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Returning to Vinh Long, Ben Tre experienced going to the monkey bridge once, wearing a Ba Ba shirt to the pond to slap fish in the garden

If suddenly one day you want to try to be a farmer playing around in the fruit gardens, why not go to the West to experience these rustic things?

The West has been a rich land since ancient times with interlaced rivers filled with fish and alluvium, creating gardens of fragrant flowers and sweet fruits. Coming to the West to play is not only sitting on a boat to watch the cool canals, listening to the resounding folk music, or visiting the bustling floating market. But the memories of the West will be enriched with the monkey bridge across the river, fruit-laden fruit trees, and dinghy in peaceful tourist spaces.

Returning to Vinh Long, Ben Tre experienced going to the monkey bridge once, wearing a Ba Ba shirt to the pond to slap fish in the garden

Photo: Tien Vo, Nguyen Thanh Tuan

Garden ecotourism is increasingly developing in the Mekong Delta region with the popular model of planting fruit trees, releasing fish in ponds or canals. The form of tourism attracts visitors by its rustic and idyllic features. When coming here, visitors can experience entertainment activities and feel the Southern culture. It is this that makes ecotourism in the garden attractive not only to Vietnamese people but also to foreign tourists.

It will be extremely interesting to have the opportunity to come here, wear a traditional grandmother to participate in interesting folk games and then “roll up your pants” to go down the ditch, slap the pond to catch fish. You will become a real farmer when catching fish hiding in the water with your own hands. The model of ecotourism in the garden has become familiar with the large-area fruit orchards “storks flying straight”. This is considered a typical river culture that is rarely found anywhere else.

Photo: Jin Feng

Famous garden tourist areas

Vinh Sang eco-tourism area, Vinh Long

In the West, this is the most famous eco-tourism area in the region, located on An Binh island, with extremely cool and fresh air. Before rolling into interesting activities, visitors will be able to visit the orchard and enjoy fruit on the spot. After eating delicious fruits, you will be transformed into a farmer and play interesting games such as cycling over the monkey bridge, sliding grass and slapping the ditch to catch fish. The tourists will “wrestle” with snakehead fish, perch, catfish … in the ditch to enjoy the delicious taste from their own “fruits”. At the end of the day, you will hear Cai Luong songs, Southern folk music or take a walk along the island to visit traditional craft villages…

Photo: Vinhsang.com

Lan Vuong eco-tourism area, Ben Tre

As a fairly prominent name in recent times, this resort is only about 5km from the center of Ben Tre. Although quite close to the central area, the space here is completely different, creating a feeling of relaxation for visitors. Going to the West of the charming river like this, visitors will enjoy the fresh air, watch the gentle rivers, ride a dinghy down the canal full of nipa palm groves. Visitors can also play challenging games on monkey bridges, or sit and sip on freshly baked sweet and fatty coconut candies along with many other Ben Tre delicacies. Not only enjoying the specialties of Ben Tre but also being immersed in the green nature in the idyllic countryside and participating in useful activities.

Photo: Phuong Van, Lan Vuong tourist area

Phu An Khang eco-tourism area, Ben Tre

Phu An Khang is a tourist area with a large fruit garden area and a variety of entertainment activities. This place is very suitable for you to relax and have fun with family, friends or organize collective activities for the company. The delegations who come here also visit the orchard and will be able to personally pick and enjoy delicious fruits. Can’t forget to enjoy the rustic and rustic meals from what you catch. As the perfect place to go in groups, you can participate in “teamwork” activities such as rowing canoe to catch ducks, slapping ditches to catch shrimp, catching fish, etc. in a Ba Ba dress like a local in the West of the main river. brand.

Photo: Phu An Khang KDL

Lang Be tourist area, Ben Tre

Lang Be tourist area is only 90km from Ho Chi Minh City, but it has a charming river scene of the Southwest region associated with the local people’s raft farming. When coming to play at Lang Be tourist area, visitors will immediately be “fascinated by many attractive games and peaceful natural scenery. There are still many interesting activities such as going to monkey bridge, swinging coconut boats, slapping water to catch fish, … so this place will be a “ticket” for you to return to your childhood. You will be able to enjoy this fruit in a delicious way with delicious rustic dishes such as grilled fish or cooking the “old” quality sour soup. More special than other tourist areas is that you can stay overnight because this place has a system of hotels in the tourist area, bearing the style of the river countryside.

Photo: Village raft resort

The experiences at these resorts will help you fully feel a very simple and peaceful West. Coming here, you will enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the West River region, comfortably have fun after hours of studying and working tired but just need to move during the day.