Asia. In addition, the favorite choice of many tourists is the hundred-year-old house – Binh Thuy (Can Tho), this is one of the most beautiful architectural works in the West.

Photo: hongvannn, lehatruc, Karen Nguyen, _nymmm

A tour to the islands and islets by boat here is also an extremely popular experience among tourists. Experience getting off the boat to cross the Tien River and then enjoy the peaceful and beautiful scenery on the islets named after 4 animals of the four spirits, Long – Lan – Quy – Phung or Con Lan (Thoi Son Island) (in the province of Quang Ninh). Tien Giang and Ben Tre). After that, you can walk on the cool village road, visit the orchard with your own eyes, and then visit the old handicraft places.

Photo: @kimdeltatravel

The two provinces of Soc Trang and An Giang bring different experiences for tourists with spiritual tourism. The temples in these two provinces are very special and brilliant, which will bring a peaceful space to make each person recover after tiring working hours. This is also one of the ways to preserve the cultural values ​​of the nation that young people need to pay attention to.

Photo: Henry Duong, Quang Du Hi

In addition, the mountains of That Son land (An Giang), strongly impress visitors by the idyllic beauty and the mixture of many unique cultures such as the Kinh, Khmer, and Cham communities. Besides, this land also attracts many tourists by the charming natural scenery, poetic by the green rice fields, the palm trees soaring to the sky.

Photo: Henry Duong, Tu Quoc, Bao Tran

Coming to Tan Lap floating village (Long An), visitors will have the opportunity to mingle with nature, have the most complete and true view of the beauty of the West River.

Photo: danquynhh, htienn139

Terrain with both plains, hills, and beautiful rivers like this, the West is the coordinate that attracts a large number of tourists with many impressive check-in points. Thanks to the peaceful nature and indispensable people in the West, this place has become one of the top tourist destinations of tourists.

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