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Strange weeds become “money-making” vegetables of the West

“Repent” is the name of a unique dish of the western rivers. Eating delicious should quickly become a “money-making” vegetable of the people here.

“Repent” is a famous dish in Bac Lieu, Soc Trang, and Ca Mau rivers. Repentance is a weed that grows in fields or ditches. There are usually two types of repentance: repentance (repentance) and repentance. The type of pork that is a famous specialty right now is ‘n’ bop.

From a weed species, now it has become a “money-making” vegetable of Westerners. In a number of communes in Hong Dan and Phuoc Long districts, Bac Lieu province, people also grow nectarine on a large area, harvest it all year round, and sell it all over the country.

Strange weeds become “money-making” vegetables of the West
Just peeled off.

To repent, people pluck the delicious stalks and then cut them from the bottom to about 2.5 inches. After that, people use a toothpick or a specialized sharp stick to cut a line from the beginning to the end of the stalk to peel off the outer layer, leaving the white core inside.

Many people jokingly say that the discovery of the “edible” dish is probably the shepherds of the past. While herding buffaloes, there was nothing to eat, so the shepherds stripped the core of the cows for fun, the taste was sweet, clear, and cool. From an “edible” dish to a “delicious” dish, bep is now available at the dining table of restaurants and high-class eateries.

Non-bop with ginger sauce is a great choice.

The first delicious dish from repentance is to eat raw, dipped with braised fish sauce, Chung sauce, or simply dipped in stock, as an instant vegetable. A rustic dish that is also easy to make, quick to eat, is stir-fried with rice husk shrimp or shrimp. The sweetness from shrimps and shrimps mixed with the sweet taste of shrimp makes a special dish.

Note that when stir-frying this dish, do not add too much sugar and monosodium glutamate. Repentance is a very unique way for Westerners is to make “meat” for pancakes. Anyone who has ever eaten this type of pancake will feel all the quintessence of the river encapsulated in a golden, pure white cake. Another way of eating is to make a pickle, which is roughly called “squeezing vinegar”. This type of food is also very easy to make, eat less bored and catch rice.

The buds after peeling off all the skins to make vegetables for dipping in a hot pot, etc. Eating raw is the first choice of Westerners. People often repent of living with braised fish sauce, Chung sauce, or simply dipped in stock, as an instant vegetable.

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