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The West has a type of cake with a very strange name, but it is easy to “addict” to eating it.

The West has long been famous for many specialties and delicious dishes. Among them are cakes with very strange names that many people have never heard of, such as offerings.

The West has long been famous for its many specialties and delicious dishes. Among them, there are many delicious and unique cakes that are only found in this river region. There are very strange cakes that many people have never heard of, such as worship cakes.

Talking about the unique name of this cake, many theories say that in the past, the name of the cake was banh cuon because the way it was made was to roll up banana leaves.

But later on, it was easy to confuse it with hot rolls with meat, so it was read as a cake offering. There are also people who believe that this is a type of cake used to worship ancestors, anniversaries, and full moon, so it has such a name.

The West has a type of cake with a very strange name, but it is easy to “addict” to eating it.
The cake is white in color, chewy and crunchy, wrapped in banana leaves, fragrant with rice flour.

Although offering a rustic and popular look, having delicious cakes is an art of the baker. With the criterion, the cake must be chewy, have a fatty, sweet, and mouth-watering taste, not be bored when eating, especially with eye-catching colors, attractive flavors, and elaborate baking stages.

The ingredients only include rice flour mixed with coconut milk, sugar, and pandan leaf juice. In order to have a delicious cake, the rice used must be selected with good quality, the whole grain is soaked in water and ground into a powder. The flour is then poured into a plastic bowl, mixed with coconut milk, pandan leaf juice, and a little salt and sugar to taste and mixed well, dissolving the powder so that it is not too thin or too thick. .

At the stage of wrapping the cake, banana leaves (porcelain bananas or banana seeds) must be fresh, peeled, dried slightly (not too fresh or too dry), then torn into pieces larger than the palm of your hand. Clean both inside and outside.

Next, use a bamboo stick longer than a hand’s length, about an inch and a half in diameter to roll the leaves to shape them into long tubes (about the size of an adult’s hand). When rolling, starting from the edge of the leaf, roll so that the layers of the leaves are stacked, showing nice veins; fold the edge at the end of the head and then tie it with a dry banana string, which is very important, if not clever, it can break the edge, when the dough is poured in, it will melt; The folded edges should also be just right because the folded edge is too high, the roll will be short.

Next, use a banana string to tie another one or two strands on the stem of the tube, then pull out the leaves to have flat leaves. After the leaves are shaped, put the mixed powder into a mug with a pointed mouth so that the powder does not flow out. The flour soup pours just right because too little will make the cake not round, too much flour will overflow. Finally, fold the edges of the leaves and tie them tightly with twine so that when the powder is poured into the leaf tube, it does not melt.

A delicious offering cake must be chewy, have a fatty, sweet, and salty taste that is just right for your mouth, when you eat it, you won’t get bored, especially the eye-catching color, attractive taste, the cake making stages take place elaborately.

After steaming, the rice cake has the aroma of glutinous rice, spices, and most importantly, the aroma of banana leaves blended into the cake. Many people joke that the more they eat, the more “addicted”, sometimes eating one but wanting to eat 10 immediately. Follow Dan trí

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